Monday, November 8, 2010

Year One ~ Our First Wedding Anniversary

I absolutely cannot believe that Georgia and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend!  It really does seem like just yesterday we were boarding a plane with 6 suitcases, 2 garment bags and several carry-ons (yes, we over packed…) headed to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  In talking with Georgia this past week about the wedding and what an amazing two weeks on the beach it was for us, I began to realize that my memory of that wonderful day is already beginning to fade.  We do of course have tons of photos and video of the ceremony and reception thanks to our wonderful friends and family.  More than anything it is the details of the morning and afternoon of November 7th, 2009 that I want to hold on to.  After G and I had this conversation my amazing wife emailed me her story of the morning of our wedding day.  I’ve posted it below because this is something I never want to forget.  My wish is to be able to look back on this post in 20 years and re-live it all again and I’m sure our kiddos would one day love to hear the story of how it all began once upon a time in Mexico.

Georgia’s story ~
On my wedding day, I awoke to my beautiful lady which was the most wonderful gift because the original plan was for me to stay the night in either my parent’s or my brother’s room.  I really didn’t want for us to spend a single night apart and was so excited when late the previous night we both decided that I would remain in our room until morning.  My wedding day was completely booked with activities and I knew that I would not be able to return to our room until after the wedding so my first activity of the day was to pack my wedding clothes and the other items that I would need to get ready for our ceremony that evening.

After packing I quickly got ready and headed to the breakfast buffet in the main lobby to meet my parents, my brother and other friends and family.  It was a beautiful morning, it was already sunny and hot but there was a nice little breeze blowing.  After breakfast, I had spa activities scheduled with my mom, Andrea, Kelley, Becca and Erin.  We started off by hanging out in the hot tubs relaxing and enjoying each other’s company until we were called back for our individual services.  My first service was an hour long massage that really helped calm my nerves as the big event approached.  Our spa events later ended with several of us getting our nails done. 

After the spa, my mom and I planned to join my dad and brother at the pool for more relaxation time.  On the way there, we crossed paths with my wife-to-be and we did not stop to talk but instead gave our acknowledgements of each other and moved on.  It was not a negative thing but definitely an odd encounter because we are such a big part of each other’s lives when we are together.  Maybe it was the nerves or the fact that we were seeing each other and we had not planned that until the ceremony but nonetheless it was an interesting part of the day.  We continued on our path to the pool.  Once there, I remember lying on the pool lounger feeling relaxed but with a bit of the butterflies coming on.  I was not nervous about getting married whatsoever…instead I was nervous about starting the process of getting ready (and doing it with the right amount of time), how I was going to look and feel as the time approached, and most importantly I just wanted every moment of the events to be perfect. 

At about 2:30 in the afternoon, my brother and I returned to his room to start getting ready.  It was such a calm but emotional experience for me. It was quiet in the room, we had the TV going but I was not really paying attention to what was playing.  I got in the shower first and when I got out my brother started working on my hair.  I just hung out in my pj’s while he styled my hair and did my makeup.  I think that my brother could tell I was nervous because I was stiff as a board so he stopped us to have a quick drink and just relax for a minute. It was amazing how time just seemed to be going a hundred miles an hour by this point.  We were not rushed and everything happened very smoothly but it just all seemed to be so fast.  Before I knew it, I was ready to get dressed, my friends and family were arriving in the room and that 5 o’clock hour was just 20 minutes away.  I suddenly realized that we never worked out that final detail of “how would I know when it was time to head downstairs for the ceremony?”! I was panicked for a moment when my wonderful friends quickly jumped in and said that it was taken care of, that everything would be ok and that we should start proceeding downstairs about 10 minutes till as that was the time that my bride would be going downstairs.  I’m not sure how they knew this information or if it was even true but I did not question them and it set me a little more at ease.  When that 10 minutes till timeframe approached the nervousness set in again because I started to think that I didn’t want us to run into each other and see each other before the processional began.  I suddenly began to walk out of the door to my brother’s room without realizing that I was leaving everybody behind.  Thankfully they all took the queue and quickly followed behind me.  It was a very funny moment looking back and realizing how nervous I was at the time without truly knowing it.  

The walk from my brother’s room to the location where our processional was going to start is honestly a blur.  I don’t remember any of it except for when I turned the very last corner.  I remember turning the corner and instantly beginning to scan the small crowd of our wedding guests for my future bride.  I didn’t initially want us to see each other and here I was searching for her…but she was nowhere to be found so I walked up to our wedding planner and began to get instructions on what the next steps were.  I took my place and stayed looking forward to not spoil our first view of each other.  Then I heard everyone began talking as my future wife arrived. 

I focused for as long as I could to face forward and not look back but I just couldn’t handle it.  I turned my head just over my left shoulder and we locked eyes.  This was the best moment and I’m so glad that I turned my head because looking and each other was so calming and exciting.  I gave my bride the wink like this is it and it’s going to be perfect and I turned back around.  Suddenly, the music started and it was time to start the march to the altar.

At this point, the events came one after the other, when I hit the beach our guests began to stand for our arrival.  There were cameras and smiles everywhere and as I turned back to watch my bride join me I saw a giant crowd hanging over the rail to watch our ceremony.  That was the one and only time I acknowledged the crowd which is surprising because I thought it would be something that would make me nervous but it didn’t. 

K ~ once I was holding your hands my world was suddenly whole again for the first time that day.  The nervousness was completely gone and all I could do was stare into your eyes and I was completely at peace to enjoy every moment of the commitment we were making to each other.  I’m sure everyone says this about their wedding day but every single moment of our day, from the weather, to the sunset, to the crowd, to our guests and to each other was absolutely beautiful and perfect.  It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined and definitely an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Cheers to year two lady!


  1. Very sweet! I am so glad that I was able to share in such a special day. It was a perfect wedding. Love you girls!!

    1. It meant so much to us that you were there too. Love you back. :)


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