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Gracie’s Birth Story

Our daughter, Grace Elizabeth Roybal was born on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.  In one instance this little person weighing all of 6lbs 7.2 oz and 18 ½ inches long, changed our lives forever.  

Gracie’s birth story in Georgia’s words ~ 
So much took place on Monday, March 5, 2012 that should have told us Gracie was about to join our family.  For some reason that day at work, Kristin’s “nesting” carried over into our workplace and she proceeded to clean her desk, drawers, find a temporary home for her plants, hand over work items that would need to be taken care of while she was out and she encouraged me to do the same.  When we got home that night, I told Kristin that I felt different (as if baby was in a lower position and as if she was lower in my abdomen) and that I thought that Grace was definitely going to make her appearance some time that week.  I didn’t feel pain, I just felt different.  With this thought in mind, we started the task that we literally put off until the last moment and we packed our bags for the hospital.  Later that night after being asleep for about an hour, Gracie sent us the first message that she was ready to come into this world at 11:50pm.

I awoke to a gush of water as my half asleep wife reached her hand over, placed it on my back and asked if everything was ok.  I replied, “I think my water just broke.”  With that Kristin jumped out of bed in a panic… Was this really happening?! Did my water really break?  We called my OB to let him know that we thought my water had broken and his recommendation was to go back to bed.  He said that active labor may take a while and that as the contractions get stronger they would wake me up.  He told us to head to the hospital by 7am the next morning if the contractions didn’t get me there sooner.  I awoke again at 5am to more water but still no contractions so we got up, called our parents and siblings and starting preparing to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital at about 8am the morning of March 6th and spent several hours in triage waiting to be admitted.  First I was checked to see if I had dilated, which I wasn’t at all but I was 50% efface. I was also unaware of any contractions but the triage nurses and midwife said that I was having them; they were just really far apart.  They then sent us to walk around the hospital for a few hours to see if we could get the contractions to increase.  I was finally admitted at 12:45pm and for the next 3 hours we spent our time walking around the hospital, I stretched on the yoga ball and got some great massages from my lady, all while listening to the Beatles.      

Unfortunately by 4pm my contractions were still pretty much the same (I could now feel them but the time between them was not increasing) and I had only dilated to 1cm.  Because I really wanted to deliver Gracie as naturally as possible the midwife suggested the option to use a cook catheter to assist with dilation since my contractions were still just 8 minutes apart.  All I can say is “ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!”  This was the most painful part of the two days of labor.  A cook catheter is a catheter with two balloons that is inserted into the cervix and then each balloon is filled with saline (one on one side of the cervix wall and one on the other).  The cook catheter is supposed to assist in expanding the cervix and the hope was that it would help me dilate to 4 centimeters within a few hours.  Apparently the midwife said that the pain I was going to experience would be a 10 but I did not hear this so I was not prepared for the pain.  I didn’t feel them filling the balloons with saline and I can’t really describe exactly what took place, but I was told after all of the misery that the midwife had to pull my cervix forward to get a good position to insert the catheter and that she “mixed things up in there” to hopefully assist the cervix in dilating.

Five hours later at 9pm, nothing had changed.  I could definitely feel my contractions as they hit but they had not gotten closer together and I still had not reached 4cm.  The midwife decided it was time to start pitocin to hopefully jump start the contractions.  This kicked the pain up on the contractions and after a few hours I elected to start fenteral to dull the pain and allow me to get some sleep.  Of course this couldn’t go smoothly either.  I ended up getting too large of a dose of fenteral and within a small amount of time I felt like I was wasted – the room was spinning out of control and I felt nauseas.  By 3am I was officially worn down and I opted for the epidural.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for the epidural because it was a slow night at the hospital.

From this point, I was actually able to get a few hours of sleep.  At 5am the doctor that was on shift came in to check me out.  He recommend that the cook catheter be removed and checked to see where I was… I had reached 5cm which was exciting and disappointing at the same time considering I had been in “labor” now for 29 hours.

Day 2 (Gracie’s birthday!) started as a very non-eventful day.  My progress was extremely slow through most of the morning and early afternoon.  The midwife and nurse that came on at 7am were great and very encouraging because they knew that I didn’t want to have a c-section so they continued to tell me that we could wait and see how things progressed throughout the day.  In early afternoon, I began to develop symptoms of an infection.  I was so cold but had a fever and baby’s heartbeat jumped from the 150’s to the 180’s and by 3:30pm I hit my limit. I was extremely tired and frustrated because I was still only 7cm.  I felt as though nothing was changing and I needed to have some sort of goal or time that I was working towards because I was beginning to worry about Grace even though the midwife still did not feel that we needed to rush to get her out.  I told the midwife and K that I would continue like this until 6pm and then if things didn’t progress I wanted to talk about other options.  For the next hour and a half I zoned out.  I began doing mini pushing exercises in my bed, I positioned my legs in a way that I thought would open my pelvis and I just went over and over in my head that at 6pm I was going to give birth to Grace.  

It was the most surreal hour and a half and when 6pm came around the midwife checked me and told us that I was 10cm and I was ready to give birth!  It was unbelievable!  K and I screamed with excitement and our parents came rushing in the room to hear the news.  We were all so excited especially K and our parents because everyone had started to think that I was going to have the dreaded c-section.  I was ready to push right away and told the midwife that I wanted to start as soon as possible. The nurse and midwife rushed to start getting the room ready for me to give birth.  I started pushing at almost 6:30pm and I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing when it came to pushing.  I could feel the pressure moving down which really helped with the pushing and of course I had the best coaches, Kristin and the midwife.

Little Grace entered the world about 20 minutes later and I know everyone says this but this was the most beautiful, surreal moment of my life.  One minute I’m pushing and the next minute I see her little face coming towards mine.  She was so beautiful and we just looked at each other.  Everyone says that the love you have for your kids is stronger than any other you have ever experienced but you don’t truly understand what that means until the moment you meet your first child.  The love that you feel is so overwhelming that it is truly unexplainable.  I want to cry just thinking about how much I love her.

After Grace and I spent about 15 minutes of skin-to-skin time, I passed her over to Kristin so that she and baby girl could also get some skin-to-skin time before Grace would have to be taken to the NICU.  It was so beautiful to see the two of them just cuddling and bonding and I was so glad that the nurses gave them a little extra time together. This moment and every other part of Gracie’s birthday will forever hold a place in my heart.

Here are just a few more pictures of our little bean the day she was born and the days she spent in the NICU ~ 

And then there were 3!  


  1. WOW that looked like hard work - such a long labour!! But it was definitely worth it - your little girl is so precious!! You are a beautiful couple and as your newest follower, we look forward to following your adventures with baby Gracie!!

    Laura & Sarah xo

  2. Thanks so much gals! It was a very intense but amazing two days. I just visited your blog and loved it - I'll be sure to keep in touch. :)

    ~ Kristin

  3. This is so beautiful! I think its really awesome too that you had a regular vaginal delivery because almost every birth I hear about these days is by c-section. Your baby girl is just so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your story <3

  4. Aww..what a beautiful birth story!

  5. Aw wow! Just found your blog via Sprezzatura and totally loving it!! Very excited to catch up! What a gorgeous couple you are and with your gorgeous girl awww <333

    Hope you check out our blog too :)

    M x

  6. Hello W&M! I just visited your blog and I'm now a follower!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments everyone. :)

    ~ Kristin

  7. Apparently I fell off this planet for a bit and just now got around to this story. Isn't it so amazing? You have the blog about it but it seems impossible to forget even a second of the long long experience. Her story is similar to mine so it really took me back :) (Except when I woke Brad up thinking my water broke, I just wet the 26 yrs old...I wet the bed!)
    Beautiful story. Love the happy happy pics too!

  8. I just got around to reading this! I don't know why I hadn't read it before. It's freaking crazy, our girls are really very close in age. Peyton was born at 6:25 PM, so it looks like they are really only like an hour apart. That's just so crazy to me! I really probably should write up the birth story for Peyton, I just have part of it started sitting somewhere! LOL


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