Saturday, April 7, 2012

One month of Gracie

I always say that time flies, but this past month didn’t go as fast as I thought it would and thank goodness for that!  Our first month as a family of three was very peaceful, 98% unscheduled and in a word, wonderful.  Who knew I could be a “go with the flow” kind of mom!  Our day-to-day activities have consisted of feeding, kisses, sleeping, changing diapers, more kisses, taking a million pictures, doing laundry, spending time with our friends and fam and going to the occasional doctor appointment.  All in all Gracie has done amazing!  She breastfeed since being in the NICU even though every doctor we spoke with said that she wouldn’t be able to and she had no problem transitioning from the breast to the bottle.  She developed an eating schedule almost immediately and has continued to eat like a champ.

From day one it was important to us to help Gracie adapt to our environment and not the other way around.  We didn’t want to have to whisper or tiptoe anytime baby girl slept – so we haven’t.  She sleeps peacefully when the dogs are barking, the TV is on or when we’re chatting it up with visitors.  We know that it’s also important for babes to have some quiet sleep too but that’s what the night is for right? ;)  We have had to make some adjustments and there have been challenging days.  I’ve always been honest in writing about the difficulties we went through conceiving and I plan to do the same when writing about our journey as new parents.  I think that during our first month with Gracie the biggest hurdles we faced were dealing with the general uncertainty that comes with being new to this whole parent thing as well as navigating the emotions that come with getting to know your baby.  The great thing is that the hard days have been few and far between and when one of us lost our patience or became frustrated, the other was there to step in. 

If I had to choose one favorite thing about our first month as a family I would have to say that it has been my mornings with Gracie.  I typically do the 2am feeding, G does the 5:30am and I do the 8/9am, which is my favorite feeding of the day.  Gracie wakes up hungry but rested and so darn cute.  Every morning I take her out of her SwaddleMe and watch as she reaches for the sky and does her morning stretches on the changing table.  She coos and smiles at me while I change her and is so happy once she has a fresh diaper and a little lip moisturizer on.  She is so cuddly and smells great every morning so of course I kiss her about a hundred times.  I then give her a bottle while she looks up at me and falls back asleep.  Once she’s out I clear the pillows off my side of the bed and lay her down with Georgia.  They cuddle up and fall asleep together and just looking at the two of them snuggled up fills my heart with so much happiness.  This is when I get my morning coffee and do a little blogging. :)

We wanted to do whatever we could to mark Gracie’s growth as we did when G was pregnant, so here is the first of 12 monthly photo sessions of baby girl.

And here’s a bit more on what our little stinker was up to in month ONE ~

* She is still wearing newborn clothing but she has almost grown out of a few pairs of PJ’s, some socks and she no longer fits in her XS cloth diapers.   
* Her eating schedule is as regular as a train!  She eats between 3-3.5oz every 3 hours, almost to the minute.  Once she is done eating she gives us a good burp and has been spiting up less in the past week or so. 
* A little someone is in LOVE with Lanolin cream.  When we put it on her lips she goes crazy for it and is such a happy camper once she has it on.
* Just this last week she began making adorable little cooing sounds and has definitely found her voice.  She makes all sorts of noises now.
* Baby girl LOVES to smile all.the.time!  Everyone says its just gas but her smiles are usually not accompanied by farts or poopie so I’m thinking they’re real smiles :)
* She is having longer periods of alert time.  The first 3 weeks she slept most of the day but now she is alert an average of 3 times throughout the day for 1-2 hour stretches.  
* Gracie’s hair has grown!  She was born with a lot of hair around the back of her head like a baby mullet but now it’s filling in up top too!
* Tummy time is moving right along.  We usually only do TT once a day but her neck is getting stronger every week.
* Her last weigh-in at 2 weeks was 7.2lbs but judging by the fit of her clothing she has definitely grown since then.
* Gracie’s body movements are becoming more controlled and her eye contact is great!  She has a pretty good ninja grip as well. :)

Well, that pretty much sums up our first month with Gracie.  She is such a sweet and cuddly baby and we thank God everyday for choosing us to be here mamas.


  1. Thanks for my nomination.
    Such a beautiful baby girl you have.
    I Love this idea with the 1 being on her shirt with the other letters to the side. I wonder if my 8 year old would agree to doing this :)
    I love the picture of her smiling the most. It's just been lately that I can appreciate and want to hold every single cute baby I see again. :)

    Super cute family.

  2. Thanks so much! Your kids are hilarious - I love reading all the funny things they say! :)

    ~ Kristin


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