Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Months of Gracie

Our baby girl is 2 months old – can you believe it?!  This past month has flown by and Grace has changed so much!  I look at her now and marvel at just how big she is and how much more active she has become.  Along with being a super chatty little babe who coos and makes the funniest little noises all the time, I honestly believe that we may have the happiest baby on earth.  I realize that all parents probably feel this way about their baby, but this is something that Georgia and I are told by every person that spends time with Gracie.  Our friends and family just can’t get over how much she smiles and squeals with excitement at every little thing.  Grace does have bouts with crankiness every now and then when she is starving or trying to poop, but this is really the only time that she’s not loving life!  It makes us so happy that she is a happy girl.  We must be doing something right. :)  

One of Gracie’s biggest milestones in month two was the start of her bedtime routine.  Month one was all about adjusting to our new life as a family of three, which was fairly unstructured (aside from feeding every 3 hours).  When month two rolled around we set her bedtime between 9-10pm.   We wanted to have at least a month to establish a routine before going back to work.  Each night we begin the wind down around 9pm by getting Gracie all cleaned up whether that means it’s a bath night or just a wash up.  This is followed by end of day cuddle time and good nights kisses.  When she is put to bed she stays up for 10-20 minutes in her bassinet smiling at the stars on the ceiling before falling fast asleep.  The consistency seems to be working out great for Gracie and it’s also nice to have some time with G before ending the day.

The best moment for me in month two was the moment I realized that Gracie knew I was her mama.  I know that may sound silly, but when you’re not the birth mom you always wonder if your babe has that bond and knows that you too are their parent.  For me, it happened at a lunch date with Georgia’s best friends.  We were at lunch and the girls were taking turns holding Gracie as we ate.  She did great, but by friend number 6 she was done with being passed around so she began to cry and didn’t want to stop.  After our friends tried bouncing and pacifying Grace I came over and held her in my arms.  In that moment she suddenly stopped crying and was totally fine.  Our friend Felicia said “well, she knows her mama”.  When Felicia said that I suddenly felt the same thing – she knew her mama.  I had to go outside because I felt like crying.  It was pretty profound for me – something I will never forget.  She knew I was her mom, and I knew she was my daughter *tear*.

Here’s a bit more on what our little stinker was up to in month TWO ~    

* Baby girl has way more alert time, mostly in the mornings.  Aside from a few catnaps during the day, which last about 30 minutes, she is awake and ready to play!
* She LOVES music, so we play it often.  CD’s, the music on her swing or play mat, mama’s singing – she loves it all.    
* She now weighs 10.2lbs and is 21 inches long!
* She has hit the 6-hour mark for sleeping at night.  She sleeps 5-6 hours at night before waking for her early morning feeding.
* Poop has become a daily occurrence, which is great because she seems less gassy when she’s able to take a poop. ;)
* She follows us all over the house with her eyes.  She has even begun to turn her head when we walk behind her. 
* Our gal LOVES all ceiling fans!  She smiles and coos at the fan all day.   
* She has developed different cries for different needs.  She has a distinct hungry cry, which is different from her gassy/poopie cry.    
* She has nearly grown out of all her NB clothing and is now rocking her 0-3 month clothes.
* Baby girl’s favorite thing to do right now is play on her activity mat.  She used to just look up at the toys that hang over the mat but now she goes crazy smacking them around.  It is the cutest thing to watch her squeal as she plays with her new little friends. ;)

On to month 3!

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  1. The moment you described as feeling the bond with Grace was beautiful. Now I'm teary. I can't imagine what that felt like, but I long for that moment someday.

    She's so cute, and yes, getting very big.



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