Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Months of Gracie

Gracie’s 3 month post brought to you by G (aka Mommy) ~

My how time flies!  Gracie is officially 3 months old and I am amazed at how much she has grown and all the new things that she is starting to do.  I honestly feel like everyday is an adventure as she discovers more about her new little family.  I wake up in the morning excited to interact with her and see what new things she is going to teach us.  If I had to pick one “best moment” over this past month, it was definitely watching her expressions and reactions when I picked her up from grandma and grandpa’s house (her daycare) on day 1.  She is such an intelligent kid. I was truly amazed at how she went through so many emotions in those 5 minutes.  First, she looked at me with shock (a look of “is it really you?” – if I blink you might not be there again so I’m not going to blink).  Then she started crying – almost with a sense of relief that she saw me again.  When I finally held her, she stopped crying and just grabbed on to me tightly as if to say don’t let me go again. And from that point, she just stayed pressed right up against me keeping everything else where she could see it.  If grandma or grandpa was out of view, she would move her body to be able to see them.  She wasn’t going to let them sneak up on her again… lol!  Once I put her in the car to go home, grandma and grandpa leaned in to say goodbye but she would not look at them.  She just stayed looking at the seat, straight ahead – she was definitely ready to go home and we all just laughed because it was such a strong reaction and yet so cute.  Grandma (my mom) said she was happy and smiling all day until I got there to pick her up, lol!  I’m sure this sounds like a biased interpretation of her reactions because I wanted her to miss me and mama, but these things really did happen, all from a tiny two and a half month old baby which to me was so adorable and amazing to watch.

Here’s a bit more on what our little stinker was up to in month THREE

* Gracie is gaining more control of her head and body movements.  Her neck gets stronger everyday and she has started lifting her head when you try to lay her back in her car seat or in your arms.  She is also starting to grab things with more intention.  She reaches out to grab our fingers and hair and grabs the toys on her play mat.
* Gracie is sitting in the Bumbo!  She still likes to hang her head down at times which makes us a little fearful so we haven’t completely introduced the Bumbo yet. But she can totally sit upright in it, looking relaxed and excited to be able to better observe her environment.
* She is also talking up a storm!  She has a lot of stories to tell us every day – in the car, hanging out with her moms but most especially when we are reading together.  She just loves her books so we try and read to her for at least an hour after work everyday.  Her voice is so cute when she’s being read to.

* Baby girl can now lay on the Boppy on her tummy and completely hold her head up.
* We now officially have a “sleep through the night” (STTN) baby!  Grace now goes to bed around 8pm.  We wake her up for a feeding at 11pm and then our precious little one sleeps until 6-6:30am.  Sometimes I think she would sleep even longer if we let her.
* Stinks is also almost rolling over!  She can lift her bottom up to help when we are changing her diaper and I see her rocking all the time to roll over – I think we may be able to report a roll over by the mark of month 4 so stay tuned…
* Our little stinker has finally moved up to between 4-4.5oz at mealtime.
* The smiles and expressions just keep coming with baby girl.  She really talks with her little blonde eyebrows so much.  I just love when she’s smiling at me and she moves her eyebrows all over!

* This month we had to say goodbye to her newborn outfits.  I was the so sad when it came time to pack away the adorable little hospital beanie that we brought her home in – this was the moment that I realized how quickly all of these precious moments are going to come and go.  Now onto her cute summer outfits, yay!!
* Grace likes the mirror.  I think she gets more excited to see me in the mirror when we are looking together than she does to see herself.  When she sees me she cracks up laughing so I guess she’s figured out that I’m a little funny looking.  ;)
* Baby girl has discovered TV.  We don’t want her to become addicted to the tube, especially at 3 months so we try to do activities (like reading and tummy/play mat time) with her to minimize screen time.  On a positive note, HBO family has a show called Classical Baby and she loves it.  They play different classical music pieces matched with great baby visuals so we figure if she’s going to be looking at the screen it might as well be beneficial to her… 

and that's about it for now ~

Happy 3 months to our beautiful stinker dinks!

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