Sunday, July 8, 2012

Four Months of Gracie

Warning: LONG post ahead!  Grab a snack before reading. :)

As of today our little bean is 4 months old and according to everything I’ve read we no longer have a newborn.  Gracie is officially an infant, which is just amazing to me!  This past month was packed full of adventures, family functions, picture taking (of course) and birthdays. Gracie has found her thumb and has been sucking away, which continues to be the cutest thing ever.  I’m sure we should make her stop but like everything else we’ve done as parents, we’re trying to go with what she does naturally and not what “the books” tell us she should or shouldn’t do.  Thus far, we haven’t followed a prescribed sleeping schedule, yet she has always known day from night and sleeps 9-11 hours every night.  She also takes naps, not at the same time everyday but still they happen twice a day and last 1-2 hours.  Grace is still sleeping in our room and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  She has been sleeping great and we too enjoy hearing her breathe at night and waking to her adorable little voice.  She will use her crib eventually but we’re in no rush.

It’s funny; there is this stigma with letting your kiddos sleep in your room but for me that’s all I’ve ever known, Georgia too.  My siblings and I slept with my parent well through elementary school and yet we turned out ok – no attachment issues here.  My little sis moved out after high school and currently lives in another country running her own PR firm.  My older brother moved out at 18 and now runs his own business and is a loving dad to 3 kids.  I was the mama’s girl but still I moved out at 19 and have been out of the house since.  I honestly think that the closeness we had with my parents growing up made us all a bit more confident, if anything.  Let’s hope the attachment parenting we are loosely following with Grace does the same. :)

Month 3 was a challenging one for G and me.  We couldn’t seem to agree on much and while I’ve read that this is a totally normal thing for new parents to go through it was hard.  When you have a little one there is definitely added pressure to make sure that both families spend quality time with baby, that everyone feels included in things and that all parties are happy.  There are also a ton of decisions we have to make as parents and there isn’t always agreement on what to do or how to do it. I think it goes without saying that when you are a new parent that can be a lot to take into account considering it’s hard enough remembering to pack the diaper bag every morning… I’m hoping that things run a little more smoothly in month 4.

Georgia is very "anti-BIG bow"!  This is the largest flower she's let me put on Gracie so far.  Victory is mine!
Gracie is now a 100% formula fed baby.  Alas, "the well" (aka mommy’s boobs) has dried up.  G never produced a ton of milk, usually just enough for half a feeding each bottle but that started to drastically decline in month 3.  I do have to give Georgia credit, she tried very hard to bring her supply up and keep it up but her body just wouldn’t cooperate.  While we would have preferred Gracie breastfed longer, we’re thankful that she had 3 months of the good stuff and as long as she is healthy and happy, so are we.   

Here is what Grace was up to in month FOUR ~
  • She now weighs 13 pounds and is 24 inches tall!
  • Bedtime has become more routine and a bit earlier.  She goes down for the night at 8:00pm, wakes at 10:30pm for her last 4.5oz bottle and is out until her morning feeding, which is between 5-6am.  Some nights, she skips the 10:30pm feeding and sleeps for 10 & 11 hour stretches! 
  • She LOVES her toys especially Mr. Bee (the toy the Easter Bunny brought her).  She can smack that thing around all day – thinks it hilarious!  Her little pink chick is a close 2nd favorite and now that her motor skills are more developed she can grab these little friends with intention and hold on as she examines them.
  • We are now up to 8 books in the evening for story time.  Up until a month ago the most books we could get through was 5 but since then Gracie’s attention span has grown! 
  • She would eat her hands whole if we let her.  With surgery in just over a week, we’ve been trying to keep her hands out of her mouth but our Ped. says it’s a healthy part of her development at this age so we should leave it alone.  Sometimes we let her chomp on her hands and sometimes we remove them.  We can’t seem to make up our minds. ;)
  • She has rolled over… once.  We were able to get the roll over on video but I wouldn’t say that she is “rolling over” quite yet.  Once she can do it consistently I’ll feel justified in checking it off her list of milestones.
  • Her neck is super strong so sitting in the Bumbo is easy peasy.  She is doing so good that we think we’re going to try swinging (very slowly) at the park after she recovers from surgery.
  • She is a master stander!  This girl seriously loves to stand and bounce up and down on her chunky little legs.  She really is happiest when she’s standing tall and can see everything around her.
  • We have moved up to size medium in her cloth diapers and they are working out great!  To date, the only time Grace has had anything resembling a diaper rash or has had a “blow-out”, she’s been in a disposable diaper.  We put her in disposables when we travel and this always seems to be when the accidents happen.  Thus far, I’m still very happy with our decision to go the cloth route.
  • Grace has been working on her pull-ups with Grandpa.  When you hold her little hands she can completely pull herself up to a sitting and then standing position.  I love that grandma and grandpa take the time to work on exercises like this with her.
  • Lastly, her hair is really filling in up top and I’m thinking she’ll be able to wear a bow in the next couple of weeks!
In July, we’re looking forward to watching Gracie heal from surgery and to introducing her to music on a larger scale.  We have several Classical Baby music shows that she loves to watch but this month we also want to introduce her to musical instruments and take her to a music and storytelling class in our area.  I think she is going to love it!  I wanted to include as many monthly pictures as possible in this post because it will be our last with the smile we have grown to LOVE.  Surgery is in 10 days and the next time I post a monthly photo of Gracie, her smile will be completely different.  We know that having the operation is what's best for her but we are also brought to tears when we think of just how much we're going to miss the little lips and smile we've know for 4 months.    
Happy 4 month to our beautiful girl.


  1. YAY for 4 months!!! It's crazy how quickly the time flies past.

    I think Rebeca and I fought the most during the first year of Isa's life. Our whole world turned upside down and we were too busy being parents that we often forgot to be a couple. That was not good for sure. Hope your month 4 is smoother and consists of some date nights. :)

    1. That's what I keep hearing from friends and honestly it makes me feel a little bit better. I would never wish stress on another couple but knowing that it seems to come with the territory of being a first time parent – somehow I feel better about it. Thanks :)

      P.S. Your most recent post was HILARIOUS! I'm in the process of leaving my comment!


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