Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Months of Gracie

This past Friday, our Gracie girl celebrated her half-birthday!  I know I say this all the time but how in the heck did that happen so fast?!  I feel like we were just bringing her home and yet here we are watching our little babe roll over, say actual words and attempt to army crawl across the room.  This past month was so much fun and much, MUCH less stressful than the month before.  With surgery behind us and Gracie healing beautifully, our big “to-do” in August was introducing solids and all that comes with it.  I’ll take that over surgery any day! ;)

So far “Operation Introduce Solids” has gone great!  As of this weekend and our 4-day avocado allergy test, she has liked almost everything (not a big fan of peas) and shows no signs of allergies.  I even made my first batch of 100% organic, homemade baby food and she LOVED it!  Thank goodness for that because I made a months worth of food and we would’ve been in trouble if it weren’t a crowd pleaser. I plan to post about my adventures in baby food making as soon as she gets through this last veggie group.  Just one more day to go.  

Grace has changed more in the past 4 weeks than I feel like she has in the previous 5 months combined.  I feel like we are checking milestones off the list several times a week, every week!  I’m having to go through her clothing every other weekend to pack up what she’s outgrown and re-stock the empty racks in her closet.  Luckily, we have baby clothes still coming in like it’s her baby shower all over again.  We really do have the MOST generous friends.  You guys rock! 

Baby girl has also begun to show signs of “stranger anxiety” which I’ve read is an emotional milestone for her age.  I really don’t like the name, “stranger anxiety” because it sounds like the title to a Lifetime made for TV movie about kidnapping, but in either case Grace does at times have anxiety when held by anyone that she hasn’t been around for more than a week or two.  She always warms up quickly but it can be difficult when the “stranger” happens to be an uncle, aunt or grandparent.  We know it's a phase of development and will pass with time. 

Here are some of the other things our SIX month old has been up to ~

* At 5 months, 3 weeks old she said her first words!!  She now says “mama” and “mom” but they sound more like, maaama and mum.  We tend to hear these words more when she is fussy and on the verge of crying, but still they melt our hearts!

* At our last weigh-in, 3 weeks ago, she measured 24.5 inches long and weighed 14lbs, 7oz.  Me and G both agree that she has grown significantly since then.

* She has become a great little eater.  So far she has tried organic carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, sweet peas, yellow squash, applesauce and avocado.  She currently eats 2oz servings of solids, 2-3 times a day and as of last week her diet consists of 100% homemade and organic baby food. :)

* Now that we’ve started incorporating solids she is drinking less each bottle.  She’ll usually drink around 3-4oz of formula each feeding and 6oz at her 6am feeding.

* She can now roll over, back to tummy, and refuses to lie on her back any longer.  When you lay her down she is instantly flipped and ready to go (even at night when she’s sleeping)!

* This past month she had her first sleep over!  My cousin had an “adults only” 30th birthday bash and we didn’t want to drive across town with baby late on a Saturday night so she had a slumber party with grandma and grandpa.  G picked her up as soon as the sun came up the following day… lol!

* She is sitting almost 100% unassisted.  At the start of the month we needed to use the Boppy for support when sitting but she can now sit for long stretches, even while playing without toppling over sans the Boppy.

* She can now rotate 360 degrees in her jumper and play with all her toys in one sitting.  Thank God for the jumper, it’s the best “babysitter” ever!

* I can’t even begin to tell you what’s going on with her poop.  All I will say is that we are now dealing with “nuggets” rather than runny poopie and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  TMI, I know…

* She has discovered textures and wants to run her little hands across everything.  She reaches for the water in the shower; she runs her hands across the suede and leather on the couch and loves to feel the face of whoever is holding her.  She is in total discovery mode right now.

* She is still wearing size medium cloth diapers but we’ve had to start putting her in disposables at night.  She is just drinking and eating way too much now to go 8 hour stretches without a leak.

* We are still working on the signs for food (papas) and milk (baba) and she has definitely begun to recognize and understand what they mean.  We plan to introduce the sign for “more” and “mom” this month.

* Bottle-feeding has become more of a challenge.  There seems to be way too much going on that Grace would rather watch then drink her bottle.  We now have to sit her up on our lap facing out if we want her to actually drink. ;)

Well, that about sums it up.  I can’t wait to see what September will bring.  
Maybe we’ll get a crawler!


  1. Her pout pout face is blub blub bluuuuuuuub ;-)
    Love that book.

    Way to go on sitting and spinning and rolling and moving !

    1. Thanks! I LOVE that book! Whenever she's fussy her new name becomes the Pout, Pout Fish. ;)

  2. Aww so many milestones. She's so beautiful :)

    1. Thanks so much, C! We are just in love with her. I was actually just telling my wife that I have become obsessed with taking her picture. I don't have to tell you how fast they grow. We need to capture all the moments we can!

      Your little monkey is looking just as cute as ever!


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