Friday, October 12, 2012

Seven Months of Gracie

Believe it or not, our little stinker turned 7 months on the 7th!  Pause to wipe tears… Up to this point, we somehow managed to take her picture on the 7th every month since she was born.  Well, we did up until October 7th.  It seems that the bigger Grace gets, the crazier our day-to-day lives become.  So wonderful and blessed, but crazy!  This past month flew by, which is understandable considering the many things that took place.  There were lot’s of changes at work, a car crash, birthdays, family functions and outings with friends to name a few.  Thankfully, Gracie handled our month of chaos like the little champion that she is. :)  

Baby girl has been such a cuddle bug this past month. The babe wants to be with us all the time, which is just fine by me. We have slowly begun to co-sleep a couple nights a week because she sleeps so much better when she is snuggled between us.  To be honest, she is growing at such a rapid rate that we’re doing everything we can to savor every moment of her babyness before it is gone forever!  We still co-shower because for one, it’s easier, but really it’s because she LOVES it!  She lies in her water hammock on the floor of the shower while we sit to wash up, play and read water books.  

Grace had a bout of sleep regression this past month that resulted in a week of little to no sleep for any of us and her first diaper rash.  One of the things that attracted me to cloth diapering was that I read that cloth babies very seldom get diaper rash.  I would have to agree considering it took nearly 7 months for her to get her first.  While it may have been her first rash it was a pretty bad one.  We finally had to resort to consulting Dr. C who advised that we make our own rash cream using Butt Paste, baby powder and Maalox.  It worked like a charm and finally cleared things up!  

Aside from what’s been going on around here, the thing we are most excited about in the coming weeks is our first vacation as a family of 3!  We’ll be heading out to sunny Los Angeles to visit G’s brother, celebrate my 31st birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary!  We have been slowly preparing the things we plan to bring and couldn’t be more ready for a little vacay!

Here are some of the other things Grace was up to in month SEVEN ~

She has become a side and stomach sleeper.  At first we flipped her every time she rolled but we’ve given in to her preference.  If she is more comfortable on her side and can breathe, it’s ok by us.

We’ve introduced yogurt bites and organic puffs to baby girl’s diet.  She LOVES the yogurt bites (as do I) and carrots are still a favorite.  She’s also tried whole avocado, a carrot stick, some pear and organic cereal.  Let the baby led weaning begin!

She is still in size medium cloth diapers but they’re getting snug.  I’m thinking we’ll transition to large in the next month or so.

The jumper has been adjusted to the next size up because Grace hops like a crazy child!  She loves that darn thing.

She has added a new “word” to her vocabulary – dada.  When we told our pediatrician she went into this long monologue about how that’s the most common first word for babies, blah, blah, blah.  I think she thought we were concerned, lol!  We think it’s hilarious. ;)

Grace wants to walk with us everywhere.  When we hold her hands and stand her on the ground she takes off.  She really is a great little “walker”.

She has started to attempt kisses.  When we say, “kisses”, she grabs our face and comes at us with a big wet face plant.  At this point it looks more like she’s trying to eat our face than anything else, haha!

Our little lady has become a pooping machine.  I’m talking 3+ poops a day, people!  I know that may not seem like a lot for some of you, but when you go from changing a poopie diaper once a day to 3 or more times a day, you take notice. ;)

She is wearing 6-month clothing but as of 2 weeks ago, she can fit into some of her 9-month stuff as well. 

Favorite toys include, Sophie (still the absolute fav), Dolly and her stroller cards.

She is still sleeping in our room and goes to bed around 8ish every night.  Since introducing cereal we’ve begun skipping the 11pm bottle.  Most nights she will sleep from 8:00/8:30pm – 6:00am.

This was our last picture taken in this shoot.  When she was over it she stood straight up as though she was going to storm off-set, lol!

On to month 8!


  1. OH she is so cute! and that bow!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! I like big bows and I cannot lie, lol. ;)

  2. It is just so awesome to see how our girls are growing. Its so freaking cool to me that they were born on the same day and reading your posts, they are both around the same track. Her pictures are adorable and I love keeping up with your blog!

    1. I know, it's so cool. Your baby girl is the only baby we know that shares Gracie's birthday! We love following her growth too!

  3. She is so darling. I love it that she got up to march off. :)
    She sounds perfectly delightful in every way. I'm surprised that the water on her face from the shower doesn't freak her out. That's awesome.
    My doctor tried to comfort me too when I told her Syd was saying dada. I'm like....duh. I thought it funny too.
    Love that you do this monthly thing. Keep it up. Crazy or not.

    1. Haha, I know it's so funny! She has this little personality that comes out already. The monthly photo is something I've wanted to do since we found out G was prego. I'm sure Grace will love looking at the pics when she is older. That's too funny that Syd said dada too! Funny and ironic, lol! ;)

  4. She's so beautiful!! Grace is such a pretty name, fits her perfectly(: I just found your blog and wanted to drop a comment to say hi, you're blog is really adorable. I hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend!

    xo, Heather

    1. Hi Heather, thanks so much for your comment! Gracie is named after her grandma Grace and we love the name too. Hope you're having a great weekend as well. :)

      Thanks for following!

  5. Happy 7 monthaversary, Gracie! We get 'kisses', too--they are hands-down my favorite thing about parenting, so far. :)

    1. Same here! Big, slobbery baby kisses are the best. :)


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