Saturday, November 10, 2012

8 Months of Gracie

On Wednesday Grace turned 8 months old and I can’t even believe it.  Our little babe is going to be a year old in just 4 short months!  As much as it makes my heart ache to watch her grow so fast, each month brings new joys and experiences that far outweigh anything we could have imagined.  Every day she seems to do something new and I feel as though she is growing like a weed.  Our gal is already in 9 month clothing and even fits in some of her 12 month jammies!
The big to-do this past month was our first family vacation and Gracie did awesome.  We survived both flights with minimal fuss and she did great eating and napping on the go.  Baby girl got to spend a ton of quality time with her uncles and experience so many new things.  It was quite the adventure!
Another big development we’ve observed in the past couple of weeks has been a change in Gracie’s temperament.  Yes my friends, our darling baby has begun to throw temper tantrums.  If we’re buckling her in her car seat and she doesn’t want us to – she lets us know!  If we are reading to her and we don’t let her “eat” the book, she is not a happy camper.  Now don’t get me wrong, these are not toddler-style fits by any means and only last about a minute, but they are tantrums all the same.  According to everything I’ve read this is an age appropriate “emotional milestone”, but to her mamas – it’s just a whole lot of noise, ha! ;)

Here is a bit more of what our Gracie girl was up to in month EIGHT ~

* She can clap and it is the most adorable thing.  We never know when the claps are going to come, but when they do we start clapping and cheering too like a couple of crazy mamas. :)

* We have a crawler!  The crawl starts with Grace dragging her body across the floor while working herself up onto her knees, but don’t be fooled by the slow start.  This girl can move!

* She points at things she wants us to pay attention to or wants to grab.  When reading she points to the characters on each page as if to say, “hey, I know you”.

* Songs that are guaranteed to get a smile are, “you are my sunshine” and “patty cake”.

* LOVES water and has been using a sippy cup regularly for a few weeks now.

* She has graduated to the big girl bed and by that I mean we’ve lowered the level of her pack-n-play to the ground.  The plan for month 9 is to transition Gracie to her nursery… wish us luck!!

* Talking is in the very near future.  We have a basket of toys and felt vegetables and fruits and when we go through each food she stares at our mouth and makes a different noise with each.  It of course sounds nothing like what we’re holding in front of her but the effort is there.

* She is saying, “mum” and “ma” more regularly than last month and it just melts our hearts every time.  She has also started making new letter sounds including, ta, ma, da, ba, ya and um.

* With the introduction of baby led weaning she has tried: eggs, toast, potatoes, pickles, whole carrots, broccoli, pasta, tomato, lettuce and whole pears.  Pickles are her favorite!

* No signs of teeth yet.  Her smile is still 100% gums. 

* We have upped feedings (organic purées) to 3 per day to keep up with baby’s growing appetite.  Breakfast is served around 10am; lunch at 2pm and dinner is at 7pm followed by bedtime between 8pm and 8:30pm.

* Changing Gracie’s diaper has become a bit more challenging.  The minute we take the diaper off she tries to bolt.  This month we moved up to size L cloth diapers. 

* Despite our best efforts she has discovered our iPhones.  Now, whenever we whip’em out to take pictures or video she wants the phone, MUST have the phone, will do anything to get the phone!

* Her absolute FAVORITE book is, llama llama red pajama.  We read it at least twice a day. :)

And that pretty much sums it up.  We have Gracie’s next pediatrician appointment in 2 weeks so we will have growth updates soon. :)

Happy 8 months to our beautiful babe!  Your mamas sure do love you.


  1. Love her.
    Those last 2 pictures rock !
    I can't believe she's 8 months old. Where did the time go.

    1. I know, right?! I seriously can't believe that her 1st birthday is right around the corner. It took us almost 3 years to make her and all that time seemed to drag as slow as ever but since she's arrived time just speeds along. :)

  2. So cute!!! Sounds like she is progressing perfectly! After going through the 2 year old tantrums, I almost want to giggle at your description of Grace's tiny tantrums...just wait until she drops to the ground and goes limp noodle when she does not want to get in the carseat ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine. I know those days are coming so I guess these baby tantrums will serve as good practice for the real thing, haha!

  3. awwww wow she is so adorabe!!! Crazy how much they change isn't it.

    1. Thanks so much, Kirsty! The constant changing is crazy but so much fun. :)


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