Sunday, February 10, 2013

11 Months of Gracie

Our little stinker turned 11 months on Thursday.  How is this my last monthly post before making the big announcement that we have a one year old?  I could totally cry, seriously.  I know I say this every month – I guess I’m just not used to time passing this quickly.  Fellow parents, does it ever slow down (please say yes)!

I would love to write more about our 11th month with the babe but I threw out my back this morning and it’s killing me to sit up and type right now.  Thanks to my lovie for cleaning and entertaining Grace today while I wallowed in pain and self-pity. ;)   

Here is what our girl was up to in month ELEVEN ~

* On Super Bowl Sunday Grace took her FIRST STEPS!!  We were all playing together on the living room floor when G stood her up to face me and out of nowhere she reached out and took 3 full steps toward me all on her own!  She took 4 steps later in the evening and has walked a few more times since then!  

* We have a full-time crib sleeper, finally!  Grace is approaching her 6th week of sleeping every night, in her crib for 10-12 hours.  Woot!

* She now has 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on bottom.  Her toothy little grin melts my heart.

* She decided she no longer wanted us brushing her hair or teeth about 2 weeks ago (little miss independent).  She insists on doing it herself now.  I’m ok with the hair brushing but when it comes to her little chompers, I usually have to hold her arms for 10 seconds or so to get a good scrub.  

* When you ask, “Gracie, how does a car go”, she responds making a “vroom, vroom” sound.  Her imitation of a car involves a lot of lip movement, which is hilarious to watch.  I need to get it on video!

* Her absolute FAVORITE thing to do is help mommy bring the doggies in at night.  All G has to say is, “Gracie, you want to feed the doggies” and she goes nuts.  All 3 pups are so good with her.  

* She is down to around 24 ounces of formula a day and is finished with purées.  We introduced organic whole milk last week and plan to phase it in a little bit at a time.

* She can say mama, mom, baba (bottle), hot; fish, brush, dog and she can sign “water” and “bottle”.

* Grandpa has officially taught Grace how to high-five, lol!

* Some new foods she tried this past month include: Organic chicken, green chile, oatmeal, lo mein noodles, mandarin oranges, grilled cheese, kiwi, Cheerios, turkey, organic mac & cheese, grapes and raspberries.      

* She learned how to feed Ozzie (grandma’s dog) from her highchair so now they have to put him in another room during breakfast and lunch, lol.

* Her favorite foods are black olives, avocado, eggs, peas & carrots and pasta.

* Her favorite ipad games are “Talking Tom” and “Talking Ginger” and she LOVES Mickey Mouse Playhouse.  Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons in bed with coffee and my little family is the BEST part of my week. :)

I just love this picture of Gracie watching the doggies play.  Look at that little face.
Happy 11 months my beautiful baby girl.

P.S. What do you think of the new header?  Can you tell I’m ready for Spring?!


  1. You almost have a toddler! Yikes. Mind you ... An absolutely adorable toddler. And as for the pause button ... Kara and I can't seem to find it either. I think the boys put it somewhere. I love the new blog layout!

    1. Thank you and thank you! I'm so over the cold weather, I needed to make a bright and cheerful change to the old blog! The boys are growing so fast too. These kiddos need to slow down!

  2. Way to go on the walking front little one.
    She'll be running by the weekend.

    I do like your header. I think it captures you guys so well.

    1. You know, I thought she would be up and running by now too but I think she's figured out that she can still get around faster if she crawls even though she has the option to walk! I'm ok with her taking her time... The sooner she's walking 24/7, the sooner she's no longer my little babe. :(

  3. K and G,
    Grace is so beautiful!!! She looks so happy and healthy!!!
    I love your blog, being able to see your wonderful life even though I am so far away!!!



    1. Thanks so much Cortney. I wish you lived closer too! We could get together and craft, it would be so much fun!

  4. I thought that was a new header! It's awesome. Peyton loves Talking Ginger on my phone! She's always trying to pet the cat. LOL. The girls just keep growing and getting bigger and bigger. Can't wait to see circus pictures! :P

    1. Haha! My wife's a computer geek so a lot of her playtime with Grace involves electronics. They can play those little games forever. You'll have to introduce Peyton to Talking Tom. If she likes Ginger, she'll love Tom.. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! She is just a doll! Time does fly and I can't believe shes walking and talking so much! I love looking back at the past pictures to see how much she has changed and grown!
    Hope your back is feeling better now & I love the new header : )

    1. Thanks Melissa! She hasn't walked again since Saturday but I think she just forgot she knows how, hehe. My back is still killing me but it feels much better than it did on Sunday!

      How is your wife liking med school? I bet you're SO PROUD of her!!

    2. Ha! I'm sure she'll remember soon!
      Les has had back problems for years now and when it goes out on her its awful! She's had steroid injections and an epidural thing done in the past to help.
      Med school starts in Aug. and we are excited and nervous all at the same time! I'm actually blogging about that soon to catch everyone up. But Yes! I am so proud of her and all of her hard work.


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