Saturday, March 23, 2013

12 Months of Gracie

That’s right my little Gracie girl, you’re an entire year old and what a fast year it was!  The past 365 days have been the most amazing time in both your mommy and mama’s lives.  You have taught us so much and hopefully we’ve taught you a thing or two as well.  In one year’s time, our days of watching TV, sleeping in and coming and going as we chose, were traded with watching you sleep, feeding your body and mind and learning to see the world through your new and oh so curious eyes.  This was a long awaited trade and we were overjoyed to make it.  What a blessing you have been, our sweet baby girl.

Together we have shared so many giggles, smiles and some tears.  We have gone on adventures and relished in our many afternoon cuddles and family naps.  We’ve taken trips, flown in a plane together and even went to the movies!  We have snapped nearly 15 thousand pictures of your beautiful face… and it’s a wonder I haven’t started your baby scrapbook yet!  Where do I even begin? 

Every day that you have been here with us has been a gift and your mamas have tried our best to not take one single day for granted.  We were just talking about how it seems impossible that we’re on month twelve when I feel like I was just drafting the first of these monthly posts not so long ago?  It has taken me more than two weeks to write this post because each time I’ve tried, I have been just too emotional to finish. If you’re reading this letter years from now as a young lady, I’m sure you have come to learn that you have one emotional mama.  I just LOVE YOU so much that sometimes my heart overflows. 

You have grown into such a lovable, sweet baby girl.  You will spend long periods of time hugging mommy and then switching to hugging me and back and forth and back again!  You LOVE to give big, wet kisses to everyone even your stuffed animals and books.  If I say, “Grace, give mommy kisses”, you’ll wrap your hands around mommy’s neck and hum while kissing her cheek.  Your lovies make us both so blissfully happy.

This past month sure was a busy one.  Here’s a bit of what you’ve been up to.

In month twelve you learned to…

* Drink from a straw but you insist on holding your cup when doing it.  I think you would have probably started doing this earlier had we re-introduced the straw months ago.

* You sign “water” by tapping your little fingers on your chin anytime you’re thirsty and you get SUPER excited the minute you see your sippy cup.

* You ask for your bottle by shouting, “baba, baba” as you reach out your arms.  You no longer use the sign for “bottle” now that you can verbalize it.

* You can identify your nose, eyes, mouth and pansa (which is stomach in Spanish), by pointing at each body part when asked.

* You say “Hi” to everyone!  The sound of your little “hi” melts our hearts!

* You completely self-soothe now.  We no longer wait until you’re asleep before putting you to bed at night.  Aside from a minute of whimpering, you fall fast asleep.

* You wave “hello” and “goodbye” anytime we are coming or going.

* You try to say “uh, oh” when you drop something.  It sounds more like “oh, ohhh”. ;)

You also…

* Decided that you were not ready to walk in month twelve.  You did it for a few days back in early February but must have realized that you got around much faster crawling.  The exciting news is that you have since decided to start walking again!!

* You are the best eater!  There is nothing you won’t try.  You don’t seem to be a big fan of meat, probably because we rarely feed you meat of any kind but you do like grilled chicken.

* You talk all the time!  Some words we hear you say most often are, mama, dog (dou), mom (mum), brush (rush), hot, bottle (baba), yum, water (wawawa…) and hi!  Right now we’re working on please and thank you.

* You are developing a little bit of a sassy side.  If you want something and don’t get it… well, let’s just say that we’re starting to see the makings of a tantrum… These days you want most things you see and will point until we pay attention.

* You can turn the volume up and down using the remote and you’ve learned how to turn the cable box off.  You love to do this when we finish dinner and finally sit to relax in the living room.  It usually happens the minute we get comfy and you get quite the kick out of it. ;)

* You are making associations like crazy! As mama posted a few weeks ago, you can follow more complex instructions and show us everyday that you know what many things around the house are called. 

* You are now down to one nap and 2 bottles a day and you sleep 11-12 hours every single night.  Such a good sleeper!

* You’re still at 8 chompers.  No new teeth this month.


* Birthday Bear who sings and dances as well as your Cozy Coupe.  If we put your Coupe in the living room it will occupy your time for more than an hour!  You climb in and out, you open and close the door and you load it up with toys only to unload it, over and over and over again. ;)

* Your crib, night-light and sound machine are such a comfort to you.  You are completely at ease when you’re in your room playing or sleeping.

* Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Doc McStuffins and Dora the Explorer are your absolute favorite cartoons!  You enjoy watching these shows during our morning cuddles on Saturday and Sundays.

* You climb everything!  So far you’ve managed to climb on to both couches and the coffee table.  We have to keep a close eye on our little monkey.

* Any kind of music gets you movin!  You can dance with the beat to most songs.

* Peas & carrots, fruit (especially apples), sautéed mushrooms, eggs, yogurt bites, avocado and black olives are your favorite foods.

Your one year check-up is this Wednesday and your mama and mommy can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown.  Happy birthday my precious girl!  Thank you for making this past year the best year of our lives.

Love, mama 


  1. Your collage of all twelve pictures of Gracie is adorable, and I love the little yellow shoes she's wearing! Cx

    1. Thanks Carley! Those are her Easter sandals so I figured we should try and get good use out of them. :)

  2. How much cuteness can you pack in 365 days?!! I love seeing the progression of her cuteness over a year span-that's awesome! She looks like the happiest girl on earth!

    1. A whole lot of cuteness! I've loved looking at all the pictures together. You don't realize just how much they change until a year of pictures are laid out in front of you.

      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. So sweet! Peyton doesn't have very many words, but she is walking like a pro! I love seeing the progression from baby to toddler, I'm so glad we did it with Peyton too! Here's a new year with a toddler!

    1. Go Peyton! I wouldn't call Grace a "pro" yet. She takes about 10-15 steps before sitting but she's all over the place as she walks right now (it's so cute to watch). Her walking seems to be getting more controlled, so that's good. I'm sure Peyton will be chatting you all up in no time. :)

    2. Don't you just love the way they look like little Godzilla. At least, Peyton does. She's always got her arms out and her little legs stomp when she walks. You're right, it's super cute to watch!

  4. So Cute!! I love the way you did your months pictures, they are adorable!

    1. Thank you! It's been a fun little project. :)

  5. Oh Lord I see why it took you a while to finish wrting that..I cried most of the way through it! Love that she spends an hour loading and unloading her car! Ha! And yay...for walking!!!
    The picture collage is just precious...its so sweet to see how she's grown. What an amazing year for your sweet family...wishing you all many many many more years of happiness : ) I know I've said it before but Gracie is one lucky girl to have 2 mama's that love her sooooo much!


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