Sunday, April 28, 2013

{A Little Summer Vacay}

We’re baaaaack!  I feel like I’ve been living off the grid for the past couple of weeks with all the craziness that’s been going on around here.  Before leaving on our early summer vacay, I had to complete performance appraisals at work, which is the longest and most soul draining part of my job, ha!  We then took our trip to AZ and came home with a sick little gal.  We’re not sure where Gracie caught a bug (probably the germy airport) but she was quite barfy until this past Tuesday.  Before this stomach bug, the only other time she has been sick in the past 14 months was when she had a cold back in November.  As we learned with her stomach bug, a cold and a tummy virus are two very different things.  She got sick once a day for about 5 days but didn’t really have a fever, no diarrhea and was sleeping fine.  There wasn’t much we could do for her aside from keeping her hydrated, fed and comfortable, so that’s what we did.  Thankfully the bug has passed and Grace is back to normal.

Anywho… back to the trip!  Travel for work and *Georgia’s 35th birthday* resulted in a family trip out to Gilbert, AZ to visit our good friends Sara, Vince and their little gal, Olivia.  I flew out separately because my company arranged my travel, which meant that Georgia got to fly with Grace all by herself!  I’m not going to lie, we were very nervous.  Luckily my OCD does at times come in handy and I made sure Georgia was more than prepared with anything she would need.  I also took some of G’s clothing and Gracie’s luggage with me to lighten Georgia’s load.  As it turned out, the flight there was a breeze… the flight back was somewhat of a nightmare for my poor wife.  Now that Grace is a full-time walker, the last thing she wants to do is be carried.  Well, Georgia made the mistake of taking her out of the stroller while they were waiting at the gate so Grace could stretch her legs before the flight.  Gracie basically went nuts, she wanted to run everywhere, and she wanted to play with every.single.child in sight.  She even went as far as to ambush a table of little kids playing cards, yelling, “hi, hi, hi” and when the kids didn’t say hi back, she tried climbing onto their laps, LOL!  Georgia said she felt slightly panicked because she couldn’t just let Grace wonder without watching her closely and that would require her to chase Grace with luggage in tow.  Strapping baby girl back in her stroller is what brought on the tantrum that lasted until G boarded, at which point Gracie quickly passed out (thank GOD).  Mad props to the wife for surviving her first flight alone with Grace.  From what G says it was her first and last… haha!

The weather in Gilbert was amazing!  I’ve always said that I can’t understand how anyone can live in a state as HOT as Arizona but the temperature was perfect for our visit.  Sara’s daughter Olivia and Grace are just weeks apart in age so they of course had a blast together.  They played, they shared, they gave each other kisses and taught each other new things.  Grace can now blow kisses, LOVES blueberries and is obsessed with bubble baths all thanks to little miss Olivia. :)  I didn’t want to be stuck behind a camera all week, so on this trip we went the quick and easy cell phone picture route.  The pictures aren’t as clear as they would have been on G’s fancy camera but sometimes you need to leave the fancy camera at home and go with the flow.    

During our visit we…

Took the gals to Sara and Olivia’s favorite splash pad.  Olivia was way more daring than Grace; with this being Gracie’s first splash pad experience but they both had so much fun playing in the water!  And before you think I’m crazy for putting a bow on my kid at the splash pad, allow me to explain.  Her hair is growing out so funny.  In the back, both sides are longer than the middle so it looks like she got a hold of the scissors and chopped the middle piece off and in the front, her hair comes down in a V all the way to her nose.  If she doesn’t have a clip in her hair to pull it back, she can’t see very well, hence the water bow. ;)

Little water babies!

We spent our afternoons swimming in the pool and soaking up the sunshine.  Grace is a total water baby and was happy to take a dip with mama even though the unheated pool was only about 73 degrees.  It was so nice to not be tied to a busy agenda during our stay.  Everyday started with breakfast, coffee and relaxation in the backyard swimming, playing in the grass and just laying out.  Grace LOVED every minute of it.

We shopped a lot, which is funny because I’m not really much of a shopper and even though we have a Build-a-Bear at home, that was one of the first stores we stopped in.  G immediately saw the new Pinky Pie, My Little Pony horse they just started selling so that was a must have.  Grace has carried that poor horse around by her bright pink hair every day since, hehe.  We also made the customary visit to IKEA because you simply can’t go to AZ and not stop by IKEA, right?!  I love that the girls wore matching outfits on this day.  It wasn’t planned at all, they both just happened to have the same romper from the GAP in pink and blue.  So cute. :)

During our shopping spree, the little gals weren’t the only ones spoiled.  The moms got in on the action too!  Sara and I have been BF’s going on 23 years and to celebrate the trip (and what Sara referred to as “Best Friend Christmas”) we got matching friend charms from Pandora.  My Pandora charm bracelet was my first Mother’s Day gift from the wife and it’s one of my most cherished possessions.  I was so happy to add a little stiletto to my collection!

K & S circa 1989-ish  

Last but definitely not least, we ate a ton of delicious food!  I’ve got to hand it to AZ; there wasn’t a single restaurant we dinned at that wasn’t delish.  Our hometown tends to have more chain restaurants than anything else, so it was nice to try something new. 

Huge thanks to Sara, Vince and baby O for making our trip so much fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby cakes!  Cheers to the next 35. ;)  

Summer Bucket List: Take a summer vacation - check! 


  1. It sounds AWESOME ! Well all but that little bit where she cried herself to sleep before boarding.
    How great that your kids are the same age.
    I am really not sure why you felt the need to explain the bow thing. Hair accessories don't have a proper time or place. They just ARE ! :)

    Glad everyone is home and safe.

    1. It was a pretty awesome couple of days (aside from the meltdown, lol)!

  2. I couldn't wait for this post. I've literally been checking daily :). I can't tell you all how happy we were to have you all here. I miss you all so much and I'm so happy that our girls will grow up knowing one another. Thank you and G and of course baby G for coming. We had a blast and can't wait to plan our next trip! Love to you all. Xoxo

    1. We had such a great time! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!! xo


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