Wednesday, June 5, 2013

15 Months of Gracie

You guys, I have a 15 month old!  I’m not sure how or when that happened but it happened.  During Gracie’s first year I felt like time flew… now I feel as though we live our lives in worpspeed.  This kid of ours says new words, learns a ton of new things and does totally off the wall funny stuff every single day.  It’s nuts!  As promised, I am going to do my best to write a follow up “18 Months of Gracie” and a “21 Months of Gracie” post leading up to our gals second birthday.  I figure that while I may not have the time to document her monthly development as I did during her first year, I can totally commit to tracking her development at least every three months.  Sorry in advance for the long post… :)

The stinker playing hide-and-seek @ 14 months!

To my Gracie girl, so much has happened since I last wrote a monthly post about you that I don’t even know where to begin.  I think it would be easiest if mama grouped your updates, so here goes.

Associations: You can now identify 11 of your body parts and you’ve been doing this for almost two months now!  You can identify your head, mouth, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, belly, toes, legs, hands and feet.  Mama has been trying to get all of this on video for the past month but to get you to hold still and show me all 11 is impossible.  A few weeks ago I was able to get most on video.  You’re such a little smarty pants!

New words: book (boo), bath, yeah, tent, Dora, cat, ice, fish (fshhh), duck, light (ligh) ball, thank you (thannn), bye, sky, love you (yayou), night (nigh), which is what you say at bedtime, mouth (mou), hat, up, please (peas), yay, ouch, eye, head, wow, out, apple, happy (hapa).

This is in addition to: mama, dog (dough), mom (mum), brush (rush), hot, bottle, yum, water, hi, uh-oh and papa (food), which are the words you started saying around your first birthday.

Communication: your verbal communication continues to develop everyday.  In the past month you’ve begun to imitate more and more of the animals we read about.  You can buzz like a bee, tweet like a bird, moo like a cow, bark like a dog, growl like a bear and you can shriek like a monkey!  Mama was able to catch some of your animal sounds on video.

You LOVE: your tent, morning cartoons (especially Dora), bath time, taking "drives" around the neighborhood in your Cozy Coupe, your stuffed bunny, going to the park with grandma & grandpa, playing with mommy’s iPad/iPhone, watering the roses with mama, feeding the doggies with mommy, bananas, blowing bubbles, using a fork to eat (you refuse to eat without one), your box of books, peas and carrots, swimming, your wagon and Mia.  You love all your cousins but you are obsessed with Mia! 

Signs: now that words are becoming your main way of communicating, we’re seeing you sign less often.  Some signs that you still use are, “all done”, “more” and “water”.

These are your absolute favorite books right now:

New developments: You no longer walk, you RUN!  You also climb on everything, all the time.  Your mamas have had to baby proof every drawer and cabinet and install a permanent baby gate because you get into everything.  You’re such a curious little gal.  You also have a new bottom tooth and a MOLAR!  Mama couldn’t believe it when I spotted your top molar.  This brings your total number of teeth to ten.

Growth stats: at our last doctor visit you weighed in at 22.5 pounds.  You now wear a size 4 shoe and you’re still fitting in your 12-18 month clothing with the exception of a few 12 month tops.  You’re still wearing a size large cloth diaper and I think you’ll be in that size until you potty train.

Speaking of potty training, this is one of the exciting things you’ve been up to these past 3 months.  Mama and mommy aren’t pushing the potty on you too much, we’re just trying to sit you on the potty at least once a day so you can start to get used to it.  So far you’ve peed in your big girl potty twice!  This made us so proud so there has been lots of celebrating.

We’re also having so much fun with your hair!  Now that it’s longer we’ve been able to have fun with different styles.  Even grandma Grace and Nani have gotten in on the action.  I’ve got to hand it to grandma Grace though.  I showed her how I style your hair just once and she has done so many adorable hair-dos on her own since. 

There aren’t a whole lot of other things that I can think of that have happened since mama’s last monthly post for you aside from the novel I just wrote... ha! You did take your second flight for our summer vacation, OH and you got the “all-clear” at your 13 month check-up with your plastic surgeon, Dr. C!  This was the best news because it meant you would not need any additional reconstruction of your lip in the next year, yay!

Other than Nani and grandma Grace, I’m not sure that anyone is still reading this marathon of a post at this point.  For those who are, thanks for keeping up with the happenings of our little gal.  It really is amazing what all can take place in 3 short months, sheesh! 

Happy 15 months to our beautiful Gracie.  Your moms LOVE YOU as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.  Xo, mama

Summer Bucket List: Take 15 month pictures - check!


  1. What a wonderful update! Love the videos! It just doesn't get much cuter than her : ) And congrats on how well the potty training is going...she's going to be pottying like a big girl in no time!

    1. Thanks Missy! I kind of forgot to take video for a few months there but I'm back at it. Our goal is to have her potty trained by age two. If she's not ready at two, no rush. :)

  2. She's adorable! Loved the videos! I can't believe she's already going on the potty...that's awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, Nadine! We're in the very, very early stages of potty training but it's still pretty cute to see her sitting on her little toilet, hehe. ;)

  3. Anonymous08 June, 2013

    So much awesome things happening! Super cute little Gracie! She's so darn smart. We have tried starting to introduce the potty too! We haven't actually gotten to the sitting on it part, but she knows it's hers and she CAN sit on it like her mommas. Exciting stuff, right?!


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