Monday, August 5, 2013

32/52: Snug as a bug & more Liebster LOVE!

Muchos gracias to Kari over at The Adventures of K & D!  I so appreciate the nomination and the sweet words you wrote about my little blog. :)
Here are my answers to Kari’s questions:

- What is one of your goals in life and how do you plan on achieving it?  I want to give Gracie a sibling and I would love to carry the baby.  We’ve begun the process to TTC #2.

- What was one of the most difficult moments/aspects about coming out for you?  When I came out to my big brother.  I was incredibly nervous that he would be upset and not accept me.  Thankfully, I completely underestimated his love for me and he is very much a part of my family and a wonderful uncle to Grace. 

- What was one of the most beautiful surprises regarding your coming out?  That my 95 year old great grandmother acted like it was no big deal.  Her response was, “Well, then I think it’s time Georgia started calling me grandma.”  LOVE her!

- How has religion's history of responding to LGBT people influenced your involvement with religion and your religious beliefs/faith?  It has had a huge impact on our involvement.  We still have yet to find a church we feel comfortable attending.  My faith has not changed.

- What's your favorite LBGT inclusive children's book?  A Tale of Two Mommies by Vanita Oelschlager.

- How have you/would you respond to your children's questions about their family make-up/comparisons with opposite-sex headed families?  Explanations of use of a donor?  Wow.  An answer to this question could be it’s own post… The short and sweet would be to tell her that God made all sorts of families.  Some families have two mamas and some have just one.  Some families have no mom and dad but two loving grandparents.  Some families have to daddies, etc.

- What has been your best date ever?  With 7 years of dates it’s hard to pick just one.  A recent favorite was for Valentine’s Day.  The wifey made me a gourmet meal of scallops (my fav), filet mignon and asparagus.  We had a great dinner, watched a movie and just relaxed as our little gal slept.

- What qualities/values are most important for you to model and teach your children?  LOVE, kindness and faith.

- If your son or daughter desired clothing or items deemed appropriate by society for the opposite sex, how would you respond?  Why?  I guess it would depend on what they wanted to wear and where they planned to wear it.  I think most parents would agree that our job as guardians is to protect our children.  My first concern would be safety and the conversation would build from there. 

- How do you define your "sexual orientation"?  At what age did you know?  At what age did you come out?  Lesbian, 23 years old.  I was a late bloomer. ;)

- Who was most supportive during your coming out process?  What about that person made them supportive?  My sister Missy.  She is very protective and extremely direct.  She was 100% supportive of my relationship with G and made it clear that she would be happy to have a “conversation” with anyone who had a problem with it, lol!  Gotta love her!

- Have you ever had any extremely negative or positive experiences in public as an LGBT couple/family?  Thankfully, New Mexico is a very liberal state so it has always felt like a safe place for us.  We’ve had two instances of someone shouting homophobic stuff at us while holding hands.  One was in the parking lot of a restaurant and the other was in San Francisco of all places.

Great questions, Kari!

On a side note, I finally wrote out a timeline for our TTC #1 journey and the start of TTC #2.  This is something I’ve been asked about numerous times on my blog and it makes sense considering I never really shared the full timeline of how we conceived Grace.  Both Georgia and I are somewhat superstitious so we waited until she was 13 weeks pregnant to make our blog announcement.  Because of this, most details of how we became pregnant were not shared. 

I know I found great comfort reading about other same sex couples steps to conception when we were trying to make a baby, so I hope our story is helpful and/or gives hope to others in the LGBT community who are trying to conceive!  You can read about TTC #1 and TTC #2 in the tabs below my blog header. :)


  1. I seriously heart your family. I wish SO bad that I had a family as supportive.
    SO jealous.

  2. oh and P.S. I almost forgot to respond to your great grandma's comment. tears filled my eyes.
    wow. just wow.
    I would love to know how your parents parented you ? What they did that made you and your brothers and sisters so close and protective of one another ?
    And please don't skip any details. I want to model your family so that my kids will grow up with that kind of love for each other.

    1. Thank you for the very sweet comment K. I don't know that my parents followed any specific style of parenting with us. I remember that my mom was HUGE on us being nice to one another, no matter what and our friends had to be nice to our siblings too or we couldn't hang out with them. We weren't allowed to use the word "hate" under any circumstances. We probably would have gotten in trouble for using that word more than any curse word I can think of. The three of us kids are close but we've gone through rough patches like all other siblings. I think the thing that truly brought us together was the death of our dad. We were very young, 14, 16 and 20 years old. His death taught us lots of lessons but the biggest being that nothing is more important than family and we need to love and support each other everyday because you never know what the next day will bring.

      I think it's also been a cultural thing. Hispanics (especially in NM) are extremely family focused (almost too much, ha). So much so that when kids grow up they very rarely move away, lol. I remember tons of arguing when we were small but we grew closer as we became adults as I'm sure your pack of 5 will do as well. :)

      Honestly, I have yet to meet a group of siblings that didn't fight like cats and dogs as kids. ;)

  3. I adore your family also, I think we may move out there & adopt you all as our own ;)
    My grandmother (my dads mom) never batted an eye, she just pulled a chair up next to her at the Christmas table & proceeded to serve my girlfriend at the time pie, lol...
    Unfortunately she passed before Donna & I met :(

    1. Thank you, Spring! I don't know if you would want to adopt my little sister... she can be pretty bratty, hehe. ;)

      It's funny how the older people get (like grandparents and great grandparents), the more accepting they become. Maybe it's just the wisdom that comes with age. Maybe it's that they lived through World Wars, segregation, the fight for female rights, etc. and they've seen what prejudice and hate does to people.

      That's too bad that your grandmother didn't get to meet Donna. She seems like such a great mom and I'm sure she would have loved her.


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