Friday, September 6, 2013

18 Months of Gracie

Holy smokes baby girl, it’s already been three months since Mama’s last Gracie update, which means that you turn 18 months old tomorrow!  How is it even possible that you’re halfway to a second birthday?  I just can’t believe it and neither can your pediatrician, Dr. C.  You had your 18 month well baby visit on Wednesday and you seem to be right on track. Here are your stats:

Weight: 24.1lbs, Height: 31.5in, Shoe: 5, Clothing: 18-24 months, Cloth diaper size: L

A total change to your bedtime routine has been your biggest development over the past 3 months.  Since moving you to your crib at 10 months old, Mommy continued to lay with you in our room until you fell asleep before carrying you to your crib every night.  Well, as you grew older and more curious, these bedtime cuddles grew longer and longer, so a little over a month ago we began a new routine.  Come 8pm we start turning down lights… you help us bring the dogs in for “night, night”… we do a diaper change before climbing into bed to read a few books and then it’s off to your crib.  You did great when we first started this but have since had some tough nights.  There have been a few nights when you’ve cried until falling asleep and one when you made yourself sick.  It’s a work in progress but most nights you lay down watching the stars and moon projected on your ceiling as cozy as can be.    

You have grown into quite the willful toddler, which occasionally lands you in timeout. Digging in the plants is your most frequent offense but climbing the entertainment center and throwing tantrums when you don’t get what you want while yelling, “no, no, no!” is another toddler moment that lands you in the slammer.  You would think that timeout is the most tortuous thing on earth, while in reality it consists of a few minutes of alone time in your playyard until you settle down.  You even have books in there so we’re thinking you’ll survive. ;)

At 18 months old, you CAN:

- Count to 5! The counting began when you were 17 months and we could not believe how quickly you picked up on it.  I’m pretty sure you don’t understand quite yet what one, two or five are, which makes this more of a verbal/memory skill right now, but it's still quite advanced for your age!  Such a smarty pants.

Mama’s so glad she got you counting on video!  I thought you skipped the number 4 but it was in there.  One, two, three, four, five, ONE!

- You know your colors!  Over the past three months you’ve learned to say red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.  You can identify red, blue and green when asked or when we’re reading your favorite book on colors.

- Thanks to your bath books, you know three shapes: star, heart and circle.

- You can climb all the way up our pub height dinning room chairs!  You can also climb ladders and do pulls up on the dinning room table.  You’re such a little monkey; it makes your mamas nervous!

- You can run and throw balls of all sizes and kick them too!  You’ve actually made the ball in the basket of your little basketball court at Gaga and Papa’s a few times.

- You’ve been able to identify 10+ of your body parts since you were 14 months but now you can name them too!  Eyes seem to be your favorite so as a result you poke Mommy and me in the eyes on a regular basis. :)

- You say the funniest things.  Here are a few words you say in your own little baby lingo that your moms find hilarious!

ipiss = ipad
Memo = Nemo
Clock minus the L = Clock…
Meme = Mia
Me-may = Mermaid
Phuck = Duck…

We seriously thought you learned how to say the F-word at first, which made us feel like the worst parents ever until we realized that you were saying duck, ha!

- You’re still extremely independent, which can sometimes cause you frustration.  You want to be the one to brush your own hair, put lotion on yourself, brush your teeth, operate the ipad without supervision (this drives Mommy crazy), put your own two shoes on and open and close things without help from anyone.  You are definitely your Mama’s daughter. ;)

- About two months ago you began stringing words together and seem to be doing it more and more often these days.  Some of the phrases we hear you connect most often are, “yes please”, “oh no”, “night, night”, “help please”, “bye, bye”, “go out”, “all done”, "I'm done" and “uh oh”.


- Going to the park.  You love seeing the ducks and swinging and watching all the other kiddos play.  You love it all!

- Music and dancing.  It doesn’t matter what the song or beat is, you’ll stop what you’re doing to turn circles while bobbing your head to the beat. You’ve even started singing your ABC’s but so far it sounds a little something like this, “a, b, g… b, a…”

- Animals, especially doggies.  Ozzie is the dog you spend the most time with and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s your little brother.

- Dora (more than anything else), Minnie Mouse and mermaids.  Mommy and I decided that you’re going to be a little mermaid this year for Halloween so Mama’s going to get started sewing your costume this week!  As I was practicing my sewing skills this weekend, I made a little bed and blanket for your baby Dora.

- Books, but that’s nothing new.  Mama took you to the library for the first time last month and got you your very OWN library card!  You had so much fun running around the library and all the librarians loved you.  It was a bit stressful for mama because you wanted to pull EVERY book off the shelves... Next time, Mommy's coming with us!

- You've become such a little cuddle bug.  You love to give kisses and get kisses and you have started to come up to Mommy and me for no other reason than to give us a big hug.  You say “blesh” anytime one of us sneezes and it just melts our hearts to see what a sweet girl you are.

- And your absolute favorite thing to do when we're all home together is goof around with Mommy.  She is usually chasing you or you're chasing her OR you are both playing around and making messes. ;)

Do you remember this baby?  Where did she go?
Happy half-birthday my little lovie.


  1. Happy Half Birthday to Miss Gracie! She's doing so many awesome things!! Can't believe the girls are already 18 months old!

    1. Grace says, thank you! Happy half-birthday to little miss Peyton too. :)

  2. WOW that was a fast 6 months!!! She sure has changed a lot too, she is so adorable!!!

    1. Didn't it though?! I just noticed a few days ago that her half-birthday was here AGAIN! I wish I could slow down time. Oh and thank you. She's our little sunshine girl. :)

  3. I can't believe she is 18 mos already.
    I love her words for things and I'm certain she is saying the f word. to the duck. :) ha ha

    I would have never thought you had the strength to let her CIO. I'm still amazed. I hope her bedtime routine pays off for you soon.

    That dog, in that swing, with that smile. priceless.

    1. LOL, you crack me up! I'm surprised we let her CIO too. It was torture the first time but my wife's rule seems to help. As long as she's not doing the hysterical cry (the one she did the night she got sick) we don't come to the rescue. Since putting her to bed while she's still awake, I can count her bad nights on one hand, so thank goodness for that!

      And yes, the dog picture is an all time fav! Ha!

  4. Best blog I've read today! So adorable and so funny! How cute is this?!?! Time goes by so fast.......

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much! Time does go by fast but luckily we live with an 18 month old little comedian who keeps us entertained as the days fly by. ;)

  5. Clock without the L. Lol!
    She is such a precious little girl. Happy 18 months, Gracie!


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