Saturday, December 7, 2013

{21 Months of Gracie}

Happy 21 months to our sunshine girl!  You, my little lovie, are going to be 2 YEARS OLD in just three months time!  Can you even believe that?  I feel like I say this every update but the past three months have been some of my favorites.  You’re talking up a storm and repeating everything you hear me and Mommy say.  You have your very own unique personality that shines through more and more everyday, and while you have become quite mischievous, you are a total love bug.  How did we get so lucky?

The biggest hoopla these past three months has centered on your crib behavior and your newly developed talent as an escape artist.  One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Mama went to wake you up only to find that your bedroom door was LOCKED!  After suffering a mild heart attack and screaming for Mommy, we quickly figured out that you had climbed out of your crib and somehow locked the door.  Fast-forward 15 minutes + the removal of one very stubborn doorknob and you were once again safe in our arms.  Here’s a picture of hurricane Gracie that hit your room following the great escape… all while your moms were sleeping…

At first we thought that you used your crib buddies to climb up and make your escape so those stuffed animals were promptly removed.  This did the trick for a few days but you were out of your crib again by the end of the week… Our next idea was to transition you to a toddler bed but it turns out that the wooden guardrail needed takes 10 weeks to come in!  We were running out of ideas when your mama visited some mommy chat rooms and learned all about Sleep Sacks and guess what?  They work!  Since putting you to bed in your sleep sack, not only have you slept great – but you can’t climb out of your crib!  7 days and counting, yay!  We’re hoping this will buy your mamas enough time to order the parts we need to transition you to a big girl bed.

You also got your FIRST haircut this past month!  We wanted to wait for your Uncle Dean to visit so that he could be the first person to cut your hair.  Now, when you’re older, you’ll get to tell all your friends that you got your first haircut from someone who does the hair of A-list celebrities in Beverly Hills, CA (and also happens to be your Uncle)!  You are one lucky little gal. :)

Here are a few things about you at 21 months that I want to always remember!

These days you LOVE

To dance!  Your signature move is a combination of a skip and a gallop and it is adored by many.  At a wedding we went to last month, you had a whole group of your uncles doing their best impersonation of the “Gracie dance”.  They had us all laughing.  Here’s a little clip of some of your best dance moves.

Pizza, pizza and more pizza!  This Italian dish has become your absolute favorite food.  You get pizza from our favorite local pizza place every couple of weeks, but if you had it your way, you would eat pizza every single day.  You also love all types of beans, Annie’s mac & cheese, Goldfish, really any kind of fruit and you’re a dipper.  You especially love dipping things in ranch dressing.

You love your family so very much but your Papa holds a very special place in your heart.  These past three months he’s been up north preparing his summer home for the winter months and boy have you missed him.  Above is a recent picture taken of the two of you dancing together.

Finding Nemo, Despicable Me and Monsters Inc. are your favorite movies and have been since you were first able to sit through an entire movie.  We try and limit your viewing but you love watching these movies so much that we let you probably more often than we should.  You can name all the main characters in each and hum along to most of the songs.

You’ve become quite the singer and hum the tune to most songs.  You even know the words to a few.  Your favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday.  You also love singing the ABC’s, row-row-row your boat and the itsy bitsy spider. 

You have a ton of stuffed buddies, but these 10 are your favorites.  Some are your sleeping buddies who live in your crib, while the others take up permanent residency in the living room and mommy and mama’s room.  You can be very particular about when and where you need your buddies, especially the ones you sleep with.

At 21 months, you CAN

Say more words than we can even keep track of.  Your vocabulary is unbelievable.  You basically repeat everything you hear us say (even a bad word once, which you thankfully forgot about)!  You regularly say 3-4 word sentences now and you are so polite when you speak.  You always say “peas” (please), “than-you” (thank you), “bless-ou” (bless you) and “welcome”.  It makes your mamas so happy to see what a kind little girl you’ve grown to be!  Right now we’re working on – no, thank you.

Playing catch, or just throwing stuff in general is one of your favorite things to do and you’re so good at it.  Mommy is convinced that you’re going to be an amazing athlete because you have a very controlled throw and great aim for a kiddo your age!

Aside from breaking out of your crib a few times, you are an A-mazing sleeper!  You go down for your naps without giving us any grief and sleep around 2 hours, once a day.  You’ve only had one tough night that I can recall in the past couple of months right around daylight savings time.  Other than that, you sleep 12-13 hours solid every night. 

Here are a few of the things you say that your mamas are lovin’ the most right now:

“Oh, man”
“Holy moly”
“Oh my gosh”
“Mommy, mere” – translation: mommy, come here.
 “Toots” - said anytime you (or anyone else) passes gas. LOL!
“HA-WOOOW” – said in the loudest voice when pretending to talk on the phone.
“Night love you miss you too” – said in one run-on sentence every night when you go to bed.

You amaze mommy and me every day with how incredibly smart you are.  You have a great memory, so much so that we have to be careful of what we promise you because you do NOT forget.  Whether it’s a promise of something we’re going to do after naptime or the following day, you remember. 

A few weeks ago you and I were driving home from Gaga and Papa’s practicing your counting together as we usually do, when you gave me the biggest surprise!  We counted to 10 together only when we got to 10 you kept counting… all the way to 18!!!  I just about died of shock.  You skipped 7 and 15 but still – amazing!

And then there’s the “other” stuff

These days you can (very quickly) go from this…

To this…

You’ve become a little pincher!  If you’re frustrated… or being picked up when you don’t want to be… or being taken out of stuff you’re not supposed to be in… or just really excited – the pinchers come out!  Even though your hands are tiny, those pinchers hurt so we’re working on breaking that habit.

“No, no, no!” and “go away” are things we hear every once and a while because you have been and continue to be, little miss independent.  You know what you want and make sure we know if something is not making you happy.  Thankfully, you seem to have dropped the “go away”.

You’re really not much of a tantrum thrower but you do enjoy testing the limits.  You understand what stuff is off limits and will often do it anyway while looking right at us with a mischievous grin.  This is really the only behavior that lands you in timeout.  You visit “the slammer” about once every two weeks but since you learned how to crawl out of your play yard in November, we don’t currently have a time out area.  

P.S. This is not your timeout spot... you climbed into this dog crate all on your own!  Such a silly girl. ;)   

Happy almost birthday!  I can’t believe you’re going to be 2 years old soon!  We’re already throwing around ideas for your birthday party.  

You LOVE Minnie Mouse, so a Minnie Mouse theme it is!


  1. She is darling. I would love to hear her say Holy Moly :)
    Drop some of those A-list names man ? That could be fun to know.

    1. It will melt your heart! I'll try to get it on video. She seems to do most of her clear and understandable conversing in the Jeep on our rides home, if only I could figure out a way to record it without risking a car accident! Maybe one of these days when G's driving us around town. :)


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