Monday, December 30, 2013

A different kind of Christmas

This year, Christmas was unlike any we’ve experienced before.  My beloved Great Grandmother who hosts Christmas Eve every year, decided last year that at 95 years old, 2012 would be her last year hosting our very large family.  Because of this, we found ourselves with a lot more free time on the eve of Christmas then we normally have.  This turned out to be a very good thing because our little gal came down with a pretty bad 48-hour flu bug, which kept us at home for the evening. :(  G’s parents were a great help and had no problem changing their evening plans from having us over at their house, to relaxing at ours so that the bean wouldn’t have to go out in the cold.

The evening started out pretty rough because Gracie’s bug was getting worse and she began developing a bit of a fever, which worried her mamas.  She spent the majority of the afternoon and evening lying half asleep on the couch hardly making a peep.  She got sick a few times early in the day so as I left to pick my sister up from the airport, G loaded the babe up on Pedialyte, giving her as much as she would drink.  By the time I got home she was willing to eat a little bit of chicken noodle soup and that, followed by a 2 hour nap, made things much better.

This is really when our Christmas began because Grace finally had an appetite again and was ready to open presents!  Thank goodness. :)

The Bean’s uncle Dean and uncle Chris found a way to spoil her even though they weren’t here with us this year.  They sent her box after box of play food, dolls, dress-up accessories and a Princess Sophia crown and necklace.  As you can tell from the pictures, she LOVED the Sophia gear.  It’s a good thing she loves Sophia because Gaga and Papa gave her a big chest full of princess dresses and accessories that I’m sure she’ll be playing with for years to come!

Our Christmas Eve definitely didn’t start the way we thought it would, but we were just so thankful that our gal rallied and enjoyed the end of the night, if nothing else.

After G’s parents went home and we put Grace to bed for the night, we got to do the thing we look forward to all year – prepare for Santa’s arrival!  Gracie’s Santa gifts were already assembled (we learned our lesson last year) and were covered with sheets in the spare room, so all we had to do was set everything up while we prepped our breakfast dish for the morning.

Aren’t the Santa gift tags the cutest?!  
I swear my wife is craftier than she gives herself credit for.

The morning started with a trigger shot in my ass… so that was fun... ;)  In all honesty, I was pretty damn happy to be getting a shot in my rear-end.  This meant that our TTC #2 journey was officially underway and IUI #1 was set for the NEXT day!  I was so excited that it hardly hurt (thanks babe).  We woke the bean and were greeted by my mom and sis who came over to watch Grace open her presents.

Baby’s first heels, haha. ;)

On Christmas morning we had the traditional Christmas breakfast at my mom’s house followed by more presents.  We gave our niece, Mia a matching highchair and Sophia Doll similar to Gracie’s and I think she really liked it.  The girls wore matching pink polkadot PJ’s with reindeer, which looked just as cute as ever.

Gracie got her very own Elf on the Shelf for next year, courtesy of her auntie Missy, so we’re all super excited for that.  I’m already thinking of all the fun things we’re going to do with that elf!  Gracie is going to love it! 

The rest of the day went by in a flash.  We visited my brother’s family but didn’t stay long because Grace was newly on the mend and wasn’t feeling it.  We weren’t feeling too hot either so we decided to call it a night earlier than usual.  While our Christmas Eve started a bit bumpy and Christmas day was cut short, it was still a wonderful Christmas full of lots of great memories.  As I look back on this past year and all that we had on our plate, I feel blessed for everything we have despite some of the challenges we faced.  All in all, it was a happy Christmas and a good year. :)


  1. Yay for a shot in the ass!!!!! :)

    Those Santa tags are so cute! Are they printed or free hand? We use the same "Santa tag" every year and when I found them right before Little Monster's 2nd Christmas (he was only 2 weeks old his first Christmas), I knew I wanted to use the same ones every year and so I stocked up on enough to do him until he is 18 (Santa only brings ONE "whatever they want" gift and the rest are from mommies) but then Boo finally came and having 2 now requires that I split them up and only have for the next 7 years or so....I need to find more or start rescuing them from the trash heap and recycling them because they WILL HAVE those dang Santa tags until they leave for college, LOL.

    Glad Gracie is feeling better. Hope she has been up to playing with those AWESOME gifts. I am loving the baby and highchair!

  2. LOL, I never thought I would be excited to get poked by a needle! Thank you for the idea to hold onto our Santa tags. I was planning to just toss them but it would be cute to use the same ones every year.

    With Christmas and a house full of people, I feel like I'm so behind on my blog reading. Can't wait to read your holiday posts. :)

  3. I love that kitchen! My parents got the boys a kitchen too since they have been pretend cooking with Legos :) I glad Gracie's bug was short lived & she was able to enjoy Christmas.

    1. Thanks Spring! My wife picked it out and I loved it. That's too funny that the boys were playing kitchen with Legos! Those little guys crack me up, lol.

      Happy New Year!

  4. Wohoo, how exciting, how far into the 2 week wait are you now?

  5. Looks like you guys had a good Christmas even though Miss Gracie was ill. Glad she started to feel better! Looks like she, much like Punky, pulled in quite the haul from Santa this year!!


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