Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List: Go Camping!

My little familia just got back from what was without a doubt the most enjoyable camping trip we’ve ever had as a family of 3! We were joined by loads of friends, it didn’t rain on us (yay!) and the food, ohhhh the food! As I shared in last year’s camping post, our good friend Anthony’s family owns property in the beautiful Pecos Mountains and it’s become our favorite camping site. The property is lined by the river with tall mountains on each side and the terrain is amazing. A’s family always joins us for a big cookout on our last night there, as they did this year, and it’s always great to catch up with them and learn new ways to cook fish from the pros themselves!

Grace was counting down the days to our camping excursion this past weekend and was soooo excited. The day before we left she asked me in the most serious voice she could muster, “Mama, do you think we’ll see Elsa and Olaf in the mountains?” These are the kinds of questions that make having a talkative and curious toddler so very awesome. She wanted to take all of her stuffed buddies with us and was so looking forward to sleeping with her mamas. We packed light but made sure to bring the camping essentials like green chile for breakfast, worms for fishing, hiking shoes, our fishing poles and stuff to make s’mores! And because G insists on bringing 5 million gallons of water anytime we camp, it definitely helped that we traveled in a bigger vehicle for this trip. Yes my friends, Georgia has officially become a lesbian cliché… She bought a truck! I will say, I LOVE it and it pulled the camper like a dream but still, it’s pretty funny that she finally caved and bought one. It was a hard sell for me because experiences over this past year have turned me into a saver, not a spender but it was a great deal that we couldn’t pass up (plus it’s so pretty) so we’re happy with it.

Behold! Our new family truck that has yet to be named. ;)

G and I were pumped when we found out that Gracie’s “guncles”, Chris and Leo were going to join us for this trip. Leo is an MD, so his schedule is pretty crazy but they were able to work things out and come up for Friday and Saturday! It’s been many a camping trip and several years since they last joined in the outdoor fun and while their son wasn’t able to come along, I think his dads enjoyed having some grown-up time catching up with all of us. Grace spent the weekend chasing their dog Lexi. She was obsessed. Obsessed!

The mornings and evenings were spent cooking, which is honestly one of my favorite things about camping. While we cooked up a storm Grace explored with her Guncles, Anthony and Brandon, collecting flowers and rocks that she later threw in the river. She got to see a small snake, butterflies, bees, fish, some baby gophers, a few spiders and dragonflies on her exploration of the grounds. G and I (being the helicopter moms that we are) made sure she was in sight at all times. I think we were both afraid that she was going to get snatched up by a bear or jump in the river the entire time… Poor kid… It can’t be easy having two moms watching your EVERY move at all times. I’m sure she’s used to it at this point though. It certainly did appear to dampen her fun. ;)

Fishing was a big to-do on this trip and something we spent the majority of our days attempting to do... Yes, attempting, ha! We brought Gracie’s little fishing pole and G tied a small plastic fish to the end of her line so she was as happy as a clam thinking she was really fishing while I attempted to catch a fish for the first time ever. Sure I’ve hung around other people while they’ve fished but I’ve always been told that I’m too loud to go on fishing trips and it’s never really been my thing. While guess what people? I caught a fish!! I caught it with a single worm and I wasn’t even paying much attention when my line started to pull. Gracie thought it was just about the most exciting thing she’d ever seen (probably because I was screaming as I tried reeling it in) and after we had the poor thing on dry land Grace couldn’t wait to touch it. I’m telling you, this kid of ours is fearless. I didn’t even want to touch the slimy thing. She actually touched quite a few fish over the weekend. Eww.

We spent our nights under the stars in front of a big campfire.

Did lots of catching up with good friends.

Slept snug as a bug in our big camper bed all together. :)

Admired our daily catch before eating them up!

We fished some more…

We enjoyed some of the best camping coffee around. Even the Bean got in on the coffee goodness. :)

At the end of the weekend Grace had one small request. She wanted to, “Say goodbye to the river”. I walked her over and watched as she picked a flower, walked right up to the water, threw it in and waved goodbye. It was definitely a special moment in this mama’s life. One of those teenie tiny moments that you hope you’ll never forget.

Summer Bucket List: Go Camping – check!


  1. Looks like so much fun! The pictures are gorgeous! I love that Gracie wanted to say goodbye to the river, how sweet!

    1. Thanks Nadine! We had a great time and my heart nearly burst when she said her goodbyes. :)

  2. Aw, Miss Gracie's hair is getting so long!! You should totally hook me up with some hair taming tips!

    1. One day it just sprouted! I don't have lots of hair tips because all I use to style her hair is water but for now I'm all about pulling it back. I love P's bangs. I'm thinking we may try that with Grace.

  3. Yay for camping!!!!! That sleeping picture is the cutest ever! So sweet! Also, how in the world is Gracie growing so quick?!?!?! These kids need to SLOW DOWN!!!! Love checking in on your summer bucket list updates :)

    How is the house selling going?

    1. The sleeping picture is one of my new favorites! I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and Grace is going to be a teenager... Next month she'll be 2 1/2 and I seriously feel like I was just planning her 2nd birthday. Can we PLEASE figure out how to slow these kiddos down?!


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