Monday, December 1, 2014

{Our 2014 Family Photos}

It’s hard to believe that last month marked our third year taking holiday family photos! And while each photo shoot is so different than the one before it, I fall more in love with the moments captured of my beautiful little family every year. I think it’s because as Grace gets bigger, her personality shines through more each time she’s in front of that camera and we truly get to see just how much she’s grown, year over year. That was definitely the case with this year’s family portraits because, per the usual, our gal hammed it up! I’ve shared so many pictures already on FB and IG that I have no doubt people are tired of seeing our smiling faces, but in my defense – wouldn’t you want the whole world to see this little ray of sunshine?

Our photos were taken at a city open space designated to preserve wildlife along the Rio Grande and it was absolutely beautiful there. The first and second year we took family pictures we did it in early November, so I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be leaves left on the trees at this year’s late photo shoot. Thankfully, there were and it was gorgeous out! I honestly don’t think we would have gotten the rich and amazing yellows we had for these pictures had we gone any sooner. :)

Looking at our family photos, you would never know that Grace was dealing with a mean case of constipation that had kicked her butt most of the day. We were late to our session and Georgia and I were about ready to strangle each other on the commute over (all during rush hour traffic). Family photos with a toddler can be hectic but in the end, love always shines through.

This was a day that G and I needed a “re-do”. If you’re wondering, a “re-do” is a technique I learned of while watching an episode of Oprah on marriage years ago. The idea of a “re-do” is that it’s something that shouldn’t be used often but if one partner in the situation asks for a “re-do” during an argument, the other has to agree or disagree. If you agree to it, you’re agreeing to put the argument behind you. You can’t bring it up again and you can’t place blame later. On this day we were both so stressed out by the time that we got in the truck to leave that a re-do was definitely in order and I’m so glad that we made amends. By the time we arrived and met our photographer, we had kissed and made up and were happy again. Yay for re-do’s!

We went with a completely new photographer this year and we could not have been happier with his work. He’s the husband of one of my sorority sisters from college and his business is known throughout the state for the amazing pictures he takes of not only families but the NM landscape as well. He was happy to block out some time for a mini-shoot with us even though I was late scheduling it and he was already booked through December. Thank you so much Matt. You rule!

It was impossible for us to pick a favorite, which is why I’ve shared so many in this post... I simply can’t pick just one (or two, or three)! Just look at these beauties! I’m a lucky girl. :)

Oh the places she’ll go!

Mama LOVE.


  1. What amazing photos & what a beautiful little family you all are!!!
    I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite either!

    1. Thanks so much, Spring! The first and second picture are in my top 3 for sure. It's just picking a 3rd favorite that's impossible. I've seen the pictures of your boys so I know you understand how hard it can be with such photogenic little ones. :)

  2. Wow, these are so wonderful! Do you hang them on your walls? It must be so hard to choose!

    1. Thanks so much! I do hang pictures often but decided about a year ago that the walls were full. Now I just need to figure out what pictures to change out each year (and that's not an easy decision, lol).

  3. Love Love Love these!!The girls are getting soooo big! I'm loving seeing the personality too!! Unless its the temper tantrum one of course. LOL

    1. Thanks so much R! Our birthday twins are getting so big, I could cry. :(


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