Monday, March 30, 2015

3 Years of Gracie

Hey, guess what little bean? You are THREE years old! Please tell me how that happened so fast and how we can slow it down? Everything mama’s been reading lately says that turning 3 means you’re no longer a baby. Well guess what kiddo, when you’re 18 you’ll still be our baby. You’ll be our baby forever!

The last year has been pretty great for you! It’s been a year of learning, travel, adventure and making new friends. You’re officially a preschooler and since your last birthday you’ve joined a soccer team, started learning how to swim with the help of swimming lessons and learned how to ride a tot bike all on your own. A few months ago mommy and I transitioned you to a big girl room and you were officially potty trained at just 2 ½ years old! You now have your first passport stamp and you’ve taken your first trip out of country and loved every minute of it! Your mamas didn’t go on their first international trip until they were in their late 20’s, which means you are one well-traveled toddler compared to us. ;)

At this age, I no longer keep track of the number of words you say or all the super awesome things you can do because it’s honestly just too much to keep track of. In your first ever parent-teacher conference in early February, your teachers told us that you and a fellow classmate of yours are the most advanced students in the entire class! Your mamas have known what a smarty-pants you are since you were tiny but it’s so great to hear the same from others who spend so much time with you. They described you as a leader who is also independent and not afraid to go your own way or speak up for yourself. They shared with us that you are kind, get along great with your classmates and that the skills you demonstrate in their class are at the same level as the 4 year olds in the next age group up from you! Little gal, we are just so very proud of you! 

At 3 years old, here are a few of your favorite things!

Preschool: this is your FAVORITE thing on the planet! You only go 3 days a week but would go everyday, all day if you had your choice. Almost every night as we’re sitting down to dinner, you have stories about your school buds that you’re eager to share and you adore your teachers. Your school has one teacher for every 3 students so you get tons of one-on-one attention and it shows. You can sing songs in English and Spanish and even one if German! You know your days of the week, all of the seasons and all of your colors including less common ones like turquoise. And stinker, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you’ve learned this past year! The thing we’ve loved most about your first year of school is all the friends you’ve made and all the wonderful field trips and projects you’ve been a part of. We just can’t wait to see what your second year of preschool brings.

Princess everything: As much as Mommy wanted you to be an athlete, you seem to be much more interested in being a princess these days. You own more princess dresses than Mama has regular dresses and you wear them 24/7. Princess Gracie has been spotted at the grocery store, the mall and just about every other place in town. You love them so much that Mommy turned a little corner of your room into a “princess corner” complete with the mirror that used to be in your nursery, a chest of dresses, lines of shoes and all your princess accessories hanging on the wall. You were so excited when Mommy did this and play there often.

One of the highlights of this past holiday season was when you and your cousin Mia got to go to a meet and greet with Elsa and Anna! You both couldn’t stop staring at the princesses and looked just adorable in your dresses! 

The outdoors: specifically snow, which you didn’t truly discover until this winter. You’ve always loved camping and going to the lake in the summer months but NM didn’t get record breaking snow until about a month ago. I’m going to credit Frozen for your obsession with all things winter. Here are some pictures of a few recent snow days. You made your first ever snowman! We sledded you around and had a blast!

Your big girl room: you love it! Like LOVE, love it! You helped us pick the furniture and can often be found playing kitchen or dress-up in your princess corner anytime you’re not hanging out with us in the main part of the house. You have waaaay too many stuffed buddies and babies in your room and insist that they all sleep with you at naptime and bedtime. I mean, just look at this!

For now, Mama has given up on making your bed. It’s a ghastly mess most days…

 A last favorite thing that comes to mind is your cousins. There is no one on this earth that you would rather spend time with, play with and get dirty with more than your cousins. Your face lights up when we tell you that we’re going to visit them. They truly are your best friends!

Just look at you cuties!

One of the things that warms your mamas hearts more than anything else is that you now know all the words to the prayer we say every night before we have dinner. After our prayers we each share what our best part of the day was or something we’re thankful for. 8 times out of 10 you say you are thankful for your cousin Mia. Heart melts.

On the other hand, there is one thing that you’ve grown to dislike, very much…

Doctors appointments: you would think Mommy and me were handing you over to a pack of wolves every time you have a dentist appointment or a visit to the plastic surgeon. This past dentist visit was the absolute worst you’ve had so far. It started with a little hesitation and ended with a full on meltdown of epic proportion. Even though you were just a little baby when you had your cleft lip surgery and suture removal procedure, your mamas think you have a bit of PTS from all of it because you’ve never been a fan of Dr. appointments and with the dentist, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. 

Now the good stuff – your birthday week!

Your birthday fell on a Saturday this year so your birthday party was the same day as your actual birthday. Because you’re in school now we wanted to have cupcakes for you to share with your school buds the day before and thankfully me and Mommy were able to take a long lunch to be there and sing to you! We did your cupcakes at the end of the day as parents were picking up kiddos so you had a big audience. All the parents and kiddos sang and cheered for you. You loved it. :)

After celebrating your birthday at school, me and mommy took you to get your first pedicure! You asked for Little Mermaid toes and did so good as the very nice nail lady worked on your little feet.

Sticking with the tradition we started on your first birthday, the morning of your 3rd bday started with cupcakes! Mama waited until the day before your birthday to pick up your birthday cupcake from the grocery store and because I waited until the last minute, all they had left was blue. Because you’re a gal obsessed with pink, the baker helped me add some pink frosting and even threw in a princess tiara for your special day!

I’m not sure how you remembered but you somehow knew that you were getting a cupcake when you woke up the morning of your birthday. You ran to me and Mommy’s bed and asked, “where’s my cake?” Haha! Mama ran and got it and we sang you happy birthday!

We spent the morning preparing last minute things for your Little Mermaid bash while fielding calls from everyone calling to wish you a happy birthday! You even got an extra special call from your favorite cartoon character, Peter Rabbit!

So now we’re just counting down the days until we go to Disneyland and you couldn’t be more excited! This is something your mamas have been planning for a long time and you, my sweet girl deserve it. You are so full of love and joy and show kindness to everyone you meet. Our greatest blessing is being your mamas and we can’t wait to take you to the most magical place on earth!

We love you, little stinker.


  1. Love these updates! She is getting so big…can't wait to see her become a big sister! I need to see a video of her german song though, do you know which one it is? Smart girl!

  2. Oh my goodness that child is loved. I don't know that I can say that I know very many kids who are loved like your Gracie.
    Happy 3rd birthday.

  3. Happy HAPPY Birthday Gracie! That is one amazing little girl you two Mamas have!

  4. Great year for a great kid! Here's to being three! <3

  5. Happy birthday, Gracie! What a great post about a fabulous little girl. :)

  6. What a sweet girl! She looks so happy in all of these pictures--you can tell she loves life!

  7. Thanks friends! She had such a great 3rd birthday. We basically celebrated it for a month, lol! ;)


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