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San Diego Trip, Part I: She’s married!

Here’s the funny thing about blogging… The less often you do it, the less often you feel like doing it, if that makes any sense. I’ve been blogging for going on 6 years now and I’ve always been that 2-3 times a week blogger. That is, until these past couple of months. I used to run to my computer following trips and big events because I just couldn’t wait to share. Now I’m like, hmmm, maybe I’ll clean out my closet instead. I mean, our Disney trip was a month ago and for some reason I can’t make myself sit down and share what an amazing trip it was and that’s just crazy!

I had decided that Thursday night would be the night. I had all of these thoughts at work about a video I would make to share our vacation pictures and pictures of my mom’s wedding and then on my way home, I stopped to pick up a prescription and noticed an adorable pink baseball glove begging to be purchased. So I bought it, of course. That turned into an evening in the backyard practicing catch with Grace (who starts T-ball in just a few weeks, ekkk!) and playing with the hose and water table. See… excuses, excuses. 

I’m going to keep trying to stay invested because I’m honestly not ready to retire this blog quite yet. I’ve met some AMAZING friends here and you all have been there for me through some of the most wonderful and difficult times in my adult, married life. So how could I just disappear?!

Project 52 is honestly what keeps me coming back. I’ll go a few weeks without posting and think, I need to catch up on my Project 52 pics and then I’ll just start writing. That’s what happened with my post about not feeling like my old self. Had I thought too much about sharing those feelings, I never would have and you all would have thought that I handled my failed IVF cycle like a damn champ. I obviously didn’t and I’m glad you know that because that’s the thing about life. Sometimes it sucks, but you get through it and things get better. With that being said, I want to say thank you for all of the kind words and support you all have shown me during this period of trying to conceive. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who read and don’t comment, so I don’t really know who you are but that’s ok because I appreciate that you’re sharing in our lives. For those of you who do follow and leave words of encouragement, you have no idea how much they mean to me. I’ve always felt safe and supported here and I’m just so thankful for that.

And with that being said, let’s talk wedding shall we?   

My mama’s officially a married woman! We love her husband and now Gracie has another Grandpa, I have a stepdad (still weird to say that) AND a new step-brother. Our family grew over night and we couldn’t be happier about it.

My ma’s been a single lady for the past 22 years and in that time she has kissed her share of frogs. There were definitely periods of sadness and worry that she would never find her forever person and while she worried, I never really did. I knew Kevin was out there and that they would find their way to each other when the timing was right.

See mom... This is why you should just listen to everything I say. ;)

The wedding was beyond beautiful! It was held on a little island at a gorgeous resort in San Diego where we all stayed for several days. The place was seriously amazing and it quickly made sense why the word Paradise was in the resort name. There were more pools than I could count. The resort was lined by the ocean and there were plush walking paths, waterfalls and lakes everywhere.

This picture was taken on our first morning there. We woke up, threw our dirty hair in ponytails and headed out to discover. We ended up climbing this ridiculously high lookout point that gave us a view of the entire resort. Grace led the walk the whole way up and was amazed once we arrived at the top. She just kept saying, “look Mommy, look Mama!” as she pointed at everything.

Every morning a family of ducks, who quickly became Gracie’s best friends, visited us. We would spend our mornings on our private patio having coffee while Gracie fed the ducks and when we weren’t doing wedding stuff, we were swimming. By day two my fair-skinned little lady had a bit of a sun burn even though she wore a hat and sunscreen 24/7. We just couldn’t keep ourselves inside with all the beautiful outdoor adventures to be had!

I was very proud of my mom because she was a total Bride-chilla the weekend of her ceremony. The wedding rehearsal was super laid back and consisted of about 15 minutes of ceremony practice and a whole lot of playing in the sun and taking in the views.

Grace and our Niece, Mia were the flower girls and my Lord, they were so stinkin’ cute! We didn’t talk to Grace a whole lot about what she would need to do on the day of, so the rehearsal was really the first time the girls were instructed to walk across the bridge and up the path with Devin. They did awesome and looked just precious walking arm in arm with our cutie little nephew.

Me and the beautiful bride-to-be!

The oldest of the grandkids, our nephew Rudy, was given the honor of walking Nani down the aisle and he took his role very seriously. I’m so happy that my mom decided to have a wedding party made up of just her grandkids. It made the ceremony all that more special.

This picture kills me! I mean, could she get any cuter?! 

After the ceremony we headed to the cocktail party and reception and spent the remainder of the evening dancing the night away. My mom looked happier than I’ve ever seen her and because my niece passed out very early, Grace was the showstopper at the reception dancing and being her normal, adorable self. She was in super-hyper active mode and was still going strong when we took her to bed late that night.

It was such a beautiful day! Here’s a few more pictures of the festivities ~

I did my mom’s wedding hair! Turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself. ;)

Flight #9 and #10 for this little traveler!

On the flight out she drew a picture for the pilot. He was the nicest guy and even let us in the cockpit!

And that about wraps up the first 3 days of our trip!

Holy picture-heavy post Batman! If you’re still reading, I must warn you that this is just the beginning, haha! I still have San Diego Zoo pictures + pics of our beach day with Gracie’s uncles + Disney mania posts with Gaga and Papa, so stay tuned. Even with me intentionally putting my camera away so that I could truly be in the moment during our trip, I still managed to take over a thousand pictures. My name is Kristin and I’m a picture-oholic!  


  1. I love that place! Did you stay in a bungalow there? You are making me miss living there :(. Looks like you all had a blast though!

    1. We did and it was amazing! The weather was perfect. I can't believe you moved away from such an awesome place! :)

  2. Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllll you BETTER NOT retire this blog!!!

    I totally get the laps between posts though. I'm in that rut right now too. It's like exercising...every day you don't, it gets easier and easier not to. *sigh*

    I need to get back on the blogging train as well.

    The wedding looks awesome!!! So nice that your mom has found love and that you all approve. :) Gorgeous pics.

    Although I still think you should have done it here. :D

    1. I won't stop if you don't! Deal? I love that you called KJ out on your post the other day, lol! She needs to get her shit together and come back to us! ;)

  3. I know I know, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't post how seriously hot your mom is. She is seriously so beautiful. I'm very happy that she was able to find that special someone. The wedding looks like it was awesome. Gracie is DARLING as always and I'm glad you've picked Thursdays. because yes, you are walk away and coming back is damn near impossible :-)

    1. Haha!! Please read my post to Stacy above!

  4. Wow what a beautiful wedding!! I always look forward to your posts :) I love reading about your sweet family!

    1. You are so sweet! I love your blog too and I'm so glad we found one another on IG. :)

  5. Hot Nani off the sad :(

    Lol!!! Congrats to your mom! What a beautiful bride and wedding. A wish for many many happy years to come!

    You can't walk away from the blog. You just can't. There are not many of us good ones left anymore, stay around, ok?!?! Besides, the REAL details don't come across on Facebook and I'd miss your adorable family so! There have been so many times that the support of this community has lifted me up. I get it completely. We are all in your corner, through the good and bad. You got this, darling!

    Now....Disney post!!!!! Get with it!!!! :)

    1. Yes, it's true. Hot Nani is off the market and thank God! There's just something about knowing your parent is loved and taken care of that gives you a sense of relief.

      I for sure keep the REAL life details off FB. I don't even post my blog on FB because I want to keep the two separate. NM is like a small town and if the people I'm friends with (who I grew up with, friends, classmates, family, college buds, etc.) read all the personal details of my life, there would be massive amounts of shit-talking! LOL! I love that my blog is something I share with my fellow LGBT peeps. I wouldn't want it any other way. I know you're in my corner and it means a lot!

  6. Anonymous04 May, 2015

    Congratulations to your mama! Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride!


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