Thursday, November 5, 2015

{Halloween ~ 2015}

My new office is about 2 blocks from a big, beautiful two-story Target… So as you can imagine, I often find myself there spending money I should be saving for future spe.rm purchases on things we don’t really need. It’s like this beacon calling me home and I can’t fight it, I simply can’t. Like most weeks, I found myself there on Monday afternoon cruising the Thanksgiving aisle already planning for the holiday ahead. This year Gracie’s Guncles are spending Thanksgiving with us rather than Christmas (they switch off families like most couples), so we’re going to be hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house during their visit. We’re so excited!

Anyway, there I was at Target picking out place settings, turkey décor and pumpkin saltshakers when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the 50% off Halloween section. An aisle after that was Christmas stuff! Yes, Christmas stuff out on the shelves the first week of November. I stood there and instantly felt the magnitude of just how quickly time passes. I thought to myself, wasn’t it just Halloween like 2 days ago and then it hit me, it was just Halloween TWO days ago and yet here we are moving on to the next holiday on the list. Not to be too much of a Debbie Downer but the whole situation made me a little sad. It also made me realize that if I don’t get better about documenting our family adventures I’m going to become one of those mama bloggers that you just never hear from again. I mean, seriously – time flies and holidays come and go in a flash! Memories fade and that really is the reason I started this blog all those years ago… To document the everyday moments!

I didn’t want Halloween to be another one of those special times I skipped over, so I figured that even though it’s November 6th and we’re well on our way to Thanksgiving, it’s never to late to share a Halloween post – right?!

This year, per the usual, Halloween was BUSY! From morning to night, it was nuts. We baked cupcakes for the grandparents and actually fit in our spooky arts and crafts! The big celebrations beginning on Friday morning, which was dress up day at Gracie’s school. This year she went as Frida Kahlo. I’m sure most of you know who Frida is but if not, she’s a very famous Mexican artist from the 30’s-40’s. The Bean’s costume was something that just kind of came together at the last minute and it was pretty fantastic if you ask me! She made the cutest little Frida, penciled in unibrow and all and was a hit with all the parents at the Co-Op!

Check out this haunted house! It was pretty awesome!

My work hosted a “Trunk-o-Treat” for the staff and their families complete with hamburgers, tons of candy, a donut eating contest, games, a cake walk, bag decorating stations and a costume contest!

Look who won a Halloween cake! I was so fluffy and delicious!

She made out like a bandit and yes, we’ve already had to hide the candy up high!

The night ended with more trick-o-treating with the grandparents and cousins.

And let me just say, this kiddo had an absolute blast!
We hope all of you did too!

Her 4th Halloween. Can you even believe it?

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  1. Two things stand out to me in this post:
    First, two story targets exist? OMG, I can't believe we don't have one! I feel ya, Target is my happy place and you always walk out with way more than you came for.
    Second, I guess I'm late posting about our Halloween I really do hope that you continue to blog, I love following your beautiful family!
    Gracie looked adorable in her costume!
    Now...on to Christmas...haha!


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