Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4 Years of Gracie

Hey kiddo, guess what? You are now officially a big, beautiful 4 year old! A FOUR YEAR OLD! Believe it or not, you are already halfway to your 5th birthday and your mamas are still in total disbelief that you are another year older. I mean, really… When did that happen and how did it happen so fast? I need to know!

Mama has been meaning to finish this birthday post for months now, but thanks to the very busy schedule you’ve created for your moms, documenting your day to day adventures is getting harder and harder to do! Right now you are on a dance team that meets once a week and has the cutest recitals and community performances. You’re still in swim school and you LOVE it! You are an actual swimmer who can swim under water, on your tummy and on your back! You have a polar bear swim cap that mommy got you and it is just about the cutest thing ever. You just finished a dinosaur themed summer school program and had an absolute blast meeting new friends! You also recently joined a gymnastics team and have already made friends with lots of little gymnasts your same age. All of these things in addition to preschool keep us busy 6 days a week! It’s hectic but we love to watch you learn and play, so we don’t mind one bit.

Look at you go!

Here are some fun facts about you, our amazing 4 year old!

 || Your Favorite Things ||

#1: Mavis Louise!

If I had to pick one thing that is your absolute favorite thing on the planet, I would have to say it’s your new pup Mavie! We adopted our little terrier mix from a shelter a few months ago and you are the best of friends. You named her Mavis Louise and yes; you came up with that name all on your own! We call our sweet girl Maves, Mavie or Mavie Wavie most of the time, but when she has accidents or chews something she’s not supposed to chew, she gets the full name! Mavis Louise!

You and Mavie are siblings in every way. Meaning, you love the heck out of each other but also get on each other’s nerves sometimes. You’re a mamas’ girl and don’t like when Mavie gets more attention than you, but you also don’t want to go anywhere without her. She even goes with you to Gaga and Papa’s house during the week when you don’t have school and she often tags along to your swim practices too!

You two love to chase each other all over the house and the yard and you my dear, can get our little Mavie riled up like no one else can. Mavis still has the habit of stealing your food from time to time, when you’re not paying attention and she’s chewed up a few of your toys because she’s still just a baby (and you leave your toys ALL OVER THE PLACE). Even so, you love her to pieces. To be honest, Mama is so happy that she finally let Mommy talk her into getting a dog. She’s been the best addition to our family.

This picture was taken the day we adopted our sweet Mavie girl!

#2 Playing in the backyard, or anywhere outside!

If Mommy and I would let you, you would eat sleep and live outside! You have a little house in the backyard that we built for you a few years ago and you’re finally at an age where you really want to play in it! You also love your trampoline, swing and water table. You have a fairy garden out back (that Mavie has somewhat destroyed) but you still love it. There is usually chalk and pictures you’ve drawn covering the ground and flowers that you help take care, of all over the place.

The thing your moms love about our yard the most is that it’s a fun and safe place for you to play. You’re actually back there so much that you ended up making friends with the little boy next door by chatting with him over the wall. Now you two are best buds! You ride bikes, eat snacks out back and paint and color together. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.

You absolutely love having dinner out back with your moms. Mommy usually does the grilling and we all sit out under the stars and eat. This is something that we don’t get to do too often, so when we do, it’s always a special treat! This summer we made a few yummy meals using veggies from our very own garden that YOU grew! The tomatoes did the best because you made sure the caterpillars didn’t eating them up this summer. Little miss green thumb!

Rain or shine, you find your way back there. :)

#3: All things girly

You are still our girly-girl and I have a feeling you always will be! You love Disney princesses and well, Disney EVERYTHING! You can’t get enough of make-up and often give not only yourself, but Mommy and Gaga makeovers too! You love to paint pictures of flowers and hearts and if something is pink, you want it! You can’t get enough of your dolls and love the games on your Kindle Fire that allow you to create pretty, colorful things! You love dancing, singing and being in charge! If you’re playing house with friends, you have to be the mama and if it’s a fairytale game you’re playing, you’re always the princess!

Mommy and I love that you’re so outspoken and confident when you interact with others. We’ve always taught you that you have a voice and that what you say and do matters. We hope you always remain our take-charge gal. :)

On the weekends, you dress yourself! Check out this ensemble! One of mama’s favorites for sure, ha!

I think this is why you love being on your dance team so much! You get to wear shiny jewelry, tons of make-up and fancy dresses. It’s like all your favorite things wrapped into one.

|| The Amazing Things You Can Do! ||

The truth is, this section could be a blog in itself, because you’re pretty darn amazing kiddo! The older you get and the more we get to know your big personality, the more we find that not only did Mommy and I create a beautiful and smart little girl, but a hilarious one too! You crack us up all the time with the off the wall things that come out of your mouth! You’re a fast learner and love being involved in different activities, often telling us that you can’t wait to make new friends!

Here are a few of our favorite videos of our smarty pants in action!
You make us so proud!  

|| Your Favorite Places ||

Our casa is most definitely a favorite place of yours! You spend your life playing in the backyard, making a total disaster of your room and every other room of the house and you love spending the evenings riding your bike around the block. Your room is your special place, home to all of your stuffed buddies and favorite things. Now that you’re 4, we’ve hung your princess canopy, which you say makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a princess bed! The walls are covered with your hand painted works of art and you have pictures of your favorite people all over the place. Your room is mama’s favorite room of the house too – even more than my own room!

Our kitchen and really any kitchen, is a place you love to spend time because you live to cook and bake! Now that you’re a bit older, you can help me with things like cracking eggs for breakfast, mixing recipes, pouring liquids, opening and closing containers, gathering ingredients from the fridge and pantry, cutting veggies (with a plastic knife) and even cleaning up! You can’t get enough of baking, my little batter-eater! For your 4th birthday party you baked your own cake! It’s a tradition that we plan to continue! I can just imagine the awesome cakes that you will create for yourself every year!

We’re also pretty sure that your love for baking is really just due to your love for sweets, ha! Just like your Papa, you want all the cookies, cakes and sugar. You would think that your moms kept you from having a drop of sugar for the first year of your life, or something like that… You’re making up for it now! ;)

Going on adventures all over the city with your mamas is a big time favorite of yours! We try and go on at least one fun adventure every weekend and you always have a blast! The farmers market, festivals, community events or play dates with your school buds and their parents – you love it all! On one of our outings this summer, we came across the cutest booth that sold handmade kids t-shirts and matching onsies, so we just had to pick one for you and your future sibling! Mama picked two sizes hoping they would work out, when the time came.

Looks like they’re going to work out just fine. ;)

There is so much more that I could write about you, our sweet girl! I could gush on and on about how sassy you’ve become. I mean, wow! You’ll always be our sweet gal but the sass of a 4 year old, oh the sass! Ha!

And I saved a bunch of hilarious quotes from you on my iphone notepad because you’re hilarious, all.the.time but then I accidently replaced my list with a grocery list! I think this picture just about sums up your goofiness!

And then, there’s the actual day of your 4th birthday and all the fun we had with your uncles who came to town to share in the special day with us! 

But mama’s going to have to tell that story using pictures because it’s 11pm and my fingers hurt!

So, in summary – you’re our favorite human and we love you more than anything on the planet! Goodnight and sweet dreams, love your mamas. Xoxo

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