Saturday, October 14, 2017

Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Boy!

“Parents actually celebrate half-birthdays? Are you being serious? That’s ridiculous!”
– Kristin, 2016 ;)

I have every intention of sharing a picture-heavy blog post about our main man turning 6 months old, however I could not wait to share these pictures from his half-birthday photoshoot, because – LOOK! I mean really, how is this kid so damn cute? #icanteven

I know what you’re thinking because I used to think the same thing… a photoshoot for turning six months old, get real. So, I’m just going to own this and say, YES! Celebrating half-birthdays is a thing and it’s more precious than a box full of puppies! I wanted to have this sweet boy’s pictures taken for his oh-so-special half-birthday and I’m here to tell you that it was worth every penny! Every single penny. :)

I knew I wanted to celebrate Will turning 6 months old since before he was even born! I say, “I” because even Georgia thought I was crazy for wanting to make a big deal of it, at first. As we were preparing for Will’s arrival, I had lots of time to reflect on motherhood; how it would change with baby #2 and memories of what our experience was like when Gracie was a tiny baby. As I thought about all this stuff, the same thing kept coming to the forefront of my mind, and that is – that babies don’t keep, so you must savor every moment! I look at Gracie and can’t believe that in just 5 months, we’ll have a 6-year-old! I can still remember every bit of her sweet baby-ness and while we certainly made mistakes as new first time parents, one thing that we did right and that I’ll never regret was that we celebrated and photographed EVERYTHING! We had holiday photos taken of our family every fall and still do. We had professional pictures taken of the Bean for every birthday, ages one to four. We dressed our gal up and drove her to the studio for Halloween photos, 3 years in a row and guess what? We’re still completely in love with every single one of those memories captured in time and if our home were to burn down today, those photos are what I would grab on my way out the door. To me, they are worth more than gold.

These past 6 months really have been the fastest 6 months ever! It’s like one minute you’re cuddling this teenie tiny baby who can’t hold their own head up, and then suddenly they’re eating food at the dinner table, rolling over, laughing and grabbing everything in sight.

 Will started showing signs of sitting up on his own around mid-September and we just couldn’t believe it! Once we knew that he was almost there, I started practicing with him a little bit every evening and he quickly realized that if he toppled over, Mama would catch him, so that became a fun game for him. He would be sitting up like a champ and then he’d throw himself over with the biggest smile on his face. It was so stinkin’ cute but I also didn’t want him to continue doing this for fear that he would hurt himself if we weren't there to catch him! I ended up laying out some soft blankets and let the kiddo topple over a few times without a mama rescue. Suddenly his sitting started getting better, but I promise he face planted into about 2 inches of softness and didn't hurt his precious little face! By the time our half-birthday session rolled around, this cutie of ours could sit up, unassisted for about 15-20 seconds at a time! Our big strong boy! We were so proud of him.

Our photographer, who’s totally amazing and the same photog who captured Will’s newborn photos was the person we hired to capture his half-birthday pics. I say she’s amazing and I truly mean it, for so many reasons! M listens to what we want with our family photos, she’s incredibly gentle with our babies and between the extra-long sessions and the awesome photo sets she creates for us, she’s spent HOURS creating beautiful pictures of our kiddos and I just can't thank her enough. M will be the gal to take Sonnie Bear’s Cake Smash/1st birthday pics when he turns one and I’m just so happy that she was referred to us back in January and will continue to capture the special moments in the lives for years to come!

Happy half-birthday to our joyful little guy! You bring me, Mommy and Gracie so much happiness and I promise you that your mamas will forever celebrate the little things in your life. This is just the beginning! Xo, Mama


  1. Happy half birthday, William What a cutie. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I really can't believe this little guy is already 6 months!

  2. That little face ! Such a happy baby !

    1. Thank you! He's happy about 95% of the time. My family thinks it's the craziest thing that he just really doesn't cry, lol!

  3. I know what you’re thinking because I used to think the same thing. A photo shoot for turning six months old, get real.


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