Monday, April 30, 2018

* William’s ONE Year Pictures *

Can everyone please look at this beautiful boy for a moment! I can barely deal with what a handsome little man he is in everyday life, as he lounges around the house looking all adorable. Then these first birthday photos came along and completely melt my whole soul, I love them so. The colors of the sky, Will’s happy little face, that moon and the beautiful Sandia Mountains reflecting off the Rio Grande River! If I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again – Sonnie Bear, you hold your mama, mommy and sister’s hearts in your precious little hands, forever.

In what was easily the fastest and most action-packed year of my entire life, we ended our baby boy’s first 365 days on Planet Earth with a birthday photo shoot at the Bosque Reserve, themed to match the monster motif of his first birthday party. Our photographer offered a pretty sweet photo package that we just had to jump at, which included a 2-hour session with all 4 of us and 2 outfit changes. We decided to combine our first family of four photos with Will’s one-year photo shoot and thankfully, everything turned out beautifully. The weather was gorgeous and Will was in a great mood all evening, even after I had to change him on a tiny blanket in the sand. I’m telling you – most easygoing award forever goes to this kid!

The plan was to take our family photos first, since they would have Gracie and Will in them and it just made sense to get the 2 for 1 shots done before one or both kiddos melted down. What I ended up learning with this session, is that I tend to air on the side of pessimism, worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong… i.e. what if the weather is bad… what if Will gets sick… what if the kids are grouchy… what if we don’t get a single good shot as a family… etc. I really do need to have a little more confidence in my babies and their ability to go with the flow, because they continue to show me that I need to just chill and not worry so much. They can do big kid stuff like look adorable in family and birthday photos, even if it’s evening and they’re tired and maybe a little hungry. Really though, I was so proud of how great they did. Sweet little loves.

Now, about our little dude’s birthday session. I’ve had this balloon idea for years and have had a picture saved of a 1st birthday shoot with a giant balloon in my iPhone photos for the past 3 years. The idea I borrowed was to add an oversized balloon to the mix each year, symbolizing how old your little one is and because the balloons are huge, the bouquet of balloons just grows larger and larger until your 5-6 year old looks like they could fly away in their birthday shoot! We will likely only do the big balloon birthday prop until Will’s 5th birthday, but how cute is that going to be! I just love the idea and he loved it too. He wanted full control of his big blue balloon and held it in every shot with no help from us. We tried a few times to get him to look over at the camera, but he was just way into the big blue thing floating in the sky, which, as luck would have it, resulted in my 2 favorite birthday pictures from this day. They just feel so magical to me!    

William wore a comfy handmade shirt I ordered from Etsy, bright green shorts from Gymboree and his first pair of Nike sneakers, courtesy of his Mommy. Grace was awesome at getting him to look in the direction of the camera and is solely responsible for getting every single smile we got out of our birthday boy. Because we did Will’s birthday pictures last, we were left chasing the sun as it set over RR and much to our surprise, the result was the most beautiful purple and pink sky that looked just amazing!

My sweet boy. Happy birthday, son.

To see Gracie’s first birthday pictures, click here.


  1. These are so absolutely amazing!!! That mountain range at dusk is enough to travel across country to see in person.

    Your photog has an eye for sure but the credit really needs to go to Will because he nailed the "just adorably chilling on my first birthday" look to a tee. That smile. Geez. Are you ever going to be able to say "no" to that kid?!?!

    1. I LOVE them. Every single one and I'm so glad the lighting worked out because I was worried that it had gotten too dark out. It's amazing what photographers can do! Thanks friend!

      And for the record, I have yet to have to say no to this kid because he honestly doesn't ever "ask" for a thing -- aka, demand things. I'm sure all of this will change in year one, though. ;)


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