Tuesday, July 31, 2018

31/52: 1st Grade // Meet the Teacher Day!

In just one day, we’ll have a FIRST grader! Yes, our gal who just started preschool like yesterday, is now in the first grade. Her school does a meet the teacher day, in which the school’s families come in before the start of the year with their school supply contributions to tour the classroom and meet the new teachers.

As the daughter of a former teacher, I know how important it is to make a good impression from the jump with new teachers and really show them that we care and are involved parents. As an LGBT family, the importance of fostering a good relationship from the start has it's own unique pressures, as we're typically 1 of maybe 3 gay families in the entire school and we want to be accepted and treated equally. To help build that connection, we always make sure to bring in a little something special for Gracie’s teachers at the start of every year. Nothing big – just a gift to show them that we appreciate them and we’re excited for all they’re going to teach our gal over the next year. (or as my BF Sara would say, to kiss ass) Ha! There is some truth there. ;)

This year’s gift cost a total of $30.00 to put together and they really seemed to love it! We’re so excited for tomorrow, but not nearly as excited as our sweet girl. Last week she finished the last of her summer camps. Yesterday was the meet the teacher day. Today she has tryouts for the USA Girls Swim Team and then tomorrow is her first day of FIRST grade! Big things are going on around here, friends. BIG things!

* For those of you looking for teacher gift ideas, here's what we included this year: $10 Starbucks gift card + large double wall coffee/tea mug + 2 Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers pouches + Justin's Hazelnut Butter Snack Pack + rubber pencil key chain.  

Friday, July 27, 2018

Keto Jalapeño Poppers

Do you guys remember waaaay back in the day when I used to share recipes all the time with step-by-step instructions on how to make stuff? Well, if you do then thanks, because that means you’ve stuck around here for years! The last I shared a yummy recipe was in May of 2013 – over 5 years ago! It’s funny that this coincides almost exactly with how old Gracie is, which tells me that once parenthood came knocking, other interests took a side seat. Well, those interests are back now, only they’ve changed a bit and I’m super excited about it!

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, G and I made some major diet/healthy eating changes 8 weeks ago and we’re now following a Keto-ish diet. I say Keto-ish because I allow myself a cheat day on the weekends and I still eat some fruits that I probably should limit. I also will take a taste of something I’m really wanting from time to time, rather than completely denying myself, which keeps me from going into full Ketosis. If you’re not familiar with what Keto is, here’s the easiest way I can describe it… Think Atkins, but instead of eating all the cheese, red meat, creams and Pork Rinds you want, you make healthier choices. It’s still a 100% low/no carb diet, only we’re eating lean meats, fish, tons of veggies, drinking way more water than we have in our entire lives and nuts and avocados have become my new best friends. It’s been a fun transition and something that I really feel I can stick with in the long-term. 

Anyway, this post is a recipe share, so let’s get to it. 

Every month, my company has a potluck for that month’s birthdays and it’s usually a minefield of high carb junk foods. Knowing this and knowing that I can’t really cheat on a Friday, since I know I’ll cheat on Saturday or Sunday, I sought out to find something I could make and bring so there’d be at least one item I could eat. My bestie made me these jalapeño poppers a few weekends ago and I loved them, so I decided to give’em a try! 

Here’s what you’ll need to make around 20 jalapeño poppers:

- 10 large jalapeños
- 10 pepper jack cheese sticks
- 2 packs of bacon
- Toothpicks optional

And that’s it! So easy!

Step One: Set your oven to 350 degrees. Thoroughly wash your jalapeño peppers. Cut off the stem of each and use a knife to carve out the insides. You will then slice each jalapeño in half and remove any remaining seeds.

Step Two: Take your cheese sticks and cut each one in half. You can then cut each half in half again, if you feel it’s still too much cheese for the jalapeño. Place a cheese slice in the inside of each halved jalapeño.

Step Three: Wrap each jalapeño stuffed with cheese in a slice of bacon. One slice of bacon should be more than enough for each stuffed pepper. I didn’t need a toothpick to keep the bacon wrapped around the jalapeños because they stayed wrapped, but use them if you feel the need. 

Step Four: Place your jalapeño poppers on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Once your alarm goes off, up your oven temp to 400 degrees and bake for another 5-10 minutes. 

And enjoy! Each of these delights are around 1g of carbs (0.8 net carbs). So, if you’re Keto-tastic like me, feel free to eat several!

* Side note: I baked these the night before and then reheated them the next day in my office microwave and they were just as delicious reheated! 

If I come across any other Keto recipes that I really like, I’ll be sure to share them here. I'll also be sharing everything regarding our #ketolife and #fitmom journey on my Instagram @DosMamas

30/52 - Stylin' & Profilin'

These arrived for our future soccer star this week and I just about died. 
To think, I used to have this idea that it would be less fun to dress a little dude... I was way wrong! 


29.52 Short Hair, Don't Care

Cha, cha, cha, changes! Working to become a #fitmom, changing everything about our family diet and cutting my hair off! There's lots of new things going on in our neck of the woods, folks; which is why I've been so absent in this space. Update coming soon!


28//52: SUPER Sister!

I keep waiting for the fighting over toys and bickering to start with these guys, but at 15 months as brother and sister, they're still as thick as thieves. He's still obsessed with her and she still likes and tolerates him, ha!

Let's hope it lasts!

Monday, July 2, 2018

27/52: Oh boy, oh boy!

One thing that Georgia and I were told time and time again, as we were awaiting Will's arrival, was that we would be shocked at how different it was going to be for us to have a boy vs. a baby girl. Each time I was told this, I always thought to myself, yeah right. How could two humans be so different just based off of their sex... Well, fast-forward 14.5 months and I'm here to tell you that these people were mostly right! This guy right here is 100% different than his big sis, in so many ways. It's hilarious just how different they are. Here’s just a few examples:

Eating: Will wants to eat ALL.DAY.LONG and is still as skinny as a green bean. He typically has fruit and a bottle first thing when he wakes up, because he wakes starving. He then has a snack that he can feed himself, like puffs or crunchies while he’s in his playpen and we’re getting ready. Then it’s a big breakfast with all the fixins' courtesy of his Gaga, followed by a mid-morning snack of veggies + a big lunch + an afternoon snack or snacks, depending on the day + another little something before having dinner. At the age of 6, Gracie eats less at dinner than Will who is 5 years younger, haha! She has always been more particular about what she eats and we often must insist that she finish at least half of her main meals. Will on the other hand, wants all of his food and hers and some of ours, most days!

Sleeping: Gracie has always been a great sleeper during bedtime hours, but was the worst napper when she was a baby. We would struggle to get her to take a least one nap during the day and when she did, she had to be near us. Then, by the age of 3, she was completely finished with the nap phase of her life and while it was hard for us to let go of that coveted nap, it started to keep her from sleeping at night, so we had to say farewell. Will sleeps in his crib at night and nap times. He sleeps 11-13 hours every night and that’s after taking 2, 1-2 hour naps throughout the day. He takes a disco nap every morning on the way to Gaga and Papa’s and will sometimes want another nap just an hour after having taken one.  He's just such a sleeper.

Playtime: Gracie has been cautious for as long as I can remember. She was that kid that just knew not to go near the road or water (even knowing that her helicopter moms were always watching). She’s always preferred to have her feet on the ground and needed to know who you were before she would even consider going with you. Meanwhile, we’ve already had to put up the baby gate for her bro and can’t leave Will in a room alone, even baby-proofed rooms, because he’ a climber. He climbs chairs, the couch, everything and has since before he could even walk. He doesn’t like to hold hands when he’s out walking around because he wants to go at his own speed and lead the way. He tries to scale everything and goes nuts if he feels confined. And as cliche as it may sound, he’s become obsessed with playing with anything that has wheels. Whether it’s Gracie’s Barbie car, his fire trucks or Little People cars, he loves them all. This is something Grace was never really into.
I could go on and on about all the differences we’re seeing now that Will’s little personality and preferences are showing, point being – this dude is a whole new cup of tea for us and I’m loving that they are so different! I can't wait to see what other things develop in the coming months! 

This week we'll be taking him and sister bear on a cabin camping trip with the whole family, so 12 of us all together and I'm so nervous. All I can think about is my son who now runs, full-speed everywhere (and often right into things) and then there's camp fires and him climbing stuff and the rapid river that's located near our cabin and his fearless nature and all the things that you really should fear when out in the wilderness. Oh, sweet Jesus... Wish us luck!

26//52 *National Cleft Awareness Month*

Every July, treatment specialists, support organizations, advocacy groups and affected individuals and families, join forces to encourage awareness of cleft and craniofacial conditions for National #Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month! The CDC estimates that about 7000 babies will be born with a cleft in the U.S. this year and together we can help give children, like our beautiful Gracie 💕 a chance to live free of social stigma, isolation and feelings of hopelessness, through safe surgery. Please see below for ways to donate:

◌ When you shop at smile.amazon.com // Amazon will make a donation through Amazonsmile on your behalf!

◌ You can mail a donation to the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association at // 1504 E. Franklin Street, Suite 102 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

◌ Donations can be made to Operation Smile via phone as well, by calling 1.888.249.3797

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