Wednesday, October 24, 2018

42 | 52 | My Whole World

What is this magic you speak of?! A family photo where we're all looking in the same direction + everyone's eyes are open + none of us has food or anything else spilled on our clothes? Miracles do happen, you guys! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

41 | 52 | SHARK BOY

I'm a few weeks behind on Project 52 and even though this picture was just taken at the end of the summer, I already feel like our shark boy looks so much bigger! He celebrated another 1/2 birthday last week and is talking a ton. He is still 100% a Mama's boy and just adores his sister. How in the world did we ever live without this sweet boy in our lives?

40.52.The life of her.

39/52: Dancing Queen

This adorable dancing queen LOVES visiting her Mommy's office! I can't blame her really because it's absolutely beautiful there. This is her favorite spot, as I'm sure it reminders her of being a Disney princess, coming down the long winding stairs. My girly girl.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

When it rains, it pours.

You know that saying, when it rains - it pours? Well, it was pouring LF in weeks 16-17. I got sick that weekend before and my lingering stomach issues rolled over into week 17, keeping me from going to the gym that weekend previous and that Monday. By Tuesday, I was feeling better but also feeling really down on myself because I had eaten like crap, which I had done because I had felt like crap... and hadn't exercised in 4 days. I eventually pulled myself together enough to make it to the gym, only to be greeted by a sign stating that due to weather damage, my gym had closed down and would be closed until further notice. 


This gym was my home base location. This was my spot. The place I had come, 5 days a week, for 4 months. This was where I had made friends, worked with amazing trainers; learned so much and made more progress towards a healthier me, than I had in 10+ years. This location was right between work and home, which allowed me to get my fitness on right after work and still get home at the same time that Georgia and the kids got home. It was right next to my favorite grocery store, where I would often quickly stop by if I needed something for dinner. Most of all though, it was the same gym where my dad worked out back in the day, before he passed away. I was so upset when I read that stupid sign that I called Georgia crying. 

The news of this was followed by G and I realizing that Gracie had 2 evening school events that week that we had forgotten about, so basically self-care for this mama was a no-go for an entire week. A part of me felt proud of myself for how upset the whole situation made me, because honestly - I haven't cared this much (or at all) about my health and meeting my #fitmom goals in longer than I can remember. Part of me was also incredibly frustrated with how difficult being a working mother of 2 + getting fit can be sometimes. I have to push myself each and every day to pack my gym bag at night, even when I just want to sit on the couch, or go to bed. It requires so much coordination between Georgia and I so that we can both fit our workouts in, while not allowing it to take away from our time with the kids, or each other. It requires meal planning and meal prep. It requires that I often miss unscheduled after work invites, because my time is already so limited with everything we have going on every weekend, that I have to get those 4 evening weekday workouts in or they just don't happen. It also requires that I keep making healthy food choices when grabbing lunch with friends, even when all I want is chips and salsa, knowing that what I eat in private, I'm going to wear in public.

But damn... do I miss my daily chips and salsa. 

This life change we've made really does require so much and it isn't easy, but I'm telling you -- it's soooo worth it! We're coming up on month 5 now and my clothes continue to get bigger and bigger! My double chin is now almost gone, my skin is clearing up, I have so much more energy and we're both just feeling amazing!    

I would say that the only negative I've experienced is that my wife's ass seems to just keep getting smaller and smaller and I AM NOT okay with that! What can I say, I'm an ass girl you guys, lol!

The GOOD news is that in the week since all this shit went down, I've found a new gym location that I never knew existed! It's almost the exact same distance from my home, just in another area of town. It's newer and seems to be located in an even safer neighborhood! It's also located just down the street from my favorite grocery chain, just a different one - which is also newer and nicer. It's crazy how things sometimes just work themselves out. 

Next week Georgia will be in Nashville all week for work, so I will be challenged with being a "single mama" while maintaining my #fitmom life for the first time ever. 

Challenge accepted.

This weeks win: I started the journey because my wedding ring no longer fit. I'm sticking with it because now, it's almost too big! It's all about celebrating the small wins, guys.

38/52: Adulting

Yeah... I'm not even sure how long I was walking around with 3 pairs of glasses on my head. I think I'm all done #adulting for this week...

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