Tuesday, November 20, 2018

47/52: Our Student of the Month!

For the 2nd year in a row, this sweet girl forgot to mention to us that she’s Student of the Month for her class! We found out at her parent/teacher conference yesterday and while it was wonderful to hear that she was selected, hearing her teacher refer to her as one of the kindest students she’s worked with, filled our hearts the most. Girlfriend is reading at a 2nd grade level, excelling in math and absolutely loves science. Now if we can just get her to remember to pick her LEGOS up off the ground, we’ll be totally nailing this whole parenting thing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nashville, TN | No kids allowed!

So, about that whole no kids allowed thing... sounds harsh, I know... but a mamas-only trip is what we both wanted and needed and so we made it happen! You heard that right, my friends. The wife and I took a real-life vacation, sans our kiddos and it was everything we dreamed it could be! The last Georgia and I took a trip (just the two of us) was 3 years ago when G was 12 weeks pregnant with Will. This trip was our first ever leaving baby boy and his big sis behind and while we were a bit nervous about that aspect of things, we weren't too nervous to not go, lol! The way we see it, we live for these kids of ours. Our weekends are consumed with their activities and our mornings begin much earlier than they used to because our babies are early risers. Every extra bit of energy we have, we give to them - so, even if it's schedule and only happens every couple of years, we wanted to give some of that energy to each other!

Our kid-free vacation kinda fell into our laps and we totally ran with it! A few months ago, Georgia found out that she would be going to Nashville for a conference for an entire week, during my birthday month (which is October, aka the best month of the year)! In her previous position, she traveled quite a bit, so when she told me she'd be leaving me with 2 kids for a week, I was like meh, alright. She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to join her at the end of the week and really wanted to make a getaway of it - just the two of us. At the mere mention of this, my ears perked up and I was like F-YES! This is when the planning began. Fast-forward 4 months + a week of me totally killing it as a single mom and I was headed to the airport, Nashville bound! This was the first time I ever flew alone in my entire life, so I had some butterflies as I headed to the airport, but thanks to G everything went as planned. Georgia is the type that loves to plan the travel details for all of our adventures, so she made sure my flight was booked and she checked me in. She programmed the directions to the airport in my phone (even though I obviously know how to get to the airport) and made arrangements for my parking. I basically just needed to get my ass there on time and everything else was good to go. My sweet wife even called while I changed planes to make sure I was doing okay and to keep me company during my layover. Georgia has made me so codependant over these past 12 years and that's just fine with me! She leads in certain aspects of our relationship, while I lead in others and it just works for us.

Our first night in Nashville began at 11pm because that's when my flight arrived. We only had 3 days (4 nights) to spend in our new city and didn't want to waste a moment, so I flew out knowing we were going to hit the town as soon as I arrived and I was ready! G rented a 2018 Jeep Wrangler and I had forgotten until I saw her rolling up at the airport to pick me up. I was just so excited! Because she had already been in TN for a week and had frequented all the "best places", she knew exactly where she wanted to take me and we were off to the hotel to change and have a cocktail (as my amazing wife had already stocked our mini bar)! The night life was electric in Downtown Nashville and we totally felt like of couple of giddy 20-somethings, checking everything out! Every bar/club we visited had a rooftop dance floor or lounge with amazing views of the city. I was surprised by the mix of people and music we encountered, as I was expecting mostly country, only to find that there was a great mix of everything. We ended night #1 at 4:00am, proving to ourselves that we're still young and we still got it! #rockstars

For our first full day in Nashville, we headed to the legendary Gaylord Opryland Resort, which is gigantic and gorgeous! Everyone who we told we were going to Nashville insisted that we visit this amazing place and the rumors were so very true, because it was beautiful. We ended up spending the entire day there because it's just that big. We enjoyed cocktails at the Falls Bar & Lounge overlooking twin waterfalls, located in the Cascades Atrium, while live music filled the area. It was just so relaxing that we sat there taking it all in for nearly 2 hours. We went shopping at all the boutiques located throughout the resort and mostly purchased cute little things for Gracie and Will, like always. We ended the day with a fancy dinner at Paisano's, which is a floating restaurant located on the resort's Delta Island. It's surrounded by water, twinkling lights and more live music. I can't remember the last time that G and I had a nice dinner together where we weren't cutting kid's food, or running Gracie to the bathroom, or rushing because we needed to get back to our babies. We took our time and enjoyed 3 courses, some drinks and each other. It actually makes me sad just writing this because I want to go back, like right now! We had intended to visit Nashville's Gay hot spot called Tribe that night, but after more shopping and sightseeing, we headed back to the hotel to lay down for a bit (and I'll let you fill in the rest) Ha! I'm telling ya'll, there was Georgia before Nashville and now there's Georgia after Nashville who I lovingly refer to as "Nashville Georgia"... and she's still on fire. ;) Needless to say, I was happy to stay in for the night!

About 6 years ago, I joined Instagram (IG: DosMamas) and right around the time I joined, I started following a couple from Nashville who were expecting their first baby. There are lots of 2 moms families that I follow on IG, but from the beginning, C and M reminded me so much of G and I and we just clicked. In the years that followed, C and I often chatted and supported each other through TTC our 2nd babies, the joys of parenthood, becoming mamas of 2 little ones and I've just loved watching their family grow. When I mentioned that we would be visiting Nashville C was like, gurl we are meeting up and so we did! 5+ year after meeting on social media, we got to meet in real life and it was just the best! I often say that the connections you make on social media, especially with other LGBTQ families can be 100% real and meaningful! We met for lunch and had a great time. Now if I could only talk C and M into coming to NM for the Balloon Fiesta next year! I'm working on it!

For our last 2 days in TN, we did a little bit of everything! My goal as I planned our outings for the trip, was to get us out doing all the most touristy, must-do Nashville things and that's how we wrapped up our trip. The Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds was a must see!

When we found out that it was Oktoberfest in Nashville the same weekend we were visiting, that was another thing that we knew we had to experience! After visiting this awesome crystal store and before heading to Oktoberfest, G really wanted to take me to this Chicago pub and while we were there I tried my first ever whisky flight! As most of you probably know, whisky originated in TN and many of the most well known whiskies are still made there. I ordered a flight of Nashville whiskies and while this is not something that's recommended when planning to head to Oktoberfest, I figured... while the kids are away, anything goes! We noshed on delish food and people watched before heading to the festival. 

One of the things that I LOVED the most about walking the streets of Nashville was all the art. There's street art all over and the wall paintings made for some pretty sweet backdrops, which my picture-taking self adored! This one was my favorite. Xoxo!

By the time we headed out to Oktoberfest it was sprinkling out, but we didn't care. The weather was warm, even a bit humid and as we arrived, it didn't seem that anyone else cared that it was raining either, because there were lots of people out. I was able to find us the cutest Christmas ornament, a tradition of ours anytime we travel and we had so much fun, even though my hair freaked the f-out. I swear, if there's even 1% of humidity or moisture in the air, my hair doubles in size. I felt like putting a bag on my head, but the wife said I looked beautiful and so I just went with it. 

How cute is this human beer - and she's all mine! I mean, really!

Dear Nashville, you were everything we needed. You gave us a break that's been way overdue and you made it so easy for us to connect, on so many levels (hallelujah)! You have some of the most delicious food; such nice people and the beverages did not disappoint! Because of you, G and I decided that we simply cannot wait another 3 years before getting away, just the two of us again. Next November is our 10-year wedding anniversary and we're thinking it may be time for us to take that Olivia Cruise that we've been talking about for years! I think that more than anything though, this trip showed us that whether it's a big extended trip, a work trip turned vacay, or a long weekend in a neighboring city, connection is so important. Making time for one another is so important. Making out and holding hands is so important and just taking a break from momming is SO IMPORTANT to a relationship. 

Georgia, I love you and I'm thankful that after all these years, we still have so much fun together. We still got it, babe!

46/52: SIX Months Later...

This week marks 6 MONTHS since Georgia and I embarked on living a healthier life. We've maintained our 5 day/week workouts. We've remained committed to not only eating healthier, but to cooking dinner at home during the week, so that we know exactly what we're consuming. We've also stayed focused on lifting and building those muscles that we knew (and now see) are there! I never thought we'd make it this far, if I'm just being honest. Having said that, now that we're here - I know we've got this! 

45/52: Year Nine

This month Georgia and I celebrated 9 years of marriage! 
What I am most thankful for, as we make our way to year 10, is that while I love my wife, I also genuinely like her - more than anyone else. 
Staying "in like" and not just in love is so important in a marriage. It matters to me and it's something that we work hard on. 
Being together 12 years and married for nearly a decade isn't always easy, but there is no one I'd rather sleep next to every night and wake up to in the morning. 
Happy anniversary, my beautiful wife. As high as the sky and as deep as the sea ~
Xo, K

Friday, November 9, 2018

18 Months | Baby Bro Update!

You, my sweet boy, are officially closer to being TWO than you are to being one. 
How is that even possible?! 

I've been meaning to post an update on all things William, since you just recently celebrated another half-birthday. So, rather than waiting until I can upload the 100's of pictures I've taken of you since your birthday in April - I'll simply post these adorable photos I captured of you on Tuesday, as we rushed out the door to drop Sissy off at school.

You LOVE // to watch "Sissy" all-day, everyday! Your favorite things right now are dinosaurs + cars, stuffed buddies, brushing your teeth (like 5x a day), eating avocado, wrestling with sister, playing with Papa, taking baths and anything having to do with Mickey Mouse! You adore playing with balls and are quite good at throwing. You can even make baskets with your basketball and little hoop!

Growing, Growing // You are still pretty tall, my skinny boy! You're 2 inches taller than your sister was at your age. You're in the 79th percentile for height, but in just the 25th for weight. This means that it is very difficult for your moms to find pants that fit you! Thankfully though, you look super cute in skinny jeans - so that's mostly what you wear these days. All of your teeth (from what we can tell) are in and you worked really hard to pop those BIG teeth out! You have your Mommy's teeth, which are very large, so teething has kicked your butt quite a bit these past 3-4 months. Thankfully, you survived the pain, my strong boy!

You Can // Identify colors and several animals now! You can name cows, birdies, Dinos, puppies and lots of other things like balls, names of toys, your favorite cartoons and basically everything around you. You are talking like crazy, with your raspy voice that we all adore and you're beginning to put words together, making short sentences! Mama was so much better at keeping track of every little thing your sister did at this age, but our lives are soooo much more hectic now that I find myself leaning more towards generalizations about your development... like this -- you're super smart + talking a lot + climbing everything + so very strong-willed and such a little lover! Mama's sorry I don't have dates and videos of all the amazing things you do everyday, but I promise you, as a fellow second born kid, you'll be just fine not knowing the name of every single food you've ever tried and the exact date you ate it, haha!

You know your body parts and can show us your eyes, head, mouth, teeth, nose, hands, pansa and feet. You can say all of these body parts too and hearing you say "teef" may just be my favorite thing! You can also count to 9, thanks to Gaga and Papa. They've been practicing with you quite a bit these past 3 months and you're so close to counting to 10!

You love Mickey Mouse more than anything else and call him Mick Mouse, in your sweet voice. I should also mention that you continue to be an amazing sleeper! You go to bed at 8:30pm and while you cry for a minute or two before grabbing a stuffed buddy and lying down, you sleep though the night until we wake you at 7:30am. You literally never wake at night, which is amazing. You don't cry out for us or try and get out of your crib. Mama's heard so many stories of babies who never sleep through the night, or are terrified of their room, or really dislike their cribs and so we know how lucky we are in the sleeping department.

You say so many words now that I can't even keep track, but these are the words we hear you say in your own adorable baby way that we adore:

Mick Mouse = Mickey Mouse
Teef = Teeth
Teef Rush = Toothbrush
Maf = Mavie
Sissy or Sis = Sister
Hep me = Help Me
Norrrr = No, lol

You Dislike // Mama leaving you in the mornings. You cry almost every morning and it breaks my heart! We know that you absolutely love your grandparents and you're best friends with your Papa - but still, drop-off is tough. You are not a fan being thrown up in the air, swinging or doing anything really that makes you lose your stomach. Even when we drive over a speed bump too fast, we'll here you express discomfort when it happens. You've started to really dislike your highchair too, so that's been tough. You want to sit with us in a stool like a big boy and just can't understand why it's safer to be strapped in a chair... we're working on it! The thing you dislike the most though, is saying goodbye to Sissy when we drop her off at school. Even though you sit rear-facing in your car seat, you can still tell when we turn the corner at Sissy's school and you immediately grab for her and start yelling SISSY, SISSY, SISSSSSYY! You cry real tears and are just absolutely heartbroken at the thought of her getting out of the car. You have the best sister in the world, so she always covers you in kisses and tells you that it's going to be ok, but still you're devastated. It's the sweetest but also saddest thing to watch.

Mama's Favorites // You have the most beautiful hair and you give all of us the best drooly kisses. You love morning cuddles and while you are such a little lover, you're much more stubborn than your sister ever was, at this age! You know what you want, where you want to go and what you want to do, and you have no problems expressing these things. You recently started pinching, so we're working on that, but otherwise you're just a big ball of love! You are such a Mamas boy too and I would by lying if I said I didn't love it! In your eyes, Mama hangs the moon and if you're not running around and getting into things, you're cuddled in my arms, or asking me to pick you up. Mommy had a hard time with this at first, but now it just makes her heart happy to see how much you need me. 

And I need you just as much.

Happy 18 months, Sonnie! I feel like I was just writing about your big sister turning 18 months and yet here we are, 5 years later and just days before you turn 19 months! We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for your 2nd birthday. Yes, we're already planning it! :) Here's a precious little video of some of our favorite moments with you, from these past couple of months!

Happy half-birthday, son. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Our 1st Doggie Dash!

Ok, truth time. I've been really bad about blogging family things of more substance lately and here's why... I've been working on finishing my Summer Bucket List Part II for almost 2 goddamn months now and I've wanted to hold off on posting anything else until I wrapped up summer, for date purposes. Ridiculous, I know, but I'm anal and weird about the order of things and so I've put other posts off. The thing is, life doesn't pause and the longer I wait to catch up, the more behind I get on documenting our life. So here's what I've decided; I'm just going to start posting about things as they come up. I'm also going to work on catching up and share as time permits. This means that my blog will have no real chronological order and you'll likely see Halloween posts before summer posts and Thanksgiving pics before Balloon Fiesta pics, because life is hectic and anything but orderly... my day-to-day is also hectic and I'd rather share the good and bad when possible, rather than not at all. 

So here goes... 

We went to our first ever Doggie Dash this past weekend and it was an absolute blast! My company sponsored the event this year, which is what motivated us to go and we even took our crazy dog, Mavie -- imagine that... taking a dog to a dog walk. ;)

I should explain that Mavis is a total nut job. She's cute sure, but also crazy hyper. The few times we've taken her camping with other dogs, she's gone so cray that we've had to keep her in the camper for fear that her high-pitched bark would make us lose our minds. She's yappy and jumpy and is way too fast to catch when she breaks free, so she's mostly a home/indoor dog and honestly, she has no complaints. Our pound pup lives the good life.

So, you can imagine my shock when not only was she well-behaved at the Doggie Dash, but she was better than most other dogs there! I was just so proud of her! She didn't pull at her leash, or pee on everything. She stopped barking when commanded to quiet down and she was super nice to all the other dogs in our area.

Gracie and Will were in heaven with all the pups at the walk (especially Grace) and just couldn't stop pointing and squealing with excitement at all the different breeds that were there. The walk is the week following Halloween, so all the dogs wear costumes and I just could not believe how creative some of these owners were. Our favorite costumes were the sushi wiener dog, the pumpkin pugs and the little Dia De Los Muertos chihuahuas. They were just so stinkin' cute!

Our gal was able to keep Mavie walking in a relatively straight direction for 3 whole miles and that was just amazing to me. What was also amazing was that, as a family we did a 3-mile walk and it didn't seem to phase any of us. When we finished, G and I talked about how, at the walk we did last year, we had to take 2 breaks and were covered in sweat by the end, while this one felt like a total cake walk. We walked a bit and ran a bit and didn't sweat and didn't feel winded AT ALL. It felt so great to be active and in better shape. We ended the day visiting the Barketplace and playing in the Kids Zone, where they had soccer, giant Jenga and Cornhole. It was such a fun event that we'll definitely be participating in next year (only this time Mavie will be in costume too)!

44/52: Go VOTE, for fuck's sake!

Did you know that 39 out of 50 states in the US have laws requiring employers to allow employees approved time off to vote?! Know your rights and VOTE! If you don't feel the pull to do it for yourself, do it for your kids. They deserve better than this shit. We all do. 

To learn more about the voting rights in your state, click here.

43.52 // Week 23 (-33 lbs)

I know that weight is just a number, but this number represents so much to me. It's the evolving progress of nearly 6 months of hard work. It represents a dedication I've given to my health that I've never given before. It's the result of 54.47 miles of cardio in October alone, and it's a symbol of self-care like nothing I've ever know. I've worked for every single pound and I've loved doing it. 

I'm not done here though - not even close. I'll never be, because this is a life change and the thought of that makes me so damn excited! I can't wait to see what this temple of mine looks like in another 6 months! #fitmom

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