Friday, November 9, 2018

18 Months | Baby Bro Update!

You, my sweet boy, are officially closer to being TWO than you are to being one. 
How is that even possible?! 

I've been meaning to post an update on all things William, since you just recently celebrated another half-birthday. So, rather than waiting until I can upload the 100's of pictures I've taken of you since your birthday in April - I'll simply post these adorable photos I captured of you on Tuesday, as we rushed out the door to drop Sissy off at school.

You LOVE // to watch "Sissy" all-day, everyday! Your favorite things right now are dinosaurs + cars, stuffed buddies, brushing your teeth (like 5x a day), eating avocado, wrestling with sister, playing with Papa, taking baths and anything having to do with Mickey Mouse! You adore playing with balls and are quite good at throwing. You can even make baskets with your basketball and little hoop!

Growing, Growing // You are still pretty tall, my skinny boy! You're 2 inches taller than your sister was at your age. You're in the 79th percentile for height, but in just the 25th for weight. This means that it is very difficult for your moms to find pants that fit you! Thankfully though, you look super cute in skinny jeans - so that's mostly what you wear these days. All of your teeth (from what we can tell) are in and you worked really hard to pop those BIG teeth out! You have your Mommy's teeth, which are very large, so teething has kicked your butt quite a bit these past 3-4 months. Thankfully, you survived the pain, my strong boy!

You Can // Identify colors and several animals now! You can name cows, birdies, Dinos, puppies and lots of other things like balls, names of toys, your favorite cartoons and basically everything around you. You are talking like crazy, with your raspy voice that we all adore and you're beginning to put words together, making short sentences! Mama was so much better at keeping track of every little thing your sister did at this age, but our lives are soooo much more hectic now that I find myself leaning more towards generalizations about your development... like this -- you're super smart + talking a lot + climbing everything + so very strong-willed and such a little lover! Mama's sorry I don't have dates and videos of all the amazing things you do everyday, but I promise you, as a fellow second born kid, you'll be just fine not knowing the name of every single food you've ever tried and the exact date you ate it, haha!

You know your body parts and can show us your eyes, head, mouth, teeth, nose, hands, pansa and feet. You can say all of these body parts too and hearing you say "teef" may just be my favorite thing! You can also count to 9, thanks to Gaga and Papa. They've been practicing with you quite a bit these past 3 months and you're so close to counting to 10!

You love Mickey Mouse more than anything else and call him Mick Mouse, in your sweet voice. I should also mention that you continue to be an amazing sleeper! You go to bed at 8:30pm and while you cry for a minute or two before grabbing a stuffed buddy and lying down, you sleep though the night until we wake you at 7:30am. You literally never wake at night, which is amazing. You don't cry out for us or try and get out of your crib. Mama's heard so many stories of babies who never sleep through the night, or are terrified of their room, or really dislike their cribs and so we know how lucky we are in the sleeping department.

You say so many words now that I can't even keep track, but these are the words we hear you say in your own adorable baby way that we adore:

Mick Mouse = Mickey Mouse
Teef = Teeth
Teef Rush = Toothbrush
Maf = Mavie
Sissy or Sis = Sister
Hep me = Help Me
Norrrr = No, lol

You Dislike // Mama leaving you in the mornings. You cry almost every morning and it breaks my heart! We know that you absolutely love your grandparents and you're best friends with your Papa - but still, drop-off is tough. You are not a fan being thrown up in the air, swinging or doing anything really that makes you lose your stomach. Even when we drive over a speed bump too fast, we'll here you express discomfort when it happens. You've started to really dislike your highchair too, so that's been tough. You want to sit with us in a stool like a big boy and just can't understand why it's safer to be strapped in a chair... we're working on it! The thing you dislike the most though, is saying goodbye to Sissy when we drop her off at school. Even though you sit rear-facing in your car seat, you can still tell when we turn the corner at Sissy's school and you immediately grab for her and start yelling SISSY, SISSY, SISSSSSYY! You cry real tears and are just absolutely heartbroken at the thought of her getting out of the car. You have the best sister in the world, so she always covers you in kisses and tells you that it's going to be ok, but still you're devastated. It's the sweetest but also saddest thing to watch.

Mama's Favorites // You have the most beautiful hair and you give all of us the best drooly kisses. You love morning cuddles and while you are such a little lover, you're much more stubborn than your sister ever was, at this age! You know what you want, where you want to go and what you want to do, and you have no problems expressing these things. You recently started pinching, so we're working on that, but otherwise you're just a big ball of love! You are such a Mamas boy too and I would by lying if I said I didn't love it! In your eyes, Mama hangs the moon and if you're not running around and getting into things, you're cuddled in my arms, or asking me to pick you up. Mommy had a hard time with this at first, but now it just makes her heart happy to see how much you need me. 

And I need you just as much.

Happy 18 months, Sonnie! I feel like I was just writing about your big sister turning 18 months and yet here we are, 5 years later and just days before you turn 19 months! We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for your 2nd birthday. Yes, we're already planning it! :) Here's a precious little video of some of our favorite moments with you, from these past couple of months!

Happy half-birthday, son. 


  1. His smile kills me! I love love LOVE that he says Norrr for No. That is hilarious! How is he heading toward TWO?!?!?!

    1. I have no idea, but it makes me want to cry! The time has passed so much faster with this second little babe then it ever did with his sister!

  2. Oh gosh. He is to perfect !
    Kim =)


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