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Visiting the Pumpkin Patch x2

I feel like I'm all over the place with this blog, you guys! I'm still committed to posting a wrap-up from our SBL (as ridiculous as that sounds) but I wrote the damn novel of a post and I just need to upload photos, so it's happening... eventually, haha! I do realize that it's December and if you are reading this, you're likely in full Christmas mode right now, so my apologies for bringing October back into focus. As I wrote a few weeks ago, my new mission with this ol' blog of mine is to share our lives, even if the sharing isn't in chronological order. :)

Soooo, with that being said - back to fall. I touched on this in my Nashville post but to recap, in October, the wife left me with 2 kiddos to keep alive on my own as she headed out to TN for a work trip, for an entire WEEK. I was nervous, but everything honestly went great! I've come to notice that our children behave like sweet angels when they are with just one of us, as surprising as that may sound. It's when we're all together as a foursome that they bounce off the walls and push limits. I wonder why that is... I have no idea, but I'm not complaining! 

As life would have it, we had a ton of extra stuff on the calendar the week that Georgia abandoned her family (hehe). We had all the usual commitments like Gracie's school, swim school, work and USA Girls Swim practice, which that alone is a lot. But in addition to this, the Balloon Fiesta had just wrapped, so we still had family in town and our gal had her fall school field trip. I had the foresight to request the day off for her field trip to the Pumpkin Path and I'm so glad I did. As a working mama, I'm always super thankful when I get to be around for stuff like this!

William looked so stinkin' adorable in the little ghost outfit that I found on clearance when he was a 12-week-old little bean in G's belly and Gracie wore the super cute orange bat shirt her Gaga picked out for her. I had a major #momfail the morning of the field trip, sending Grace in shorts with no jacket and only bringing a thin sports jacket for Will... When I looked outside it was sunny and the weather showed 75 degrees the night before, so I figured a long sleeved shirt for Grace would be enough. Wrong! The temp dropped by 15 degrees by the time the school headed to the pumpkin patch and so when I arrived she was a little ice cube. Thankfully they had a gift store where I was able to purchase a ridiculously overpriced thermal shirt for the bean and remembered that I had a blanket for the baby.  

 When Will and I arrived, Gracie's class was boarding the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Per usual, Grace selected the biggest pumpkin she could carry and thankfully, this year I brought the stroller, so Mama had a place to store our big ass pumpkin! ;) It worked out that Will lost his mind when I tried keeping him in the stroller, as he much preferred to run around with the other kids. So basically, I ended up pushing around a stroller full of pumpkins the entire afternoon, ha! That's far better than holding them, I guess.

Gracie's absolute favorite part of the day was going through the 16-acre corn maze with her buddies! She had a hard time staying with our group and had to be told literally 10-15 times to wait for us, but she listened (for the most part) and even held her bro's hand through some of it, telling him all about what they were seeing as they walked through. I love that even if our gal is with her friends and doing things much more exciting then playing with her baby bro, she always thinks of him. She spent her entire day helping him climb things and walk through rough terrain and never complained. She even asked her friend J to include William in their game of follow the leader, which Will LOVED. It makes my heart so happy that she's such a sweet sister!  

Will's favorite part of the day was playing in the corn box. He was the smallest kiddo in that giant box, but you would never know it because he was chopping it up like a big kid. He was diving from the side rails into the corn (giving me a heart attack) and had a blast being buried in corn by Gracie and her friends. There were big toy tractors in the box, so he was obviously obsessed with those! It's funny that G and I, in no way push trucks, planes and automobiles on him and yet, they're his favorite things! Those and dinosaurs! When it was time to head to the princess castle and leave the corn box, Will had his one meltdown of the day, crying buckets while saying, "NO GO, MAMA, NO GO!" I had to pull him away (breaking his little heart) which always makes me feel like such an asshole, but we had to stay with the group. Thankfully, our dude recovers pretty quickly and was totally fine once he noticed that we were walking towards the farm animals. Such a little animal lover!

We ended the day playing in the Old West Play Fort, where they blasted music and I got to chase William up and down about a million stairs while also keeping an eye on Gracie to make sure she didn't hurt herself. At about 20 minutes in, I thought to myself, thank the dear lord that I've been exercising these past 5 months because otherwise - I would be dying right now! Ha! We stopped by the Miner's Shack on the way out to climb some tires and then called it a day. These guys had a blast!

:: Pumpkin Patch, Take 2 ::

I'm not one to go crazy visiting every pumpkin patch in town each Halloween, because - just no. The way G and I see it is, if you've seen one pumpkin patch, you've seen them all and so we usually just go once. This year however, the coolest looking pumpkin patch sprung up just down the street from our house complete with circus lights, jumpers, a train and lots of rides. We got to watch the process of it going up and Gracie thought it was just the coolest, so we agreed to take her. :)

The bean's had the same BFF since she was 2.5 years old and G and I get along great with her parents, so we try and plan stuff together every couple of months, as the girls just LOVE to get time to hang out, outside of school. We immediately thought of T when we began planning our Annual Pumpkin Painting Night and thought, why not include our visit to the local pumpkin patch in with a fun night of painting. T and her mom were game and so the weekend before Halloween, we headed down to our new pumpkin patch with our big sister besties and their little sibs to have some fun! 

How funny is this picture! I still had Will in the baby carrier when we snapped this, so please ignore my legs, lol!
This was a man-made pumpkin patch, but had more cool stuff than others like it that I've seen. There were a ton of pumpkins (of course) but what surprised me was that there were EIGHT giant jumpers and kids were encouraged to jump to their hearts content. The girls went nuts for this and both literally started screaming in excitement when we first arrived, which cracked me up!

William is 6 months older than T's little sis, so he had a bit more freedom to run around with the girls, with all us mama bears following closely. He wasn't big enough to get on any rides and didn't like that one bit, but he was able to do some jumping and honestly, just being out of the stroller/baby carrier and chasing Sissy is all he needs to have a blast. This was the first time we visited a pumpkin patch at night and we all LOVED that part the most! There's just a different energy when it cool out and you're under the glowing lights and the beautiful New Mexico sky. It was so pretty!

Because Grace had already picked a pumpkin at her field trip, we asked her to help brother pick the perfect pumpkin and girlfriend took that request very seriously. Between her and T, it took them around 30 minutes to finally decided on the perfect pumpkins. We then took a train ride and wrapped things up with carnival rides. Watching William watch his Sissy get on rides was a sweet memory I'll hold in my mama heart forever! She laughed hysterically on every ride and screamed as she whipped around on the spinning rides and it was all just so concerning to William. He kept yelling, "Sissy, you k?" and was just so worried about her. He also yelled "SISSY" over and over, which had all the moms in the area swooning over his cuteness. My sweet boy.

After about 2 hours at the pumpkin patch riding every ride, jumping for days and finding the perfect pumpkins, we headed to our house. Our little artists had some pizza and painted their pumpkins before watching a Halloween special. The mamas enjoyed some apple martinis and had just the best time. I'm so thankful for the village we're a part of. :)

Halloween post coming next (hopefully before Christmas, haha)!   


  1. You can NEVER have too much pumpkin patch fun and photos! Ever! These moments are what it is all about. I love the image of you pushing around pumpkins in your stroller all day, such a mom thing, lol.

    No worries about catching up the blog...better late than never is sometimes the best compromise. By the way, these “back dated” posts totally show off your weight loss! So proud of you!

    1. Very true! The two that we visited were very different and I'm glad the kiddos got to experience both. :) And yes, I was a total mom, chasing a 20-month-old with a crap load of pumpkins, while also trying to keep up with an almost 7-year-old who was running around like a crazy person. Again, it's a good thing I've been doing cardio! ;)


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