Monday, January 28, 2019

Brace for Impact...

I can't believe that I'm sharing this picture... but alas, I am. When I started this journey to a healthier me, 8+ months ago, I promised myself and you guys that I would be 100% transparent about where the journey took me. This means sharing the good and the bad. It means showing what it really looks like to lose a significant amount of weight and for someone like myself (who was living 100+ pounds heavier than I should), that makes for a slow transformation, but that's ok. My motto from the beginning has been - slow and steady wins the race and I'm happy to report that as I near month 9, I'm finally seeing some results and so is Georgia! My results definitely show progress and not perfection and that's something that I continue to remind myself is 100% ok. 

One very frustrating thing for me has been that my bo.obs have remained just as gigantic as they were in June of last year (hence my ugggggghhhh face in that second pic)... and now that my waist is a bit smaller, they look even bigger! Grrrrrr. A friend had to remind me that I wore a C cup in middle school and was a DD cup by high school, during a time that I was quite thin... so giant bo.obs may just be what I'm genetically destined to have. I wish this wasn't the case, but it is what it is and G doesn't want them going anywhere, so there you have it. Ha! 

If I could turn back time, I WOULD NOT have taken my before pictures in underwear... but I honestly didn't think that any of this would work out, or that I would be in a position to share a photo of my progress at any point, so underwear pics are what I'm stuck with. I edited out the bottom half these horrific und.ies (even though it's basically the same as wearing bathing suit bottoms) because I felt like I needed to. With me being a wife and mom and considering this photo will live forever on the interwebs, editing was a must... still, I feel proud sharing this, here in this space.

I had a friend recently post on IG about how bad it is to take progress pictures like this, stating that it's self defeating and an unhealthy thing to do, emotionally. If I'm just being honest, I would have to completely disagree with her views on the topic. When I look at this comparison picture, the first of what I'm sure will be many progress pics, I don't see weight loss. What I see is hard work. I see that keeping it Keto-ish has resulted in less water retention and swelling for me, overall. I see progress and strength in my arms, sides and legs from pushing myself to do cardio 5-6 times a week - these past 34 weeks. I see much clearer skin that's been the result of clean(er) eating and massive water consumption! Most of all though, I see a much less swollen belly and that's a HUGE deal for me. Heart disease runs in my family and took the life of my dad at just 39 years old. If you know anything about heart disease, you know that a swollen belly is a clear indication of an overworked and unhealthy heart. It's dangerous and had become a scary thing for me, as I turned 37 years old.  

On Friday I ran my first 5k in 12 YEARS and I did it with yoga pants falling off my butt the whole time and a sore knee! I know that a 3+ miles run is a stroll in the park for many of you, but when I began this journey 8 months ago, I couldn't run 5 minutes without getting winded and dizzy - so this is a big deal!

I didn't used to be a fan of posts like this, because they always made me evaluate my own health and that was uncomfortable for me. So if you're still reading this and something in the back of your mind is saying, it's time to get healthy, I'm here to tell you that you CAN DO THIS! You CAN set goals. You CAN start small. You can meal prep and have cheat meals. You can push yourself, one workout at a time and have rest days. You can celebrate every fitness victory, no matter how small. You can lift weights and choose to not weigh yourself and you can do it without pills or magic shakes or special wraps. You can make this journey whatever YOU want it to be and I'll be here to cheer you on! 

On to month 9.


  1. I love that you shared this it's really brave of you ! You can see that you have put in work and it shows ! and just for the record I wish I had a little bit more up top so your lucky ! lol
    - Kim

    1. Haha! Thank you! We all want what we don't have, right?! My right knee gave me some issues there for 2 months and I feel like that slowed me down, but it's much better now - so 2019 better watch out! :)

    So proud of you and all the work you've put in. I'm still trying to get there. The food is the hardest for me. You are a motivation!!!!

    1. So are YOU, my friend! Thank you for the words of encouragement! I'm working harder than I ever have to "get there", but I'm still so far from where I ultimately want to be. Learning that what I eat in private, I wear in public, has been my hardest lesson - mostly because I genuinely didn't give a shit about what I put in my mouth for sooooo many years. Thinking about what I'm consuming and meal planning/prepping has been the most difficult by far. Having said that, it gets way easier over time. We've been meal planning for around 6 months now, so that's just our normal routine, at this point. Meal prepping is a newer thing, as we just started on Jan 1. I still allow myself some cheating on weekends though and that helps!

      What fitness stuff are you working on right now! I'll happily be your cheerleader!

  3. I am incredibly proud of you!!! Transformation shots are the scariest thing to do. Well done, brave friend, well done. I hear rumblings about the "right and wrong way" to do this and I have to say, each person is different and there is not wrong as long as YOU FEEL GOOD. You have worked so hard and deserve to be acknowledged for it. No matter what way that opportunity presents itself. FWIW, you inspire the f*ck out of me. The struggle is real over here and I am still easing into it because I am afraid I will fail...again. (Lost 70+ pounds and have put back on almost 3/4 of that since the election of our American Tragedy) Go get it, girl!

    1. Thanks friend! I 100% agree that there are so many opinions of how and what to do to get healthy. I decided my best bet would be to do exactly what I wanted and needed for myself. That's one of the reasons that I've always said I'm Ketoish. I have no desire to go full on Keto. I honestly don't feel that's a healthy thing for me personally to do - long term. You have no idea how much it means to me when a friend tells me that I've encouraged or inspired them to get healthy in some way. I have 2 friends specifically who are drastically changing their life habits and have been for some time. To hear them say that what they've seen me do is what's motivated them - fills my motivation bank like nothing else!!

      For what it's worth, PLEASE don't let the fear of failing keep you from what's possible. Did you know that it took me 7 tries and so many years to finally quit smoking?! SEVEN. Had I not been willing to just try again following every failed attempt, I would still be smoking and chocking at my desk and not working out, as we speak.

      I've tried losing weight more times than I could even count. I've tried 2.5 million diets... This is the first in my life that I've thrown all that shit out the window and come to terms with the fact that I HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK. No diet pills. No starvation. No magic shakes and suckers and no special wraps or surgery. Just eating right, drinking shit tons of water and consistent exercise is what lasts, in the long term. It just happen to take me 37 years to figure it out!

      Thanks for the support! Xo

  4. I get the big boob thing. I'm a j cup. Bet you didn't know that cup size existed. I've struggled with my weight almost all my life. People always ask me if I'm on a diet and I tell them I don't diet, I slowly change the way I eat.
    Look at this journey as a new life change and not something temporary and it will work out.
    This post has been an inspiration to me. Knowing that i am not alone in this weight loss journey.
    Thank You!

    1. Hi there! Believe it our not, I do know of those larger cups sizes. :) I'm currently a triple D and have been for years, so the places I have to buy my bras (quality and lasting bras) are not places like Target, lol! You are most definitely not alone in this and I'm going to do my best to keep sharing what I'm up to - the good and the hard stuff. I think it helps women to share and acknowledge to each other that most of our struggles are shared. Thanks for following!

  5. Just saw this post and keep up the great work - slow and steady wins the race for sure! It is a struggle sometimes going forward and then stepping back - but my wife and I say that you have to live and enjoy your life and begin again the next day! We just are getting back on track from the holidays and it isn't easy - especially going to the gym after a stressful day and it is late... Let's keep doing it!


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