Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Falalalala Lala La La!

Tis' the season for holiday school events, falalalalala lala la la! We almost went broke, 
buy-ing things for them, falalalala lala la la! 

Ha, I'm kidding, but not about being broke though, falala lalala la la la! Tis' the life of 2 moms with 2 kids, Falalalala Lala La La! :) 

  Bet you didn't know that I have a talent for rewriting songs, did ya! 
In all honesty though, we really did love every minute of our holiday fun at the Bean's school this year, even though there were a lot of activities. Like, a lot. The school went all out again, just like last year. There were holiday concerts, cookie decorating days, Christmas pajama days, a themed week of fun, a holiday book fair and a book exchange. There were gifts picked for teachers and Christmas goodies sent for school buds and new dresses and Christmas accessories and a big happy (and slightly exhausted) family there to watch every minute of it. Here's some cute pics of what our gal was up to in December. ~  

* 2018 Winter Holiday Music Concert *

Is there anything more heartwarming than watching your beautiful baby perform on stage?! Answer: no way because it's the cutest! I love that Gracie has zero stage fright and actually really enjoys performing for others. Notice how she towers over everyone but her friend C? He's the tallest of the 1st graders and our gal is the 2nd tallest! 

Way back in September, the Bean began singing Christmas carols in the evenings after school, indicating to us that Winter Concert prep was in full effect. You would think that hearing the same 4 holiday songs being sung at full volume for months on end would drive any parent nuts - but no, it was just really cute. If you ask Will this same question, he would NOT agree with this statement, ha! He got to the point with his sister's singing that he would yell, "STOP IT, STOP IT" any time she would get going with the Christmas songs, especially when she would sing in the car on the way to school. It was torturous for him, but super funny for us. ;)

I was so happy to hear that the Bean's school rented a hall from the University for this year's concert because the cafeteria was bursting at the seems last Christmas. The venue was gorgeous and Gracie looked just as cute as ever. 

I don't have many pictures of her concert (which made me sad) because it was a bit of a chaotic scene. The student families once again completely filled the concert hall, so finding enough seats for us + both sets of grandparents was a feet in itself. I arrived early with Gracie, as she had to attend a 20 minute rehearsal prior to the concert and when we arrived, she ran off to see her friends before I could take a single picture of her. Then I met up with the fam, we finally got seats and the concert began. When it was over, people were everywhere trying to pick up their kiddos and get the heck out of dodge, so there weren't any places open to take pictures, but I did get video of our beautiful performer! She did so great and so did her buddies.

* Chocolate Making for the Best Teachers Ever *

Our gal adores her teacher and teacher's aide and is always thinking of sweet things she can do for them. This year, I was gifted a kit for making chocolate molds and Grace decided that she wanted to make her teachers chocolates as a gift and so we did our best to make that happen. We ended up failing - like epic fail! Ha! The chocolate didn't melt like it was supposed to. We didn't have enough chocolates for the molds we started using and we ended up burning the hell out of everything! I chalked it up to quality time and a good learning experience. That's what counts, right?! ;) 

* Making Christmas Cookies for Friends *

It's safe to say that Gracie and I made more cookies together with G and Will this Christmas than we ever have before. We were a bunch of cookie makin' fools and Grace did most of the work herself! She can now crack eggs with no shells left behind and can read and measure ingredients, which makes the whole process all the more fun!

Last Christmas G ordered these super cute Star Wars cookie cutters and this year was the first we got to use them. Our first batch was made for Gracie's USA Girls Swim holiday party and the kids LOVED them, which Gracie got a kick out of! She was so excited watching the kids attack her batch of cookies first before grabbing for any others and kept tugging on our arms to say, "look mom, they love our cookies most"! 

I hope our gal grows up always loving to bake. :)

* It's a Christmas Classroom Pajama Party *

In my previous career, I had 7 weeks of PTO per year, so I never missed a thing when it came to the holidays. In my current career/position, I only have 3 weeks + a few holidays, so it's been quite the adjustment these past couple of years. The thing that's been hardest for me is that I've been unable to make it to all of Gracie's school events and it really does kill me when I can't go to something. Last year I had to miss her classroom cookie making party, due to my lack of pre-planning, but not this year!  

This December, Mama was not only front and center for our gal's classroom party, but I was the designated volunteer parent, so I got to participate in all the activities with the kiddos and take pictures for the teachers - Gracie just LOVED that! 

We decorated cookies and as you can see by Gracie's batch, some kids went just a bit overboard with with the frosting and sprinkles... The kids also participated in a book exchange, which was just the funniest. Think White Elephant Game + 6 and 7 year olds. It was chaos, but the giggles could be heard from the school hall and everyone had a blast! Grace ended up negotiating her way into taking home the very book she brought. It's what she wanted, so girlfriend made it happen. 


They all wore their favorite pajamas, watched Christmas movies and had so much fun!

And the highlight of the month for both Gracie and us, was that once again she was selected as student of the month - this year for December! Each month there are 4 kiddos selected for each grade, so the fact that she's managed to make the cut 2 years in a row, has her mamas feeling all those happy and proud feels! 

These kids. They're something else. :)


  1. Awwww the lil deer pjs! Christmas baking and holiday performances are the BEST with little ones.

    1. So much fun, but so glad we're all done with the holidays, haha! Is that wrong to say?! ;)


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