Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Twinkle Toes Elf | Year Five

Our beloved Twinkle Toes made her glorious return to our home this past December; only this year she brought another little elf! Yes my friends, TT has a brother who has yet to be named. Initially G called him Jose, but that's only because he looks much more Hispanic than Twinkle Toes does, hehe! Like we did with TT, William will be the one to name his new little elf, once he's old enough to do so and so until then, Jose it is! ;)

This was TT's 5th year visiting us, (6th if you include the Christmas that Gracie was given her sweet little elf from Auntie Missy). With this being the first year that there were 2 elves crashing at our pad every evening, it was a busy month for all of us! 

Mama was afraid that after all these years, our visitors may run out of places to play and while it did require much creativity and thinking outside the box to surprise our kiddos with new places to visit every morning, (places that they hadn't visited before) - they managed to do it. These are some very talented elves, if you ask me! I think it did help that there's a fairly new outer space themed nursery that they were able to explore.

They had so much fun playing with all of the Bean's holiday school projects she brought home, like the little elves she made in her weekly art course. It worked out perfectly that there just happened to be a little Gracie elf happy to hang from the chandeliers with our trouble makers!

One of their absolute favorite visits of the year was the night they got to go fishing in the kitchen! They worked together for over an hour to get the water just right for Gracie and Will, because it just had to be the perfect color of blue! That next morning, Gracie came running to her Mamas screaming, "Moms! I found our elves and they're fishing in Diet Coke"! LOL! Thankfully TT and her little brother elf were fast asleep at this point, so they didn't have to hear that the water they worked so hard on, didn't end up looking like water at all! Ha!

The outfits these two sported every day didn't disappoint either, because as you can see, this duo is quite fashionable. Will's little elf dressed as a solider on day one and then insisted on wearing his royal blue shorts the remainder of the month, while TT changed outfits on almost a daily basis. Gracie got such a kick out of that! Unlike previous years, these guys scaled down the gifts they brought from the North Pole for their humans, mostly because there's two of them now, but they still got some cool little gifts! There was candy left for our stinkers, along with Christmas socks, more decorations for Gracie's bedroom Tree Lot and lots of stickers.

Sister Bear will turn SEVEN this March and her Mamas' only wish for next Christmas, is that she continue to believe in the magic of her special little elf; because while it may be a lot of work preparing for our elf visits every year, it's something us Mamas absolutely treasure.

Here's a few favorites from visits in years past ~

Twinkle Toes | Year Four
Twinkle Toes | Year Three
Twinkle Toes | Year Two
Twinkle Toes | Year One

Until next year, you two. 💝

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