Sunday, February 10, 2019

7/52: Why we never gave up

Every now and then, I'll see a picture that reminds me of all the reasons Georgia and I never gave up trying for another baby. We knew that Gracie was meant to be a big sister and we knew that when it did happen, it would be better than anything we could possibly imagine. 

This pictures is one of those photos that stopped me in my tracks, and made me take pause to give thanks. These two. What did we ever do without them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My Annual Christmas Catch-up // 2018

So here we are, at the start of February, and I'm behind on the sharing of our holiday adventures... shocker. Haha! I did manage to get most of my thoughts and feelings regarding this Christmas written down (in the month of January), so that's impressive if you ask me! What catching up on all of the things we did in December to celebrate Jesus, Santa and all that other festive stuff has shown me, is this - we do way to much shit during the holidays. Like, way.too.much.shit. It's exhausting just reflecting on all of it, so how we manage to make it to everything we're invited to... how us mamas throw so many outfits together, constantly running out the door and crafting and baking and making... and, and, and... is beyond me. Yet, so many parents just like us, do it every year. I've concluded that we're all goddamn superheros and we deserve capes! 

When I think about what the holidays, especially Christmas required pre-kids, it's insane to see just how much our lives have changed. Our pre-kid Decembers required that we go out and party (A LOT) and then show up at a family members house, hungover on Christmas Eve, only to then make a follow up appearance on Christmas day at another relatives house. That's it. This is all that was required of us. So again - things have changed and they've gotten harder so... give us our capes! It is fun though, isn't it. The magic of Christmas. The making of time to still see friends and still have fun and do our best to make the holidays enjoyable for both the little humans and the big humans. We did manage to do a bit of that this year, so I guess G and I are still cool. Thank goodness.

Our #momsquad all got together for a night at a brewery + gift exchange in early December and it was such a fun night. This group of moms is something else and I just love each and every one of them. We range from super hippy, organic living with dreadlocks, to proper blondes who don't curse in public, to moms like me, who fall somewhere in-between. And I'm telling y'all, for as diverse as our group is, we have an absolute blast together and just laugh our asses off, regardless of what we're doing! 

We were of course, the loudest group at the brewery and were some of the last to leave. We chatted about all the stuff our kiddos have been up to, as some now go to different schools. There was the usual spouse talk, which is always funny considering G and I are two women, both present for these spouse-bitch sessions, lol! We enjoyed flights of local brew and good food. Twas' a great night, all around!  

G and I actually finagled our way into an overnight "moms night out" at a fancy hotel, without our little stinkers and it was glorious! As I've mentioned here before, G's company is super fancy and really goes all out for their employees for everything, including the annual holiday party. They most certainly did this again this Christmas, hosting a bash at the nicest hotel in town. They wined and dined us with a 3 course meal, drinks for all, entertainment and then gave away all sorts of TVs, trips, iPads and who knows what else. We didn't win anything, but it was the perfect night out for us. The company offered to pay for half the cost of renting a suite, so we jumped at that and loved having a reason to get all gussied up and pack an overnight bag.

Our bestie, who you know here as Gracie and Will's "uncle A", also works with Georgia, so he and his boyfriend uncle B, went with us! I had honestly forgotten how much fun double dates could be! We didn't talk about the kids once. No talk of what we needed to get done at home, in prep for Christmas. There were zero conversations of, where we need to have the kids tomorrow and who we need to bathe and feed, lol. There was none of that and getting the chance to decompress and have fun together, is something I don't think we even realized we so desperately needed.

G purchased the sexiest little white and black coat for the occasion and looked fine as hell! She's been doing so amazing with her workouts, increased weightlifting and healthy eating, that I wanted to tackle that little hottie to the ground, Ha! It also helped that the lighting in the ballroom was a dream and made us all look like we were in our 20's. God bless good lightening! 

My little sis flew in from Vancouver BC this same evening with her boyfriend, who we were meeting for the first time, so that was an added bonus! She met us at the hotel after her flight got in and had a few drinks with us before heading to my mom's for a nightcap. That and our room service buffet was the best end to such a fun night! I still have dreams about those street tacos... drool...

We rounded out our pre-Christmas holiday festivities with Nani's philanthropy, Operation Santa's Child! This was like the 20th year that she's had this community event and this year's was bigger and brighter than ever!

It's always a challenge to share photos of this special event, while still respecting the privacy of the families who are adopted. I wish so much that I could share all the pictures of the huge smiles and happy tears shed by parents watching Christmas coming to life for their kiddos, but I also know that without their permission, that wouldn't be right. So instead, I'll share some favorite photos of my sweet family, our awesome float and Santa!

This was the first year that my mom and stepdad were completely settled in their new house and with the tent they rented for the backyard, there were people everywhere. We played boardgames and this meme game that was hilarious! We also ate, way too much and opened presents from auntie M, since she couldn't come back for Christmas day! Will discovered Grandpa K's music room and drum set for the first time every and then blew everyones mind with his mad skills on the drums! It was adorable! 

And the kiddos had a blast! 

Next up, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Goal: finish Christmas posts before Valentine's Day, haha! We'll see... ;)

Monday, February 4, 2019

6|52 N I N J A

Our boy got this Ninja Turtle mask in a kid's meal last summer and he's still completely obsessed with it. He'll walk around the house wearing it for hours, even in the bath and it just cracks us up! The Super Bowl was a total snooze-fest this year, so we ditched the game and had a balloon bath instead. 

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