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My lovely wife Georgia (also referred to as G and now *mommy*) was the sacred vessel for our TTC #1 journey.  Georgia was 31 years old when we began trying to make a baby and gave birth to our little gal, Gracie, a month before her 34th birthday.

* December 2009:  Following our wedding in November 2009 we were ready to begin our TTC journey!  December 2009 through early February 2010 was spent choosing an out of state sperm bank, interviewing fertility doctors, selecting a donor and beginning a regimen of prenatal vitamins.

*  February 2010:  G’s new patient consultation with RE.  Reviewed OPK information and began tracking ovulation.

*  April 2010:  IUI #1 – unmedicated = BFN

*  May 2010:  IUI #2 – unmedicated = BFN

*  June/July 2010:  Rearranged finances to purchase 13 additional vials for future IUI’s and possible siblings.  This process pushed Georgia’s next IUI out 2 months to August.

*  August 2010:  IUI #3 – unmedicated = BFN

*  September 2010: Rest cycle to travel internationally for an early first wedding anniversary and to have a consultation with RE.  Reviewed options to introduce medication.

*  October 2010:  IUI #4 – 50mg Clomid = BFN

*  November/December 2010: Per the recommendation of several friends, we took two months off so that G could go to weekly fertility acupuncture sessions.

*  January 2011: IUI #5 – 50mg Clomid = BFP!

*  February 2011: Miscarriage.  Little bean stopped growing at 8 weeks, DNC at 11 weeks.  Heartbroken and desperately in need of a break.

*  May 2011: IUI #6 – 50mg Clomid = BFN.  After many long conversations we decided that we would give it one more try with Georgia and if unsuccessful we would switch to me.  This involved several new patient appointments, one of which we discovered that I have PCOS.

*  June 2011:  IUI #7 – 50mg Clomid = BFP!!!  This was our last attempt with G and as it turns out, 7 was our lucky number!  We were married on the 7th, our daughter was conceived on our 7th try and she was born on the 7th. 

*  July 2011: Blood test shows HCG was 88.  Second blood tests shows HCG levels tripled in 2 days.  Projected due date is March 16th, 2012.

*  October 2011: It’s a GIRL!  We found out the amazing news on my (aka mama’s) 30th birthday!  Best birthday present EVER. :)

*  March 2012: After a 28 month journey full of highs and low but mostly FAITH, our little gal was born on March 7, 2012.  In one instance this little person weighing all of 6lbs 7.2 oz and 18 ½ inches long, changed our lives forever.  

For the full blog post of Georgia’s first trimester click here

And now for some pictures!  From the month we found out that Georgia was prego to the month before she delivered she lost a total of 28 pounds!  I know, crazy but exactly what our doc wanted to see.  I guess that's what healthy eating, plenty of sleep and no wine will do!  Here’s G’s bump, month-to-month.  She didn't really start to show until 28 weeks. :)

The bean @ 4 weeks ~

The bean @ 8 weeks ~

The bean @ 12 weeks ~

The bean @ 16 weeks ~

The bean @ 20 weeks ~

The bean @ 24 weeks ~

The bean @ 28 weeks ~

The bean @ 32 weeks ~

The bean @ 36ish weeks ~ Grace arrived nearly 3 weeks early so I never took an official last profile picture.  Here are two that were taken in the last two weeks of pregnancy.  Isn't my wife just beautiful?!

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