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The original plan was to begin our TTC journey to #2 after Grace turned a year old, but with me, mama (aka Kristin) this time.  As that date approached, we very quickly realized that we weren’t ready.  We both felt that Grace was still too young and we wanted to spend more time enjoying our one year old before beginning what could possibly be a long process to bring a sibling into her life.

Fast-forward 23 months...

I tried with everything in me for more than 2 years to grow our family and it just didn't happen. I ended up finding out that I have PCOS and MTHFR (homozygous), which is the worst kind. Following a miscarriage and the MTHFR diagnosis, we moved on to IVF. That too did not work out and with that, I was done.  

My TTC journey is detailed at the end of this post. I thought about deleting it all together but felt that would be wrong. My years of trying are a part of our family's story and I can't and shouldn't pretend that it never happened.

My amazing wife is now pregnant with our son, a son I truly never thought we would have. So I want to lead with that because, while the story didn't go the way we thought it would, we now have this beautiful rainbow baby due to join our family on my wife's 39th birthday, and he is the answer to every prayer we've had since April of 2013. We have finally been blessed with our miracle baby and with my broken heart that has healed so incredibly much, I could not be happier.

Here is our (Georgia's) TTC journey to baby #2, part II.

 IUI #1: CD14 on 1/11/16 = BFN
             15mm lining
              Lt: 22x20, 16x6, 9x7
              Rt: 4x6, 5x3

IUI #2: CD13 on 02/09/16 = BFN
              15mm lining
               Lt: 30x38, 21x21
               Rt: possibly already released

IUI #3: CD13 on 03/09/16 = BFN
              13mm lining
               Lt: 30x26
               Rt: 23x18

April 2016: Rest cycle due to shingles brought on by acupuncture and stress. 

IUI #4: CD13 on 05/01/16 = BFN
              12mm lining
               Lt: 0
               Rt: 24x19

IUI #5: CD13 on 05/30/16 = BFN
              13mm lining
               Lt: 0
               Rt: 22x20

June 2016: One month break.

IUI #6: CD15 on 07/23/16 = BIG FAT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!! 
              Tested positive on 08/06/16, the week of our 10 year anniversary!
              16mm lining
               Lt: 18x22
               Rt: 20x24

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|| Baby boy @ 8 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 12 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 16 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 20 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 24 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 28 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 32 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 36 Weeks ||

|| Baby boy @ 39 Weeks ||

|| To read Will's birth story, click here ||


Mama's TTC Journey {April 2013 - June 2015}
- April 2013: Completed new patient paperwork and had pre-purchased specimen vials shipped from out of state sperm bank to our RE’s office in New Mexico.

- May 2013:  New patient consultation with RE.  Met with the office finance/benefits coordinator, reviewed timeline for insemination and ended with an ultrasound.  According to my RE I have a “beautiful uterus and lining”.  Ha!

- June 2013: Began fertility acupuncture appointments in May attending weekly through the end of June and had several blood tests completed, all of which came back within normal ranges.  Completed transfer consultation and continued tracking ovulation through charting and OPK’s.

- July 2013:  TTC #2 is put on hold after being laid off at work.  Our original plan to inseminate in August has been put on hold until things are figured out… :(

* 4 month break – began a regimen of prenatal vitamins.

- November 2013: Started new job and returned to weekly fertility acupuncture appointments.  Continued tracking ovulation through OPK’s with plans for IUI #1 in December.

- December 2013: Due to PCOS and work stress, periods have been all over the place or non-existent the past 7 months.  From June to December, AF made an appearance 3 out of 7 months… The first in September CD100, then in October CD39 and then in December CD57.  The December cycle marked the “go ahead” for IUI #1!
  • CD2: appointment with RE to have an u/s to check for cysts.  U/S shows all clear!
  • CD5 – CD9: began first cycle of Clomid to assist in regulating ovulation.
  • CD25: hCG trigger shot on Christmas morning at home.  Merry Christmas to me. ;)
  • CD26: IUI #1 = BFN

- January 2014: Continued cycle monitoring through u/s to make sure my uterus is doing its job.  Feeling disappointment that I didn’t get knocked up the first time but still super excited for round two and very happy that it looks as though I do ovulate regularly! 

  • CD3: appointment with RE to have an u/s to check for cysts.  No cysts, we’re good to go!
  • CD5 – CD9: began second cycle of Clomid.
  • CD12: u/s shows 2 follicles on left: 12mm & 11.5mm / 2 follicles on right: 17mm & 13mm.
  • CD14: u/s and hCG trigger shot at RE office.  2 follicles on left: 13mm & 12.5mm / 2 follicles on right: 20mm & 14mm.
  • CD15: IUI #2 = BFN

- February 2014: Made the switch to a new RE following BFN #2. At the suggestion of my new and wonderful reproductive endocrinologist, I began taking Metfor.min once a day for a week, then twice a day for two weeks and I am now up to three times a day.  It’s amazing to see how much it’s done for my GI issues.

  • CD1: appointment with nurse to have an u/s to check for cysts.  No cysts, all clear!
  • CD5 – CD9: began third cycle of Clomid.
  • CD12: u/s shows largest follicle on left measured: 16mm & largest follicle on right measured: 15.5mm.
  • CD15: u/s and hCG trigger shot at RE office.  Largest follicle on left measured: 21.5mm!!! & largest follicle on right measured: 19mm.
    • CD15: same day insemination – IUI #3 = BFN

- March 2014: Per the suggestion of several LGBT friends who had success with Fem.ara (Letro.zole), we made the decision to change meds. With the previous 2 inseminations my lining was on the thin side, which is common side effect of using Once the switch was made to Letro.zole my lining was 3 layers thick.  

  • CD5 – CD9: began first cycle of Letro.zole (5ml)
  • CD12: u/s shows 1 follicle on left: 12mm / 1 follicle on right: 13mm 
  • CD15: u/s and hCG trigger shot at RE office. 1 follicle stopped growing while the other (I can’t remember which side) grew to 18.5mm.
  • CD17: IUI #4: 36 hours following trigger = BFP!

- May 2014:
Miscarriage. Our little peanut stopped growing at around 7 weeks. No heartbeat confirmed at 8 weeks, 1 day.

- IUI #5, BFN
- IUI #6, BFN
- IUI #7, BFN
- IUI #8, BFN
- FET 1, BFN
- FET 2, BFN


  1. IUI #1 for #2 is so close!! how exciting for you all!!

  2. SOOOOOO excited to hear how everything is going. I see iui #2 just happened? yay!!!!

  3. Kristen, we are thinking about trying for #2 as well. May I ask if G started the second time with 50mg Clomid since that is what helped the first time with Gracie? What else did she do to help her body prepare for trying again?

    1. Hi Abby! So sorry for the delay getting back to you. Georgia started with 50mg and went back and forth from Femara to Clomid. It turned out that her body was more responsive to Clomid so that's what she took the last 2 rounds, the last of which made Will! Fingers crossed for you mamas!


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