Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chile Season

Fall is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons. The mornings grow cold, the trees turn to beautiful shades of orange and brown, and if you live in New Mexico, the smell of chile fills the air. As a kid, I have fond memories of going to the Fruit Basket every August with my Mom and Dad to pick out our sack of chile for the year. I always loved getting to help pick our batch and survey as it was roasted. I can remember watching parents buzz around the market while kids ate fresh fruit from the bins outside. This was quite the event for us kids and if we were good my Dad would buy us each a big cinnamon sucker (delicious)! For all of my years, I unconditionally loved the family chile!

This year my Mom delivered some unsettling news…she would no longer be my chile supplier! You can imagine my shock and devastation in hearing this bit of information. She said “Kristin Ann, you’re 28 years old and it’s time you bagged your own chile”. Once the initial shock of knowing that I would no longer have individually bagged delicious chile hand delivered to my home, I made plans to have a chile peeling party.

My Mom was nice enough to host the first annual chile peeling party on what turned out to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon. When Georgia and I arrived with our 20 bucks we were surprised to see what an event this truly was. The table outside was set up with individual chile peeling stations! We each had a tray of chile, a bowl of ice water and a cozy chair. Together with my Mom, brother, sister-in-law, nephews, aunt, uncle and cousins, we peeled 4 sacks of New Mexico’s finest. My auntie Sue made her famous chile rellenos to snack on while we worked and we ended the night grilling up some amazing green chile cheese burgers. All and all, it was a great night and I would have to say that I did feel pretty grown-up as I tucked my chile safely away in the freezer when I got home. Thanks Mom.

Organic green chile chicken pesto!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Story of Us

Hello to all of you beautiful people! Georgia and I would like to welcome you to our new blog “More Than Words”! This blog has been in the works for quite some time and we are so happy to be able to share it with all of you! Our motivation for starting this blog was to stay connected and reconnect with those precious to us. We know that in the day to day craziness it can be easy to fall out of touch with each other. Because of this, we wanted to create a blog that would journal our family events, stories of married life, the many joys of cooking, our plans of motherhood and everything in-between! Because both Georgia and I have siblings, friends and family that have moved away, our hope is that this site will help to keep everyone in the loop with what we’re up to. This is Kristin and I will be the author of most of our entries with (of course) the help of my lovely Wife and live in editor, Georgia!

About the Roybal’s…

Georgia and I have been together for over 4 years. We met in 2006 while working at a local University. We were married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on November 7, 2009 joined by 40 of our family and friends! In the years that we have been together, we have both completed graduate school, Georgia has earned her MIS and I have completed my MBA/HRM degree. We were both recently promoted in our careers and continue to work at the same company. We love to camp, lake, grill, watch movies and spend time with our family and friends! We’ve recently begun the process of starting our own little tribe and are working toward becoming parents – hopefully within the next year or so! I plan to email our blog to everyone once a month, however please feel free to visit often! We hope you enjoy the stories we share and be sure to let us know what each of you are up to as well!

Love, Kristin & Georgia

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