Sunday, September 12, 2010

The City of Glass

For our first wedding anniversary, Georgia and I decided to celebrate in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We made our voyage to Vancouver B.C. to visit Melissa and Guy and to get married again (legally)! The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so we thought- why not get a marriage license!

It was night when we first drove into the City of Vancouver. The only way that I can think to describe this introduction was that I felt like we were entering a modern day Emerald City. The water was dark but the buildings were lit up like a Christmas tree. As we crossed the bridge going into downtown Vancouver, we were surrounded by tall structures of different shapes and sizes, all made of glass. It was beautiful! Never before had I been to a place where all the buildings seemed to match- all with a green tint and spread out for as far as the eye could see. As we made our way to Missy’s house I thought to myself “wow, I can’t believe we’re actually here”!

I knew that Missy had a lot in store for our visit. In typical Melissa fashion, she emailed me the detailed events agenda the previous week and we could not have been more excited! Our first order of business was to get our marriage license. Early Friday morning while still in our pj’s, we made our way to purchase our license. I would have to say that I was a bit shocked at how painless the process was! Within an hour we had our paperwork in hand and were in route to Granville Island. We spent our first afternoon in Granville touring the market, sampling delicious beers from the local brewery and exchanging our currency. After a few hours of sightseeing we headed home to get ready to renew our vows!

The week before our visit, Missy and Guy searched Vancouver to find the perfect spot for us and what a beautiful place they found! Georgia and I exchanged vows at Stanley Park- 3rd beach overlooking the water as the sun was setting. At the risk of sounding cliché- it was the perfect evening. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was stunning shades of orange, pink and blue. Our wedding commissioner Ivy was the nicest person and the ceremony itself was a much more emotional experience than I ever thought it would be. Following the ceremony we noshed on tasty meats, cheeses, pastas and what was decidedly the best flat bread we’d ever eaten! We ended our first night in Vancouver sharing a bit of local wine.

So happy together 
Georgia and I enjoying the delicious picnic Missy planned for us!

The next stop on our journey was Victoria, B.C.! Saturday afternoon we set sail on a BC ferry for the capitol of Vancouver. Victoria is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! It’s almost like stepping into the 1800’s with buildings covered in ivy, horse drawn carriages and flowers everywhere. While we were visiting, the Classic Boat Festival was taking place which was a pretty cool thing to see. We spent our day touring the island and shopping. Georgia found a place that had every flavor of the most amazing taffy we’d ever had, so naturally we purchased a ton of it...We ate at some amazing restaurants and enjoyed quite a few fancy drinks!

The following day we boarded the ferry and headed back to our home base. The rest of our vacation was spent taking driving tours of the city, visiting Chinatown, a few nightclubs, eating and drinking and eating some more! It was bitter sweet to leave this beautiful place. For us, it was bitter not knowing when we would next see sister bear but sweet knowing we would soon see our doggies! Thank you to Missy and Guy for making our first wedding anniversary unforgettable – we love you both.

Here's a few more pics!

The Wife and I in Victoria

Beautiful, just beautiful!

 Victoria Classic Boat Festival!

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