Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes you may…

Leave dirty dishes in the sink once and a while…they’ll still be there in the morning
Collect souvenirs that make you happy – even if they’re tacky
Order a side of fries instead of a salad
Drink juice from the carton…especially if you purchased the carton
Admit that you love WHAM!
Kick Rush Limbaugh in the shin if you see him on the street
Skip a shower on the weekends
Listen to your favorite playlist a hundred times
Drink during the day – as long as you’re on vacation
Stand up for what you believe in even if you’re scared
Watch the Jersey Shore…yeah, I said it
Eat carbs
Sleep until 1pm even if you’re pushing 30
Put off doing laundry until all you have to wear is a bridesmaids dress
Press snooze 10 times every single morning
Drink milk past the expiration date as long as it’s only been a week or so
Scratch your to-do list and spend the weekend on the couch
Pretend you’re asleep so your Wife will let out the dogs
Watch the same re-runs of Seinfeld every night before bed
Love the Dallas Cowboys because your family does

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