Sunday, November 21, 2010

Special Delivery!

I had a very special package delivered this week.  My wedding gown arrived preserved and beautifully boxed from Memories Gown Preservation.  As many of you know, I worked at David’s Bridal all throughout college as a CSR.  During my years at David’s, one of the things brides would often tell me was that they wished they could have worn their mother’s wedding gown.  In most cases, these dresses were left in a closet or put in a garment bag and tucked away in a basement or attic.  As a result the gowns yellowed, were eaten by moths, were damaged and/or all of the above.   I may have mentioned this to G once or 20 times so as you can imagine, I was pretty ecstatic when I opened my anniversary gift!  It makes me happy to know that my dress is now safely packed away and that if we have a little girl and she wants to wear it one day, she can.

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