Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Next to Halloween, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.  One of our traditions during the Christmas season that I absolutely love is the “girls Christmas party”.  This little event began several years ago when Georgia and her best friends decided to have an annual girls night complete with dinner, cocktails and a secret Santa gift exchange.  A few years ago I was invited to join in the festivities and it has become something I look forward to every December.  This Christmas it’s our turn to host the shin dig so we’ve been busy decorating and getting in the Christmas spirit.  I have a Christmas china collection that I started about three years ago and I’m SUPER stoked that I’m going to actually have an opportunity to use our pretty dishes (yes, I find china exciting...sad but true).

Last year around Christmas we were just getting back from Mexico so all we basically put up was a tree and two stockings.  This Christmas I plan to make-up for my lazy decorating and go all out!  For years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect skinny tree and a few months ago I finally found it.  I found the tree at Sam Club and even though it was exactly what I was looking for I really couldn’t rationalize spending that much money on green plastic...I decided to save a little each month so that once December came around it wouldn’t feel like such a hit to the pocket book.  The tree strategy worked out and we now have our beautiful pre-lit slim and tall Christmas tree!

I know that this year Christmas is going to be difficult for so many families.  The economy seems to only get worse each month.  Homes continue to go into foreclosures at alarming rates and so many people are out of work.  This is the first time in my young career that I have been witness to such struggles and it saddens my heart.  When times are tough like this I think it’s only natural to feel stress and anxiety when thinking about the upcoming holiday.  I really believe that for a lot of families the small joy of taking out the Christmas décor, hanging lights and gathering around the Christmas tree brings an incredible feeling of much needed happiness.      

In my attempt to get all my BAH HUMBUG friends (you know who you are…) in the Christmas spirit, below are a few pictures of our home decorations this year.  I wish to spread Christmas cheer and motivate everyone that may not be in the mood to bust out those decorations and be joyful!

‘Tis the season!

My favorite decoration – our tree lot!  We add a new tree to the lot every year :)

Christmas garland and the manger that once belonged to Georgia’s ma!

G is so cute!  I bought this cookie and milk set a few years ago and when we were shopping at Hobby Lobby last week she ran up to me so excited because she found fake gingerbread cookies to add to the set!

Kitchen Christmas blocks :)

Between my sister and Georgia’s brother flying in, we have a pretty full house at Christmas!  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy decorating!! 

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  1. Kristin. You are officially Elizabeth Orozco and I LOVE it and LOVE both of you!! I wish we could be there this year but we are planning a trip soon and can't wait to see you guys! Merry Christmas!!


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