Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missy’s Christmas Wish…

So this year for Christmas my little sis had one small request.  She asked if I could make a photo album of HER ENTIRE LIFE…like I said, a small request.  I’m fairly certain that she asked this of me because she knew I would do it (and would enjoy doing it…that part is a secret).  Any who, I’m not going to lie – it was a mission.  The project started at my mom’s where I dug through a TUB of pictures dating back 20-some years looking for pics of sister bear.  It took several hours but I had a blast.  For my entire life, the only baby pictures I’ve ever looked through have been in the family photo albums which my mom stopped making when I was about 10 years old.  The great thing about the tub-o-photos was that I came across so many pictures that I’d never seen before.  I came across pictures of my parents when they had just started dating (they looked like babies), pics of my great grandparent’s right around the time they were married and pics of our early lake and camping trips.  It was pretty crazy to see the similarities between my married life and the married life of my parents.  They say we all eventually become our parents.  I guess I just never realized that all the things I love to do, I learned from them.

These pictures are so darn cute, they had to be shared!   

The Orozco Family Circa 1983 (in the desert…apparently)

This is my favorite dress from when I was little! Nick is so cute in his hat!

When Missy joined the family

Mom sewed all of our costumes growing up!  She has promised to teach me when it's baby time!

Loves this picture

At Grandma & Grandpas beautiful house on Lake Ozark!  I miss that magical place!

I would like to think that this post is a spoiler alert….but Missy totally knows what she is getting this year :)


  1. Crying! Why do you do this to me? I haven't even had my coffee yet! Wow, your mom is so beautiful and so are all of you. The sad thing about digital photos that I fear is that there won't be a mystery box of photos for our kids to dig through.

  2. When I showed my Nana the pic of my favorite dress she told me that she was the person that made that pretty little turquoise dress for me so – THANK YOU NANA!

  3. I LOVED it, thank you sister bear!! ps. I want the hard copy of that pic of mom and me!


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