Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nani, Cookies & Kids

About three years ago my mom and I started a little family tradition which I lovingly refer to as the Annual Christmas Cookie Palooza!  We figured it would be a good idea to do this every year because with all the stops we all make during the holidays, it’s always nice to have something sweet in tow for the fam and friends!  This year it was me, ma, Rudy, Devin and Ociel and together we were a bunch of cookie bakin fools!  This was the first year that Devin really got into it and let me just tell you – he was HILARIOUS!  He was in full entertainment mode and had the entire house laughing all night long.  By the end of the evening he was referring to himself as “the cookie master”…I don’t know where he gets this stuff :)   

This year we made peanut butter and jelly cookies, orange cinnamon chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate turtles, rice crispy treats and macaroons.  All together we whipped up about 15 dozen goodies!  It was a lot of work but tons of fun!

Here’s a few sweet pics ~

Thank goodness for the Kitchen Aid!  Little did I know that there was a beautiful red Kitchen Aid under the tree for me!  Thanks mom :)

Nani & the boys!  Don’t worry friends…I didn’t let the doggies come anywhere near the goodies! 

PB&J Cookies!

Rudy and Devin “the master cookie maker”

Nina and Devin had to get a little creative :)

The boys provided us with some lovely cookie making music!

All done :) 

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