Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Roybal Family Christmas

I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone and we are now nearing the end of 2010!  This Christmas was extra special to G and me for so many reasons.  Missy and Guy extended their holiday visit from the normal 4 days to an entire week which hasn’t happened in years.  We were able to see Dean for the first time in 6 months and had the opportunity to meet Chris’ mom as they made their way through New Mexico to California.  Also, G and I celebrated our 5th Christmas together which has only further confirmed my suspicion that we live in some sort of a time warp! 

For Christmas Eve we all headed out to Belen to celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus at the great’s casa (great grandparents).  I was so excited that we arrived in time to catch Jeanine and baby Silas before they headed back to ABQ.  He is such a beautiful baby and looks like he is doing great.  I was happy to be able to steal a few kisses :)  We all ate some yummy food and watched as all the kiddos opened gifts.  The highlight of the evening was watching as my sis picked her quilt from the many that my great grandma has made throughout the decades.  Grandma Chris made Missy a promise last Christmas when she was unable to come home, that the next time Missy was here she could pick any quilt she wanted from grandma’s collection.  For those of you that may not know, her quilts are valued more than gold in our family. Melissa ended up choosing the quilt that she felt had the best story/most family history.

The quilt Melissa chose was actually the last quilt that my GREAT, GREAT grandmother made before she passed away.  When she passed many years ago, all of her belongings were auctioned off and my great grandma bid and purchased this particular quilt so that it would stay in the family.  Her daughter (my great grandmother) finished the quilt in 1983 (the year that Missy was born) and now that very quilt belongs to Melissa and the children she will have one day (tear).

~ Missy, Grandma Chris and the heirloom quilt ~

~ This is the greats Christmas tree that they handmade out of grapevines collected on Lake Ozark ~

Following our visit to Belen we headed over to G’s ma and pop’s to spend the evening together.  This Christmas eve Georgia made her first turkey on her own (with a little help from Grace).  She was kinda figuring it out as she went but it came out delicious – good job lady!  Ozzy (the dog who thinks he is a human being) provided the entertainment while we all exchanged gifts, cooked and listened to Christmas music. 

Christmas morning began as is customary at my mom’s house.  Every year on Christmas morning we all make our way over to moms in our PJ’s to open gifts and have a little breakfast.  It was actually warm enough outside this year that we ate Christmas brunch on the back patio needing only one heater.  I know that sounds crazy, but we did and it was fun! 

My beautiful boys!

I know that Christmas is about so much more than gifts but there is nothing better than seeing the excitement on the faces of my little guys as they tear in to their gifts :)

Following Christmas at ma’s we headed over to the Otero casa to visit with the Orozco fam and EAT!  I now understand why people pack on the pounds during the holidays…sheesh! 

We ended our Christmas at the Roybal house with Georgia’s family.  Grace really pulled out all the stops this year!  Everything from her “tropical” themed Christmas tree to the Santa hat window treatments, it all looked great!  It’s a good thing G made that turkey because the turnout was HUGE and even with a 15lb turkey, a ham, a roast and a ton of other goodies, we had just enough to feed everyone!

We hope you all had a Christmas as special as ours and we wish you a happy and safe new year! 


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