Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Doggie’s Getting Older…

When I met Georgia she was the “single mother” of a husky mix rescue dog named Samoya.  I’m not going to lie…for the first year or so, Samoya and I were not friends.  You see, before me, Samoya was SPOILED beyond belief!  She slept indoors (in the master bedroom).  She went on car rides everywhere, all the time.  She was an “only child” so she didn’t have to share anything with anyone, and for years she had G to herself…so naturally she didn’t like me either and the adjustments that soon followed my move-in didn’t help the situation.

In my defense, I want you all to know that I come from a dog loving family.  With that being said, I come from the school of – your dog belongs outside!  Growing up, our dogs were outdoors rain or shine.  They ate pretty basic food and NEVER went in the car.  So as you can imagine, moving in to a home where this little pooch had free rein came with its share of challenges.  Anyone who has ever had a husky knows they shed like crazy!  In my attempt to save our room from the attack of the husky hair and my eyes from their redness, we moved Samoya into a comfy little kennel in the garage.  Now before you judge me you should know that we went and rescued a second dog named Kenya (German Sheppard mix) and adopted a third dog name Rocco (black lab) to keep Samoya company.  Little did we know that she would rather have played on the freeway during rush hour than have siblings.  Again, this came with a whole new set of challenges…

For more than a year Samoya and me fought like we were siblings and G usually played the role of referee.  I hated that she barked all the time and she hated that I moved in.  It creeped me out that she had one blue eye and one brown eye and it creeped her out anytime I kissed her mom.  I didn’t like her sleeping in the bedroom and she didn’t like sleeping in the garage.  She was determined to be the alpha but so was I.  To put it plainly…it was me against the dog.

I’m not sure how it happened, or when it happened, but slowly our relationship began to change.  It was right around the time that G grew sick of the fighting, washed her hands of the whole mess and told us to hash it out ourselves that we began to get along.  I started to appreciate Samoya’s barking because it alerted us to visitors and made me feel safe.  I grew to love her crazy different colored eyes because it made her special and different.  I began to see the good in buying the more expensive dog food because it saved me from smelling her paint peeling farts, and I started to see the sweetness between her and her brother and sister.  I would catch the three of them giving each other kisses or playing in the sun and it warmed my heart.

When Samoya and I were first introduced 5 years ago she was a 3 year old pup.  Now as we enter the new year, I can hardly believe that she is coming up on 8 years old!  As the years have passed and I’ve grown to love and accept her for exactly who she is, the thought of her no longer being a part of our family is not something I’ve allowed myself to think about.  Sure she’s slowed down a bit.  Sure it takes her a little longer to get up off the ground and yes, she has begun to lose some teeth.  I don’t think I truly realized her age until this past weekend when the doggies came in for some quality time.  As the babies were laying around my chair I glanced over at Samoya and noticed a little pink spot on her right paw.  When I got up to get a closer look I was shocked to see that her mouth was bleeding pretty badly.  After G and I took a closer look we realized that she was ok and that she was bleeding simply because her little gums and teeth can’t handle hard bones and treats anymore.  I know we all grow older and that it’s just a part of life but it still made me so very sad. 

Knowing our bossy, alpha girl, she will probably live to be a hundred!  I sure hope she does because for all it took to learn to love her, I can’t imagine what it would take to learn to live without her.      


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