Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan Relief: How to Help

On Friday March 11th a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock – this much you know.  What you may not know is that this was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.  Because of the sheer magnitude of the earthquake, a tsunami formed hitting the island nation of Japan causing an inconceivable amount of devastation to those in its wake.  As of today, it has been reported that more than 18,000 people have lost their lives while hundreds of thousands are now homeless.   

New Mexicans are so very blessed to live in a state protected by beautiful mountains.  For most of us, a windy day is what we consider bad weather conditions.  I think it’s easy for those that live in a safe place to forget how blessed they are to have running water, electricity and beautiful homes.  Watching the tragedy unfold in Japan over the past two weeks has reminded me to treasure my family, give thanks for the roof over my head and pray the victims and their families.    

While prayers are powerful – so are donations.  Below are a few ways in which you can help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  You never really know when you’ll be the one in need of a little help. 

AMERICAN RED CROSS: The American Red Cross is currently supporting and advising the Japanese Red Cross, which continues to assist the government in its response.  The American Red Cross has made it extremely easy to donate to the relief efforts.  Text: REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.00.

GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami.  To make donations online visit: www.globalgiving.org or you can text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10.00.

SAVE THE CHILDREN Save the Children, which has worked in Japan since 1986, has an immediate goal of $5 million to launch longer-term recovery for children affected by Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Save the Children has opened the first child-friendly space in Japan, protective environments where children can gather to play and share their experiences under the supervision of trained, caring adults.  To donate visit: www.savethechildren.org

I believe in the good in people and I think that in most cases, it’s not that people don’t want to help – it’s that they don’t know what to do.  So if you are one of these people and you didn’t know how to help before…now you do.   

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  1. Another great way to donate is by purchasing the album, Song for Japan on itunes. 100% of the proceeds goes to Japan relief and the album has more than 25 great songs!


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