Thursday, March 31, 2011

She’s a trooper!

When I first met Georgia she had already lived in the house we now share for a few years.  The first time I came over to visit I remember thinking ‘this place has serious potential’.  Don’t get me wrong – the house was very nice and clean…it was just a total bachelorette pad!  The walls were white, the tile was beige, hardly anything was hanging on the walls and the rooms were pretty empty.  I remember laughing because even though the majority of the house was bare, the living room was equipped with a ridiculously large television…even bigger speakers and a pile of electronic devices.

Let’s just say that since my move in, the house has changed a bit.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love projects and I didn’t waste any time getting started with our pad.  About 3 months post move-in; I told Georgia that I thought it would be fun to add a little color to the walls.  Well, 3 years and many, many projects later here we are.  I really have to hand it to my wife, she gave me total freedom to do what I wanted and even got into it herself!  Following every big project we would do, whether it was the install of wood flooring, landscaping, or just the general redesign of room after room, she just let me keep going.  I say this in past tense because after our kitchen/bathroom remodel and the construction zone we now call a guestroom, she sat me down a few days ago and said “honey, do you think we could maybe take a Home Depot break for like 2 or 3 months after we finish the guestroom”?  Ha!  Poor lady! 

I of course, agreed under one condition…I told her that come June 1st, 2011 we are installing the storm door, the new fan and moving on to the countertops!  I know some may consider my endless adventures in home renovation annoying.  Luckily for me she doesn’t…because she’s a trooper!       

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