Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bucket List #12: Have a picnic in an ABQ park I’ve never visited

For Easter this year the fam changed things up a bit and picnicked at Harnett Park in Los Ranchos.  The park was beautiful and my mom was able to reserve half of it just for us!  My brother and Ang brought their camping stuff, we laid out our tarps and tables and with my mom’s RV, we were hooked up and ready to celebrate.  Georgia’s mom, aunts and cousins joined us as well as some of my cousins, Angela’s family, and a few friends!  Domonic was able to get a Sponge Bob Square Pants jumper for the kids so they were pretty much occupied all day.  I didn’t dare step foot in the "jump  jump" for fear that I wouldn’t make it out alive.  If you’re taller than 4 feet, those things are a broken arm waiting to happen!  Luckily the kiddos were free of injury and had a blast :) 

Georgia made the most amazing shrimp ceviche and her legendary chipotle chicken, while I made my mom’s cucumber salad for the first time.  Everyone brought a different side dish and they were all SO GOOD (especially Anna’s chocolate layer cake)!  Due to all the yummy food we basically ate for about 5 hours – no joke.  It’s a good thing there was a lot of kite flying, horse shoe playing, frisbee throwing and egg hunting going on, because I would like to think that playing all day had to have burned some calories….hopefully! 

Here are a few pics of our Easter in the park.  It was a beautiful day that reminded us all just how important family is and how truly blessed we are to have each other.      

God bless you all on this beautiful day :)   

It was nearly impossible to get 4 kids to sit for a photo before busting into their candy!  This was the best I could get…lol!   

Here’s a little video of the jump, jump!

#5, #15 and #12 on the bucket list are done!  27 to go!

We also celebrated Teenie’s birthday this weekend ~ here are a few pictures of our night at Camp Teenawana!


Happy birthday Teenie!

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