Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rudy Turns Ten

Rudy: Auntie Kristi, can you believe I’ve been alive a decade?

Me: Umm, no.  I really can’t.

Rudy: I have, it’s been10 years, that’s a decade!

Me: You’re getting old Rudo…you’re going to have to start wearing deodorant soon!

Rudy: I already wear deodorant, everyday.

Me: What?!

Rudy: I do…here smell (puts arm pit right in my face)

Me: Ahhh!  Okay, I believe you!!!

When I told Rudy that I couldn’t believe that he’s been alive a decade – I was NOT joking!  Where did the time go?  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was at UNM heading to class when Domonic called me.  There I am in the middle of the most densely populated student area on campus, when I hear for the first time that I’m going to be an auntie!  I dropped my bags and let out a ridiculously loud scream, scaring the crap out of my sorority sisters standing next to me.  Everyone stopped and stared…and I mean everyone.  I feel like that sunny afternoon on campus was just yesterday.  Yet here we are 10 years later.

I remember when Rudy was just a little stinker.  I would often lay him on my chest and he would fall fast asleep.  He smelled so good and smiled all the time.  He had jet black hair that stood straight up no matter how much you tried to brush it.  I feel so lucky that I lived with my Mom during his early years, because it gave me the opportunity to see him all the time.  My mom would often send him in to wake me up after a late night of college partying.  He would walk up to the edge of my bed, climb up and get right in my face and say “auntie Kristi up, auntie Kristi up”!  My mom’s no fool…she knew exactly what she was doing.  It worked every time!  Since those early years I’ve watched him learn to walk, talk and say my name.  I’ve watched as he went to school and made friends for the first time.  I’ve taken cupcakes to his class and cheered him on in football, basketball and baseball.  I’ve listened to his stories and marveled at just how smart he truly is and as much as I loved baby Rudy, 10 year old Rudy is pretty wonderful too.          

I am grateful for Rudy for so many reasons, but mostly because he brought our family together.  He healed us.  He helped to fill a big hole in our hearts that we never thought could be filled.  He made us want to see each other more and truly enjoy each others company.  He gave me the chance to see a new and incredible side of my mom, brother, sister and Ang that I didn’t know until he came.  He made Christmas, Halloween and every other holiday so much better.  He made an auntie out of me and showed me what it meant to unconditionally love someone.  He gave all of us an excuse to play outside, cuddle, watch cartoons again, discover and learn.

The day Rudy was born I thanked God and my dad for sending us such an amazing gift.  Georgia and I are so very blessed that he is our nephew. 

Happy birthday Rudo.

Ox wanted some cake too!

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