Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

This year Georgia requested that we keep it “low key” for her birthday.  She didn’t want to go on a trip…she didn’t want to have a party…and she really didn’t feel like painting the town red.  Well as you can imagine, this left me with few options.  You must understand that for me, my birthday is not just the day I was born, but rather a week long celebration and my favorite time of year!  Because of this, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of us treating her birthday like any other day – no way Jose!  For years, G has begged me to take her to Hinkle Family Fun Center to play…and for years I’ve found ways to avoid going to that place!  Whenever I heard the word Hinkle, thoughts of kids running around like crazy, snotty noses, long lines, germs and the smell of playground dirt always came to mind.  For these reasons, I’ve found ways to change the subject whenever the topic of Hinkle came up.  This year I thought – what better way to cure G’s birthday blues and to see what all the fuss is about, then to finally take her there!  As it turns out…Hinkle is pretty damn fun – who knew!

I wanted to keep things low key as G requested and I wanted it to be a surprise so I invited a few friends to join us early Friday afternoon (during work hours to avoid the crowds!) to play a little laser tag, go carts and miniature golf!  Georgia had such a great time!  I really did love watching her run around the arcade like a 13 year old with a smile from ear to ear, and I feel I should let you all know that although she did beat me at miniature golf – I kicked her but at laser tag!

Thank you to everyone that helped to make G’s birthday so special and on Georgia’s behalf – thanks for all the Blu-rays!  Since breaking in her new Blu-ray player and watching a few discs, she’s since gone out and gifted herself with a new home sound system because as she put it, “you can’t have an amazing picture like this without an equally amazing sound”….I think we’ve created a monster ;)

Happy birthday Lolita Chiquita Bananna!   

Going out for a little birthday lunch! 

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